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I am a 53 year old female living in Ohio. I was diagnosed at age 34 with Ulcerative Colitis left side.

Stress is definitely my trigger for flare ups. I have never noted any foods or drinks, except for caffeine when I’m having a flare up that bother me. I typically have one flare up a year and have only had one really bad episode where I was laid out on the couch for 2 weeks and lost 20 pounds. I am currently on Colazal 9 pills a day and just coming off a round of prednisone.

recent picture of Debra!

recent picture of Debra!

Some more about Debra:

I live in Ohio and love to walk. I walk daily and try to go to as many walk-a-thons in the area as I can find. I also like to fish. My husband and I go fishing in Ohio and in Florida whenever we get down there.


I am just coming off a flare up, ( I am planning a 50th birthday party for my husband and of course got stressed). The prednisone has cleared up all the symptoms except for a anal fissure which I tend to get with my flare ups.

Debra’s Story:

Diagnosed in 1997 when I was 34 yrs old and planning my wedding. Stress is my trigger for UC. I started out on Asacol 3 pills a day and am now on Colazal 9 pills a day. I typically have one flare up a year and always at a stressful time, or when I’ve tried to lower my dosage. I am put on prednisone for those and it clears it up. I stumbled across Graham Lees’ insights to EVOO while googling the benefits of Ozonated Olive Oil for anal fissures (which I tend to get with my flare ups). I am extremely excited to finally find some natural help for my UC and also about to cry because I never saw this website before! Needless to say I’ve got my husband in the shower now getting ready to head to the Vitamin Shop to get some L-Glutamine, Astaxathin and a higher dose of Probiotic. My doctor actually suggested a Probiotic but never mentioned how much. I went to the Vitamin Shop and got the Ultimate Flora 30 Billion but it didn’t seem to help so I quit taking it. I will now go get the 50 Billion and the other things listed and see if I can finally get off these drugs! I will also be buying the EVOO and giving that a try.

My question for others is how do you know when to get off the drugs you are currently taking and do you go off the pills completely or taper them off slowly? I’d also like to know if there is there a best time to take the natural remedies.. I noted that Bev said she took the L-Gutamine at lunch time, and someone else mentioned they took the Probiotics in the evenings, and Graham says EVOO 3 tablespoons a day so I’m assuming with your 3 meals. I’m a organized person and scheduled times work best for me lol.

Medications / Natural Treatments

I’ve never tried to treat my UC with natural remedies, because most the sites I’ve looked at for UC are medical and just tell you to take medicine. I did try probiotics after my Dr mentioned it, but I believe it was too low a dose plus I wasn’t trying anything with it, so it didn’t appear to work.

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  1. Hiya, I found probiotics did not really work until I started taking a combined probiotic and prebiotic capsule (in the UK, Boots own brand ) then it was amazing. My trigger is stress too. Also I avoid caffeine, alcohol, sugar, most gluten and dairy. (I’m not allergic or intolerant, they just contribute to the inflammatory response). Good luck :)

  2. VSL#3, which was developed to treat IBD/IBS is by far the most potent and effective probiotic for me. I have lived with UC since 1998 and pancolitis since 2006. This really helps. I use 4-5 sachets per day. I am also on low dose of doxepin which reduces pain and aids motility – google it, there is a lot out there on tri-cyclics and GI funcion. I have been off prednisone for a year, which is a record for me, and pray every day that some researcher finds a cure for this awful disease we all live with. Good luck!

  3. I have been free of symptoms for one whole year. In May/June 2015 I was out of work for 12 weeks after being diagnosed via a colonoscopy with UC. I had 3 super stressful events that seemed to trigger the UC. In addition I was supe run down, sleeping badly and exhausted from stress.

    With the diagnosis in hand, I decided to go the natural route to heal after I refused the MD offer of Humira. It took 8 months for me to feel better. I started by eliminating gluten, grain, sugars, fruits, raw veg, soy, yeast, etc. I only ate cooked protein (turkey, fish, chicken) and cooked green vegetables (no cruciferous). Cucumbers seemed to be best. In Ayurvedic medicine, they are cooling.

    I lost 30 lbs! I got erythema nodosum on my legs (painful!). I stayed with it. I took “Evergreen UC”(Chinese meds) which eventually stopped the urge to go to bathroom all the time. I took VSL3 probiotic 3x/day. Slowly but surely I improved, I went for Nutritional Response Testing with Suzy Harris at Cedarwood Natural Health Center in VT and got acupuncture to calm my adrenals nervous system.

    To gain back weight I looked to recipes from paleo websites but eliminated sugars and grains. I made hazelnut flour pancakes, plantain bread and coconut milk and blueberry smoothies. Blueberries are the fruit with lowest sugar content. Finally I made and drank bone marrow broth and got better and better. If you want to talk to me I’m happy to share my story with you!

  4. Debra,

    This is the first time in the 5 years viewing this site, I’ve posted to a story. I had to leave a comment as your story closely aligns with mine. Asacol didn’t work for me, Colazal did for 3 years. And now I’m not on Colazal. I’m solely on supplements. I found a naturopath that has helped me tremendously. By adding Butyrex and Boswailia to my regimen (as well as conducting a stool test which determined I had a certain bad bacteria in my colon), I was able to gradually decrease from 9 to 0 Colazal pills. I let my body tell me when to decrease pills taken. I found that the Colazal was actually exacerbating my symptoms, making them linger. Prednisone, while great to reset the colon, is a necessary evil. I feel that a year after taking 40mg for a month that it caused other effects on my body that I’m still recovering.

    In addition, I also take L-glutamine, a high-end multi-vitamin, D3 with fish oil, a probiotic, and a herb mixture which helps with adrenal levels (I believe my UC started during the march to menopause). My naturopath stated that not everyone reacts to probiotic the same way. Like you I tried Utlra Flora and it did not like me! I returned to taking Ortho-Molecular Othrobiotic and still have success with it. Taking the probiotic before bedtime works for me. Definitely adhere to the rule of taking it 1/2 hour before a meal. As far as diet, gluten, beef, lactose, low FODMAP….essentially I stay away from anything that might ping inflammation.

    I’m an advocate for the naturopath route. I’m still annoyed that the 3 GI doctors I had during the 5 years of UC wouldn’t talk about diet or do a stool test. Yet 2 visits to a naturopath gave me some substantial answers. I’m at about 90% to remission. Good luck in your journey

  5. Debra,

    Hello! I stopped my meds on my own about7 years ago (UC for 16yrs), my reasoning was after being on & off everything under the sun it just didn’t seem to be helping- I thought jeez it can’t be much worse that it is ON meds… over the years I realized on meds I was still getting flares so how bad could I feel off? Please, though remember everyone is different and certain meds you need to taper! I had started researching natural therapies!

    Natural remedies are definitely trial & error – I believe there is no ONE perfect remedy! I started w Vitamins and a vitamin E enema… I realized I didn’t feel 100% after switching to natural, but I definitely didn’t feel worse- which made me think what were allllll the meds I was on even doing???? Then about a year after stopping meds I switched my diet to grain free/ gluten free… which I wasn’t a stickler about but I was prob 90% gf definitely no breads etc. It helped me soooo much! I felt better all around! However over the years since then I still get flares once in a while – as one does w this dreadful disease! But my flares seem more manageable and I am not a slave to pharmaceuticals!

    During a flare I go back to the basics – plain foods like rice, bananas, baked chicken… and I supplement with Psyllium seed powder every night and it works like a charm to lift me out of a flare! Also I take Imodium in the AM to get through the day. Watch your sugars too! Winter always puts me in flare around holidays bc I eat too much chocolate… ooops! – good luck ~ Sher

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