Remission Success Stories Wanted/Needed!

Meet BC Mom:

Hi all, I have been officially diagnosed for approx. 18 months via sigmoidoscopy. I have a Rx for Mesalazine enemas which I cannot retain. My goal is ‘natural healing’ of my body (I hope) and not to just mask the symptoms. Things are not good right now, blood with every BM, 15+ a day, struggling to get anywhere with doctor appointments and 2 young babes.

Some more about me:

My name is Bev, I am 28 years old and from BC, Canada. I am married to an amazing man and we have 2 boys ages 2 (almost) and 10 months. They keep me busy!!! I enjoy summer, wine, fishing and cooking.

Colitis Remission, Where Are You

I was diagnosed approx 18 months ago, I went for a sigmoidoscopy while pregnant with our 2nd son. I had been having symptoms for about a year that were getting progressively worse and once I was at the point of blood with every BM I decided I needed to get checked. I got a Rx for hemorrhoids which did nothing then INSISTED to another doctor to send me for a sigmoidoscopy for fear of colon cancer which my grandpa had. Was then diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, the lower part of the colon. Was given an Rx for some steroid enema for 2 weeks, it did nothing, went back and got an Rx for Mesalazine which I had no idea what to do with.

I honestly had the worst doctor ever, he said ‘you have UC, use this, if it doesn’t work come back’.

Not a word of what UC was, ways to treat it etc. etc. NOTHING!

So here I sit with probably 3 weeks worth of Mesalazine enemas sitting in my closet because I cannot retain them and am so burned out by the end of the night to spend 1/2 an hour on the bathroom floor giving myself an enema. Which leads me to desperately hoping for an alternative approach. Would love to hear remission success stories because after a full on sobbing breakdown to my husband I am ready to try anything! Having to call out “I’ll be right there, mommy is on the toilet” 15 times a day is heartbreaking. I have only told a few people, it really isn’t an easy topic to bring up and I am completely embarrassed to talk about my ‘butt’. I am so thrilled to be reading your stories and successes. It really gives me hope!!! I am thankful that at this time in my life I am at home with my boys because I could not work (at this point) with my condition. If I do not get to a toilet immediately I pass mucous/gas/blood. (seriously can’t believe I just wrote these words)

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  1. Hi BC Mom!
    I’m so sorry you were diagnosed with this awful disease! It really takes a toll on you. You are right to try to approach this the natural way. Those meds never work. And if they do, they stop working after a few months/years, and all theyve done is masked the symptoms so that your condition ends up being worse than before. You asked for remission stories — I achieved remission by going on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Doctors will tell you that diet has nothing to do with it, but this is BS. To think that what you eat has no impact on the well being of the body part designed to process food? It’s absurd. Anyways, I was in an awful flare. 5-6 bloody painful BMs/day, constant stomach pain. I was crying myself to sleep at night thinking that I would have to spend the rest of my life like this. I went on SCD and one month later I was feeling so much better! 2-3 mostly formed BMs/day, no stomach pain, bleeding was decreasing. I was still not where I wanted to be though. I was having significant urgency, and my mornings were still a difficult task. SCD is a long term project. It is a diet meant to heal your colon from years of damage — something that can’t be done in a month or even a year. I am now 8 months into SCD. I have never felt better. My urgency has decreased tremendously, bleeding is almost completely gone, and I wake up in the morning without having to use the bathroom immediately. This last effect I attribute to a med that I went on 5 days ago. It is called Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN). It has no side effects other than some vivid dreams for the first few days. It increases production of endorphins, which helps with inflammation. In just 8 months on SCD, I have gained my life back, and I am planning to eat this way for the rest of my life. I am still not where I want to be, but I can definitely see the finish line. Best of health to you and your family!

    1. Hello Bev,

      You have come to the right place, many of us here are very much in favour of sorting UC naturally, including me. We have learnt the hard way that relying on your healthcare professional entirely can be a big mistake. My affected area is in the same place as yours and also like you, sadly my grandfather died of bowel cancer..

      Suitable diet does seem to be a good form of “prevention”, however, I’m sure UC is always there (even when you think it has gone). For this reason you will still need something to mask it.

      I am sure my solution is very beneficial because it not only prevents, it also masks and heals, naturally.

      My posts with all the details are not easy to find so below are the links to them, I have also added a 3rd which is full of more independent information (because this successful yet simple solution is hard to believe).

      Best wishes to you and your family, be well..Graham

    2. Thank-you so much for your response! I just ordered Breaking The Vicious Cycle today! I also stocked up on groceries and am starting the diet today too. I will do what I can without the book and hopefully over the next week keep cutting things out until I am on a strict SCD. I want to give myself 30 days and see how I feel. It seems pretty strict but I think if I focus on what I can eat, instead of what I can’t I will do okay.
      Thanks KK-SCDer!!!

  2. Hi BC Mon,

    You’re right, it’s horrible and unlike a broken arm, it’s not something that we can talk about or look forward to being healed in xx months etc. :(. I’m 37 and have had this since 2004. I’ve read loads on the subject and pretty much tried everything. One bit of advice is beware,people who talk in absolutes in terms of what works and what doesn’t. I believe there are lots of subtle variations of UC and you can see it reading people’s stories on Adams excellent website. For me, the SCD diet did nothing at all. Med wise, remacade is the only thing that keeps me at a level where I can lead a normal, active life. Smaller things that work or me are NO insoluble fibre, lots of water and regular exercise. The enemas also help too but like you say, are hard work. From my experience, practice makes perfect and I went from 10 mins to all night over a couple of months. Not nice but worth it in the end.

    I really hope you find what works for you. Good luck. X

    1. Thanks Matt! I need to up my water intake, I find myself forgetting for hours. Good to know about the enemas too. I really don’t want to have to take them indefinitely! I’ll see how the SCD diet goes but I have heard mixed reviews. It seems to have helped lots and lots of people but there seem to be some that it does nothing for. I’ll keep posting my progress. Thanks again!

  3. HI Bev…my name is also Bev, and I live in Penticton BC!! Where are you in BC?

    Anyway…I am in remission, and I am only on one capsule of ULTIMATE FLORA CRITICAL CARE by RENEWLIFE (a probiotic), which I take first thing in the morning when I get up, on an empty stomach.

    Then, about an hour before lunch, I drink two heaping scoops fermented L-glutamine powder mixed in a bit of juice for taste. It is called NORTH COAST NATURAL FEREMENTED UNFLAVORED L-GLUTAMINE.

    While I eat, or right after lunch, I take one 4mg capsule of astaxanthin (a natural anti-inflammatory) and 4000units of vitamin D, also for inflammation. I take them with or after lunch because they are fat soluble and are better absrbed with fatty foods.

    I am remission for the first time in the whole 15 years that I have had UC. None of the meds ever really helped me, and just made me feel more sick! I wish I would have tried that natural route years ago.

    Try it…it can’t hurt. Diet can help some people, but I eat whatever I want! Also, a guy from the UK, named Graham, here on this site, swears by extra virgin olive oil, one tablespoon, three times per day, morning, noon, and night. No kidding!

    Cheers, and all the best,

    1. Hi Bev!!!! What a coincidence! I live in Penticton too!!! We are about 5 minutes out of town down Skaha Lake, we moved here 4.5 years ago from the Coast and absolutely love it! I picked myself up the Probiotic you mentioned and some L-Glutamine and have been taking them both. I am going to try upping the L-Glutamine to 2 scoops and will look into astaxanthin. I am also taking fish oils to try and help with inflammation. I am going to give SCD a try because I am definitely not in remission yet. How long on your magical elixir (lol) before you noticed a change?
      Thanks for the response and I am so thrilled to hear you are in remission. 15 years is a long time to battle this!

      1. Cool…so we live close!

        Actually, I noticed improvement almost immediately on the probiotic…like within two days…symptoms started disappearing…the urgency, the pain…it was unbelievable! I guess I REALLY needed probiotics!! The only thing that did not disappear on just the probiotic (even a month later) was the bleeding, which of course, means no remission. When I went back to Vitamin King (downtown where I buy all my stuff), they recommended the L-glutamine. Two days later…no more blood!!

        1. Yes, very close! I haven’t been taking the L-Glutamine faithfully because the taste gets me, but I tried it in some juice tonight and it was tolerable. It is unflavoured but it is still weird. I’m just going to keep at it, try to follow SCD and see where it takes me. I started gluten free at the beginning of January and wheat definitely affects me. Since cutting that out alone I have gone from 15+ bm’s to less than 10/day! And I have never had worse symptoms than when I made and was eating wheat bran muffins regularly. Definitely a trigger I think!!!

          1. I hear you on the taste of the glutamine…I have to have it in cranberry juice, and it’s still kinda ‘gritty’. I just gulp it down quick!

  4. Hi BC Mom:

    Hey, I’m also from BC (the Shuswap). I follow the SCD and have been symptom free for close to two years. This is my second time on SCD. The first time I was following it for about a year and then gradually went off (adding just about every illegal back in). This time around, I’ve tried to be smarter about it. I love food, so it was always rather daunting to think about never being able to eat my favourite foods anymore. I’ve added rice and potatoes back in, but only after all symptoms were gone. I continue to eat the SCD homemade yoghurt just about every day. I don’t think I will ever eat bread again (although I have tried spelt flour a couple of times with no ill-effect, but this will only be an occasional indulgence)and avoid sugar. I love to cook and have found that it is quite easy to cook up some delicious SCD meals, including desserts. Tonight, for example, we are having roasted pork and veggies, creme brulee and meringues (all SCD legal).

    It’s difficult at first to follow the diet, but it does become easier and the foods I used to eat seem kind of revolting to me now. I have tons of energy and feel totally healthy.

    In addition to SCD, I take Omega 3, calcium, vitamin D and a probiotic. I also took L-Glutamine for a few months while I was coming out of the last flare. Ginger tea can help too.

    I think stress is a huge factor and I’ve learned to let things go and enjoy life and be thankful for everything positive in my life.

    Good luck – things will get better.

    1. Hi moxie! Great to hear about your success with SCD! Daunting is a great word to described it! How long would you say you were on it before your symptoms were noticably improving? Just wondering how long I should try it. I was thinking of starting with 30 days and seeing how I feel. I am waiting for my book to arrive, is it difficult to make the yogurt? Did you have to buy some type of yogurt maker?
      Thanks for your response! And I love the Shuswap btw! Used to vacation there as a kid, North shore. I live in Penticton now but grew up on the Coast.

  5. Hi BC mom,
    sorry to hear what you are going through! it’s so tough. I am currently having the exact BM as you right down to the blood each time. I also have two children. Like a lot of people here on this site I have modified my diet and started taking the L-Glutamine, Vitamin D and a probiotic. Also trying the Extra virgin olive oil

    I have meds but will refuse to take them until I tried all possibilities. So currently, yes, last night I ventured into the fecal transplant arena.

    I just could not keep away from the fact that a fecal transplant has to be the ultimate probiotic on the market right? And you apply it directly to the source. In my opinion, if the fecal transplant does not work then taking a probiotic won’t work. Just my opinion.

    So far as progress.. well I know that my colon is completely fried at this point so it will def take time to fix it. I keep a diary and just pray that I will eventually be going in the right direction towards recovery. It has been 11 days of 15+ BD argh. my point is that there is no silver bullet to fix this mess that I am sure of..

    Today, after my first fecal transplant (from last night) I can say that my gut does feel different. I still have cramps and watery D but of all days, today seemed like large volumes of bloody mucus only appeared in half of my movements (i keep track) as opposed to every one of them. Is this a trend? Is this from the transplant? Time will only tell.

    At this point I have nothing to lose trying it regardless, but could keep you posted on my results both positive and negative. Many who have done this say it does take patience and determination so I will plan on keeping this as part of a recovery plan.

    Hope you find this helpful. Also, I have to keep reminding myself each day that so many people are diagnosed each day with worse diseases than this..but it never feels that way though.


    1. Hi Rt, thanks for the response! I haven’t even looked into the fecal transplant and don’t even really know what it is, but will do some reading up on it. I would love to hear about how that goes for you! I am going to start with supplements and try the SCD and see where that gets me. It feels like a lot so just taking it one day at a time and hoping to see some improvement quickly. It would be nice to be in remission, I have never been and basically have been in a ‘flare’ for 2 years. Look forward to chatting more!

    2. RT,
      My husband is suffering from active UC and for the last four months no meds have been able to slow or stop the flare-up. The condition worsened after a round of antibiotics for peri-anal abcesses. I am interested in the fecal transplant you have done or are doing because I’ve heard that remission of UC is almost 100% afterwards. I’ve thought of doing the procedure on my husband myself because he has been desperate, at times. No doctor I’ve talked with ever heard of the procedure (they’ll look into it}, but never do. How is it working for you?
      Sincerely, Sandy

  6. Do not take any remission for granted. Some people think they cure themselves when they go into long term remission but if you take it for granted you will wake up one morning without a colon just as I did. Once you have UC its not going away. Just be careful because you are always only one stressful day or greasy hamburger from the next flare up.

  7. Hi BC mom,

    It sucks to have a doctor that you can’t communicate with and doesn’t communicate with you! It doesn’t do any good to use those enemas if you can’t keep them in! I had always used mesalamine in the pill form (asacol) and would use enemas when the pills worked enough that I could keep them in. The pills helped with the bowel movements/diarhea ect, and the enemas helped with the blood, in my case. However I got off asacol last year because I kept flaring while on it and the doctors figured it wasn’t working any more. I had a bad flare with what you are describing, in september, I was put on prednizone which didn’t help much, then remicade and imuran. Days after remicade and Imuran my flare started to die down and I got much better. I am now pretty close to remission on these drugs and we are starting to get me off the imuran.
    The drugs have some nasty side effects though, and they are meant to be taken long term, however they sometimes stop working and also long term you are dealing with side effects and possibly long term effects of taking the meds. So anything natural or diet wise you can do, try it! My plan is to stay on these meds a while longer but in the meantime am working on my diet and supplements so I can get off these drugs and stay in remission a healthier way. I was quite relieved, however, to be on that remicade after 4 months of constant diarhea and just being miserable. I have a 1 year old girl, and being that sick takes its toll on being a mommy, us mommy’s can’t afford to be sick like this! I hope you find relief soon! I hope you switch or switched to a better doctor, it makes a huge difference, especially one with an open mind who is not shoving meds in your face without talking to you and things like that. My very first GI doctor, who diagnozed me with this disease, I was 19 or 20 at the time, he said to me “you need to take this disease seriously and take your meds every day. You will be on this medication forever.” Boy talk about no hope and a complete downer! He was wrong too because his stupid medication stopped working!

    1. Hi Kimberly, I hope you can kick the meds too. It is a struggle, life is busy and keeping up with proper diet and supplements is a task in itself. I read somewhere on here I think ‘more time in the kitchen less in the bathroom’. Seems to be the way! I hope anyways! Here’s to trying!

  8. Hi Bev,

    I understand. Diagnosed in 1988, in and out of remission many times. I have recently taken myself off of all medications since I had a good colonoscopy report in October 2012. I am doing pretty darn good keeping myself on track with my diet. I eat oatmeal with honey, beans (dip) and crunchmaster crackers from Sam’s club almost every day for breakfast and lunch and eat a normal dinner that includes some kind of greens. I have been doing pilates to help my stress level. It’s a constant battle…don’t give up and take the meds if it keeps you from bleeding and running to the bathroom. I also take a multi vitamin, vitamind D, omega 3, flax seed oil, zinc and sometimes turmeric supplements. Google bean therapy…it seems to be working for me. Good Luck!

  9. I forgot to mention I have a serving of greek yogurt every day too…the combination of all my foods seems to work. I didn’t not want to miss anything. Good luck with those two boys…mine are 22 and 24…I remember those days well, some sitting on the toilet, I can relate…time flies…I pray for you to get this thing managable so you can enjoy them even more!

    1. You are so sweet! The days and nights are melding together and seem never ending at this point. I’m sure you remember that too lol! I hope to get this under control for all of our sakes.

  10. I am so sorry that you are struggling right now. Know that things do get better it’s just a matter of figuring out what works for you. I have talked with many different people who have been diagnosed with UC and no one person is the same. Several friends swear by the SC diet, others Lialda has done the trick for them, for me it has been Remicade infusions, I have been doing them for almost 5 months now and things have improved tremendously with my UC. I know one thing for sure cure and that is not letting UC get the best of you, the disease will not beat you, you can find victory and strength through this tough season in your life. I will be praying for you and do use the UC forum for support and help. It’s the biggest thing, you are not alone in this! We are all here for you.

    Team UC = family!


  11. Hi BC mom!
    I read your story and it sounds a lot like mine, only mine started in 1997 when I was 20. I am sorry to hear about your pain and your lame doctor.

    My doctors have all been lame too. I have had three. I don’t really trust them anymore. They seem to be more like Pez dispensers (only the Pez are pills, stupid enemas/suppositories, injections, etc.). Enemas/suppositories never worked for me; neither did Mesalamine. In fact, often I would see WHOLE UNDIGESTED PILLS in the toilet!

    I went into remission once by taking Shark Liver Oil capsules in 1998. They were from a brand called Master Formulas. I had to take a lot at first, and over the course of a couple months I tapered down to four capsules a day. The stuff is pretty expensive, I think around $40 a bottle (100 capsules), but you can save a lot of money buying it by the case (6/case). You will need a whole case to achieve remission, if you do at all. (I can’t guarantee that what worked for me will work for you. You can find it at this website if you’re interested: I don’t recommend any other brands. Once I switched brands and my symptoms came back immediately. I am not a salesperson.

    I stopped taking the Shark Liver Oil years ago (although I may take it again in the future). I have had flares off and on ever since. I would take Prednisone for several weeks and the symptoms would go away for months, sometimes years at a time. In 2010 I started getting frequent flares. Prednisone stopped working for me. Good riddance, because I hated taking the stuff anyway. Now I take 6MP. I have been taking it for about a year. I saw major improvement right when I started taking it. I was in pretty good shape until a couple months ago. Slowly a mild flare set in.

    This week I read about the SCD. I immediately stopped eating all grains,sugars and artificial sweeteners –no chewing gum :( That was like four days ago. My symptoms have been improving. Today I took a real poop with just a trace of blood and only some minor pain. I’m proud of that. Four days ago pooping felt like labor! I walked out of the bathroom feeling like I deserved a trophy, thanking the beautiful spirit (God) that guided me to the SCD.

    At first the SCD seems really tough to follow. I love bread, salty chips, cookies, etc. I have decided to try out some recipes for those things before officially starting the SCD. I have been lucky so far! I found an AMAZING sandwich bread recipe that is made with cashew butter. I also found a DELICIOUS nacho cheese chip recipe that is made with almond flour, cheese and spices. Today I am going to make crepes. This weekend I am going to look for a cookie recipe. I already ordered the Yogourmet yogurt maker. I am going to make yogurt today too because it already arrived (I ordered it four days ago!)

    My point is, after 16 years of trying everything, I have faith that there is truth in the healing potential of the SCD. Let me know if you want recipes, links, anything. I am a mother of two boys, ages 7&12. (This disease did not stop me from having children). I am a full-time student. I want you to know there is hope. I highly recommend buying a yogurt maker. It makes probiotics in amounts that you can’t find in the stores for a fraction of the cost. I hope you find relief soon.

    1. Hi nikki! Wow I can’t believe how quickly you noticed an improvement with just those few simple diet changes! How did your yogurt turn out? How are things going? I would love any good SCD recipes you find. Having lots of good legal food around is the only way I am going to be able to stick with this! Keep in touch, I would love to bounce recipes/ideas etc off of each other!
      Thanks so much for the reply!!!

      1. Hey BC mom and Nikki, I am just starting SCD too, at first I was thinking it’s impossible, I was thinking make my own yogurt? No breads or sugar? But after reading the breaking the vicious cycle book and seeing some of the SCD recipes I realized it will be hard but not so bad. I’m guessing there are probably a lot of great recipes online, but I recently bought “Eat Well, Feel Well” by Kendall Conrad which has all SCD legal recipes. I flipped right to the dessert section haha! It has a couple cookie recipes, macadamia nut brittle, strawberry ice cream, had some bread recipes too made using almond flour. I was so excited, I was like hey I can do this. Mind you I’d like to focus mostly on those good veggies and fruits and meats but just wanted to know I could have a treat sometimes! :)
        And it has the recipe on making yogurt using the yogurt maker, and it sounds pretty easy, so like Nikki I will be buying a yogurt maker too. Good luck you guys, here’s to better health and no flares for all of us!

  12. Hello fellow Canuck!
    I was diagnosed with UC in 2003. I have found that the SCD is helpful with recovery and has gotten me through many flares. I started taking the same probiotic Penticton Bev takes(Ultimate Flora Critical Care by Renewlife)in Sept during a flare and have not missed a day since and doubt I ever will. I also found an awesome Naturopath who has put me on slippery elm (takes the blood away and promotes colon healing), L-Glutamine and a tincture called lymph (1 and 2). I have had no symptoms since Oct. I also get rheumatoid arthritis with my UC flares and this concoction has kicked its button too (yeah!).
    My naturopath does phone consults if your interested. Her study is on Immunodeficiency disease which is what UC is.
    Hope you find relief soon Bev.

    1. Hi Dawn!

      This is Penticton Bev…so very pleased to hear that you are taking the probiotic and L-glutamine. You didn’t really say how well they are helping you. Are they? How long before you noticed good chamges, if you did? I am very intersted to know how you are progressing on these things. I’m so jacked abou how well they are working for myself!


      1. Hey Penticton Bev! So jealous you live there, LOVE Penticton!
        I’m super jacked too! Much rather be on a natural remedy then meds if I can help it. Here is a bit of my UC history.
        Diagnosed in ’03 after birth of my first daughter. I was on Prednisone and relied heavily on it to keep me out of the bathroom. Every time I would wean down to 40mg/day I would end up in the hospital and the viscious circle of being on Pred and weaning off Pred would begin again. It wasn’t until I had my second daughter in ’09 that I was able to wean off Pred all the way and stayed off and in remission until this past summer. I would say I had a mild flare (4-6 bathroom trips with blood, mucous/day) with really bad rheumatoid arthritis. I started eliminating white flour, wheat, sugar, dairy made my own yogurt but still couldn’t get 100% relief. Oh and I found this lovely site as well!
        I read about your succss with probiotics and L-glutamine and decided to give it a try in Sept. I then researched the crap out of finding a decent naturopath in my area and found one in Oakville, ON. First apt with her was in Oct and she was happy with my diet restrictions and probiotic choice. She upped my dose of L-Glutamine and put me on Slippery Elm (bleeding) and Lymph 1 (then Lymph 2). I think the Lymph 1 & 2 was mostly for my RA. No word of a lie with in 2 weeks I was absolutely symptom free and have not had a re-occrance of UC or RA since. I do still stay away from wheat and dairy though.
        So that is my story…

        1. THAT is absolutely fab!

          That L-glutamine really does work wonders, I think. I’ve ‘upped’ my dosage of it on my own, as well, because I have a bad arthritic pain in my right arm and the gal at the supplement shop[ recommended that…and it helps! Not only did it heal my colon, but it keeps the pain in my arm way down!

          I am so happy to hear what the probiotic and glutamine are doing for you, too. I could not be happier! Side note…I too have to watch my wheat intake. The only reason I doscovered that was one day I had a big bowl of shredded wheat cereal (the kind with no sugar or salt added). The next morning, after not bleeding for months…there was quite a significant amount of blood! I was floored! I really had no idea that wheat bothered me at all. I seem to be okay if I eat whole wheat bread, or a bagel…but alot of ‘straight’ wheat…I don’t seem to be able to handle. Go figure!

          Stay well, my friend!

          ‘Penticton’ Bev

          1. Hi Bev, I messed up. I started on L-Glutamine when I first got the probiotic. When I went to the naturopath she switched me to Infla Guard (contains L-Glutamine and other things). Just wanted to clarify that. Infla Guard is key to removing inflammation in your body.

    2. Dawn! Hi, thanks so much for the response! I have been threatening to see a naturopath for a long time but scheduling appts and dragging my 2 babes with me is less than appealing. That and UC can be difficult to treat and I would prefer to see someone with experience. That being said I would LOVE if you could pass along your Naturopaths info. I can easily make a phone call work if she does that. Infla Guard sounds ideal!!! Thank-you in advance and I look forward to chatting with you more!

      1. Hi BCmom, so glad you are going to give it a try! Her name is Dr. Aoife Earls. 905-257-0021. Check her out online she has some articles and a blog that you might find interesting. I have been to other Naturopaths before but they didn’t help. Dr. Earls has nailed it with me and she is not pushy at all.
        I use to put LGlutamine in my morning fruit shake (coconut milk, ripe banana, frozen fruit)and you couldn’t taste it at all.
        UC is frustrating and having young kids that depend on you makes it difficult to focus on yourself. But take the time and do your research. Relief is there girl!

  13. I had this like anal syringe thing that you use to squirt a foam medicine up your jacksy. I seems to do the trick and it only takes a second because you are only enjoying about 50ml of it. Sorta like shaving foam. It is called “colifoam”

  14. Hi, BC Mom – I just wanted you to know that I totally understand how you feel…I am a stay at home Mom with a three year old and a one year old, and it’s so horrible to be sidelined by extreme fatigue and spend so much time in the bathroom. I am also changing my diet and hoping that helps, so good luck and thanks for posting your story!

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