90% Cured of Ulcerative Colitis in 3 months Thru Ayurveda

Meet Ajay:

I was diagnosed in July of 2011, and its about 5+ years with ulcerative colitis now. I treated myself by almost all types of medicines like homeopathy aleo Ayurvedic.

recent picture of Ajay!

recent picture of Ajay!

Current Symptoms:

Approx 85-90% i am cured in 3 months. i tried so many medicines but now its all normal.

Ajay’s Colitis Story about Ayurveda:

i got benefit from current treatment so i decided to share this will all other Ucers (my virtual family members)

Medicine previously i taken before 3 months was.
mesacol 800 2-2-2
Omnacortil 40mg (per week decrease it by 5 mg)
Folivit 5 mg daily
Azaron na
Calcium tabs.
Before that 2 months i was on steroid (which make me weaker day-by-day)

Here is what I did:

1. Started medicine from ayushakti.com (available worldwide)
2. Changed in life style by being vegetarian and take food on time.
3. Stop all snacks only having 3 meals a day.
a. 7 am sharp – Breakfast (Veg – easy to digest)
b. 12 pm – Lunch (Veg – most food items)
c. 4 pm – Sprouts grains one small bowl.
d. 7 pm – Light dinner – veg
4. Meditation for 30 mins (Usually in morning before 6 am.
5. Early sleep (8pm)and early rise 4:30 am
6. Stop egg and red meat/chicken anything related to non-veg. Only once a week or in 2 weeks mutton bone marrow (not flesh)

Now i am back to normal and if you still having any issue or query then please mail me ajaylala@gmail.com.

Now i am taking normal food(all Veg)
Note: i am not a promoter or dealer. only i’m a patient of UC and suddenly these ayurvedic medicines changed my life. So i shared my exp.
Before that i also think to leave my job and quit from life also.

Only i know that there should be some cure for alignment of stomach intestine. But there are so many people having so many types of knowledge in ayurveda.

Trust me i tried so many times in Ayurveda , this is my 5th try(in Ayurveda) to cure myself.
Overall 16th treatment in all types of cure of UC.

More from Ajay:

Yeah the treatment works for me and sure that it will work for others also.
Only you have to take care the points i told you.
Be sure first, you want to cure yourself or not.
One more thing, i am taking alkaline water. 6 am and 4 PM (1-2 glass)

How to prepare it ?
Take one lemon or lime , Cut it in eight pieces or cut like circle chips way.
Put these pieces in on jug (3-4 glass) of water. Jug should be of glass.
Dont squeeze lemon , just put it in pieces into water jug.
Cover it with lid and put it in fridge (for 8 – 12 hours)
Drink it and enjoy it.

Most important, make your body alkaline instead of acidic. SO NO ALCOHOL OR Smoking

90% cured by UC in 3 months, in next one month i will be fully cured

Hope this will helpful for someone.

Cheers!!! Aj

written by Ajay

submitted in the colitis venting area

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4 Responses to 90% Cured of Ulcerative Colitis in 3 months Thru Ayurveda

  1. Maggie October 4, 2016 at 4:07 pm #

    Thank you for sharing, Ajay. I’m happy for you that you are better. I agree that the body should be cured of acidity. I also use unfiltered vinegar drinks with ginger juice, mineral water and fresh fruit put in a blender. Hope you continue to stay free of colitis.

  2. Ajay Singh Rathore
    Ajay SR October 4, 2016 at 9:42 pm #

    Thanks Maggie,
    Its all about to make your body Alkaline, if possible then try kengan water or Alkaline water for better result.

  3. Pankaj October 25, 2016 at 12:48 am #

    Hello Ajay, Happy to know that you have cured. I am also suffering from 2012. Can you share the ayurveda doctors name from where you have taken medicine.And also what foods you ate to make your body alkaline.Thanks.

  4. Pankaj October 25, 2016 at 10:13 am #

    Hello Ajay,
    I am happy that you are so much cured. I am Pankaj from Delhi and suffering since 2012 from UC. I have noted down your points which will sure help a lot of people. At present I also want to take Ayurvedic medicine.Please guide which Ayurvedic Hospital or Doctor helped you the most in your treatment. I shall be thankful.

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