UC, Olive Oil, Mind Body Spirit, Healing

Meet Wes:

A wounded spiritual warrior here working on getting over the UC. I am a healer myself so the words, “Physician Heal Thyself” ring very true for me.

Some More about me:

Surfing and hanging out with my dog.

Current Symptoms:

10 BM’s daily, some blood, mucus, urgency.

UC, Olive Oil, Mind Body Spirit, Healing

I am 42. The first time I got Colitis I was about 30. It was real bad with 15 to 20 BM’s daily and some accidents. Put me on Asacol and it finally helped but every time I tried to get off I got sick again. I finally used Acupuncture, Herbs, Diet, and Emotional Work/Therapy. All of that fused with a very slow weening of the meds and I got off the Asacol and was in remission for 10 years. In October 2012 I went through a move, a break-up, and a new job all at once. At the same time my symptoms started to come back and are now back in full flare, but not as bad as when I was younger. I REF– USE to do any western meds at all this time. I know that for me, they only masked the symptoms but did nothing to cure the root of the problem.

I am using HGH and I think it is helping a little. I cut out all dairy, alcohol, gluten and most sugar. I tried the smoking and it did NOT help, but I think it is more likely to help if you were a previous smoker. I tried the Terramin clay and it did NOT help. That does not mean it will not help you, we all have different systems. I am about to try the Olive oil and supplement it with Capsules of Hydroxytyrosol. I will let you all know if it helps. I read Grahams thread about Olive Oil and he seems to be getting tons of good feedback for himself and others are also benefitting. We shall see.

I am also doing breath work/rebirthing work once a week. Each time it’s like a month of therapy in two hours. I know for myself without a shadow of a doubt that the emotional component/stress is a huge part of Colitis. It is no disease that this flare sprung up right during a stressful time for me. I invite everyone to look at when the flare started and look at what was going on in your life to see if the stress levels were very high when it started. My guess is the answer will be yes for most of you. It’s important we treat our whole selves. Mind, Body, and Spirit.

written by Wes

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  1. Wes, You are so right. My husband is in the military and every couple of years we move. Every time I have a flare. Between moving, finding a new job, ect I find within a couple of months I am flaring again. I really need to find a way to relax when we move.
    I was on Asacol for about 12 years. The longest I was in remission was 3 years. I think maybe because we move so much! So the Asacol seems to not keep me in remission during stressful time. I tend to eat more crap when I am stressed too which doesn’t help at all.
    I hope you find remission soon! It seems diet, probiotics, olive oil seem to work well for many. What kind of dog do you have? I have a doberman and a minpin. They love the beach and are super great for reducing stress in my life!

    1. Hi Kimberly. I have a cute little sexy mutt. She is about 17 pounds and looks like a skipperkee and pomaranian mix. I will write an update now about my progress which has been really great! I think it will help you too.

  2. Please add a 50+ billion strain probiotic.

    I have had UC for 15 years, and also refuse to ever ‘med up’ again. I am in remission for almost a year on a good probiotic (50 billion +), L-glutamine, and a great natural anti inflammatory called astaxanthin. Also, some vitamin D. All natural!

    Along with the extra virgin olive oil that you are going to try, add at least the ptobiotic…trust me!


    1. Hi bev,

      Where do you get the astaxanthin and the l-glutamine? Have you ever tried n-acetyl cysteine??? I think it is a precursor to l-glutamine.

      1. Hi Michaela!

        I get them both the same place that I get the probiotic (one stop shopping!). It is called Vitamin King, a store/shop in downtown Penticton, where I live.

        I believe they would be available online as well, or any vitamin and supplement shop in your own town or city.

        No, I have not heard of what you mentioned….the n-acetyl cysteine.


  3. hey wes. i also tried terramin clay with really no results. definitely a waste of money. i hope you can find supplements that help you. i started making SCD yogurt and that has decreased my symptoms a little.

  4. Hi, Wes. I use Bentonite clay in powdered form that I add to a pint with some water with a lid, shake the heck out of it and drink it down. It helps remove candiasis, bad bacteria from the gut, and heavy metals and some good ones, too, so best to use only 3 days at a time. The things I’ve been learning about evoo, cold pressed, is it has anti-inflamatory properties. It’s also good for other inflammatory conditions, like different types of arthritis. I tried many many kinds of things that I’ve heard about on this site and then some because I can’t take the conventional meds for any more than 3 days so why bother, right, except for Canasa suppositories. I can’t eat certain foods, gave up coffee, I’m gluten intolerant but ALL people with UC should give up gluten products and possible dairy, it doesn’t bother me but I drink almond milk anyway with my morning smoothie and gave up ice cream, I still use cheeses in small doses. I was in a 9 month miserable flare and have been out of it since Sept. We’re all different, different blood types so find out what’s best for you. I’m using evoo, raw undistilled vinegar, honey, and a banana in my morning smoothie with a fiber, take vit. c, d, krill fish oil, asataxathin, l-glutamin and some others. I believe these all helped me, plus watching what I eat. Good luck, sorry for being so long winded this morning–I feel great today!

  5. I’M IN REMISSION!! I am thrilled. Last time I had UC it took almost 3 years and this time only 3 months. The flare was ugly just like the rest. Blood and lots of mucus every morning and about 15 BM’s a day. This is how I healed myself; Extra Virgin Olive Oil, ozonated olive oil suppositories, and other natural supplements.
    I took 8 Tablespoons of EVOO a day spaced out 2 TBLSPN every 6 hours. Time it just like you would any medication. If you miss one here or there not the end of the world but try to get 8 in. I weigh 155 and am 6 feet tall so adjust accordingly. Also Pro and Prebiotics every morning. Since the flare started in October I completely cut out Gluten, Alcholol, Dairy and refined sugar. I am blood type B so meat is my friend. Lots of lean meats and rice. Also smoothies with a very specific protein powder for inflammation and then almond milk or hemp milk, almond butter, a tiny organic honey, maybe a leaf or two only of kale (too much fiber is not our friend in a flare).

    Within 3 days of adding the EVOO my stools were cut in half. After about 10 days I added the suppositories which helped cut them even more to about 5 a day. I just got back from Mexico where I was for 7 days and I went in the ocean every day. It was there that I had my first day of only 2 normal BM’s all day long. I almost cried from the joy.

    Speaking of crying…… I have also found a new therapist, am reading incredible spiritial books including one called Letting Go by Hawkins, and I found someone to take me through breath work every week. I promised myself I would not stop searching until I got better. We must pay attention to the emotional aspects also. People with this disease are often more sensitive emotionally and if we don’t process our emotions, I believe they build up in our organs and make us sick.

    I have more info if anyone wants it please ask. Find love for yourself all the time. If you have yet to try EVOO, please try it.

    :) Wes

    1. Wow, great news! So happy for you! I am using exercise as a way to reduce stress including yoga, and lots of time with my baby, husband and doggies. The thing I need to work on is not dwelling on things, well, letting go as your book is titled! I’ll have to check the book out. Yay so great that you feel better!! :)

    2. OMG Christian (Wes?)…what fantastic news!! I am thrilled for you!!

      Everyone should give this extra virgin olicve oil a whirl!! EVERYONE!! There has to be something to this! TRY IT!! Why not??

      Along with a good probiotic, this could be what we’ve ALL been waiting for…and what could be healthier…or more simple??

      Cheers ALL!!

    3. Hello Christine,
      i’m interested in EVOO therapy as well as probiotics(names and doses)
      have been suffering from colitis for 17 years, steroids off and on all the time, asacol, then colazol, then budesonide for 4 years, tha gave me adrenal insufficiency! Now on Lialda, and tapering budesonisde, not sure but think Lialda( new Asacol) gives me diariah.
      Looking for help without western medicine.
      Thank you, and appreciate your help.

      1. Avital,

        Best Google EVOO 2, it’s the second ihaveuc olive oil post with more up to date information in the introduction…

  6. I am starting EVOO today. I bought two nice bottles of it from Whole Foods, they weren’t sold out yet! I’ve had this thing for 25 years…SICK OF IT! I am trying everything and am off the meds for the most part…have been sneaking in a canasa suppository so the blood doesn’t get too out of hand…I am tired of going in and out of remission! I hope Graham is on the right track with this and my prayers for complete remission are answered! A question for you Graham, do you drink any alcohol? Adam is sure this causes flare ups but I am not ready to give up my wine which is about 10 oz a day with dinner. Cheers!

  7. Hi Ann,
    I do drink alcohol and it doesnt seem to be the problem it is for others here. The oil should slightly irritate your throat as this is said to be a sign of quality and properties of anti inflammatory. I am certain it will be a benefit and hope it brings you the quality of life I have enjoyed recently.
    Good luck!

    1. Thank you for getting back with me so soon…I will keep you informed on my progress if I can reconnect with you through the UC website. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

    2. Just wanted to say that, since several people have commented that they don’t like the taste of olive oil, that it is much improved with a squeeze of lemon and lime.(Presuming that this doesn’t affect your colitis; it doesn’t mine).I always use our locally produced olive oil, I think it’s better quality.

  8. Hi Ann, I am still in remission and I am 100% certain it is the EVOO that got me here. I started at 4 tablespoons a day but then read somewhere of a guy doing 8 tablespoons a day (1/2 cup) so I upped it to that. I spread it out just like any medication and did 2 TBLSPN every 6 hours. I also ordered ozonated olive oil suppositories. I figured hit it from both ends. Literally! Within 4 days I noticed a slight change and within about a week I knew it was helping. It took about a month to fully put me into remission which is way faster than any western med ever worked for me. At one point I got too confident and slowed down with the EVOO and had a 1 day slight flare and then once back on the 8tblspns I went back into remission. I am a 42 yr old male I weight about 155. I am now slowly tapering down to 6 tbslpoon a day and will probably settle at around 4. You get used to it and once you feel better you really don’t care what it tastes like. Be sure it is extra virgin. Very important. I am SO happy to have my life back. I am grateful every day. Good luck!!

      1. Bev, I thought of you today! I went to whole foods and saw yourbrand of probioticin 50 and 100 billion …it costs about 40$ here. For 30 days. So I’m gonna price shop and try it. I’ve been using up my old store bought brand. They had other brands but they were in liquid form and I’m not sure I want to go there :)

  9. Good Morning UC “Unbelievably Caring” Friends…Christian, thank you for your information regarding the evoo. I was dripping blood yesterday and I swear I am doing better today just after 4 Tablespoon 2x’s. You’re right! It tasted like hell but definitely worth it! I am really looking forward to having my life back too…I will be skiing in Salt Lake City (from Michigan)exactly one month from today…I will keep you posted.

    1. Hi … I am on day 3 … Yesterday I did more online research and am thinking coconut oil might have the same benefits as evoo. So, I am going to try the coconut oil instead since I hate the taste of the evoo. I am still improving so I will give this a try. The coconut virgin oil smells and tastes better and you can put it on your hair and body for even more health benefits other than UC. I encourage all of you to read moree about this miracle oil as well. I fell like I have discoverd the fountain of youth!

        1. Hi Barb, I am on day 6…I am playing around with the dosages of oils between the evoo and coconut oil. I have the evoo in the bathroom and keep a spoon with my toothbrush so I take a spoon or so of it before I brush my teeth in the morning and at night. I am taking a spoon of coconut oil at around 3:30 pm. Not sure which one is working, maybe both but it seems to be working. I had zero blood yesterday and none today so far. I know it sounds stupid but I did a happy dance this morning when I had a normal bm! I keep going back and reading Graham’s testimonies and other information about these oils online. Both oils have been documented in controlling UC. I don’t see your UC story anywhere but I am sure you have one. I will keep you posted. Ann PS I also find it interesting that Adam loves his coco smoothies…but I really don’t know his take on the coconut oil…coincidence?

          1. Oh yes I do have my story on here. I have had UC for 14 years and have been on and off steriods for most of that time. I have also been on 3 different meds last one was Ascal and that stopped working so I tried the EVOO which seem to working until last week came down with the stomach virus which I believe caused me to flare yet again so I called the Dr. and now I am back on 40mg of steroid for 2 weeks which I will be down to 30 in 2 weeks and just ween down from there. The Dr. also wants to start me on Imuran which I am willing to try but if that doesn’t work I am going to try the EVOO again. So this is my story. I am curious to see how the coconut oil works because at this point I am ready to try anything.

  10. Hi Barb and Joanna – Thanks for sharing more information with me. I think I will stick with the evoo in the morning and at night and the coconut oil in the afternoon for a while to see how it goes. Like you say you’re willing to try anything but I think consistency is best to find out what exactly is and is not working for you. It’s really nice to have some people to talk to about this because you underdstand totally where I am coming from…keep sharing. Ann

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