The Mysterious Recurrence

An update from our blog:

Though John is feeling better than he was a week ago when he first began feeling intense cramping pain in his transverse colon, he is still experiencing GI symptoms. By comparison to where he was before the SCD, it’s nothing really. Just some chronic bloating, a little cramping when having a BM(bowel movement). There have been no stool changes, just some discomfort in the gut. He’s also been very tired. Usually he goes to bed after me and gets up before me, sleeping about five to six hours a night, but last night he slept about nine hours. On and off this week, he’s taken a midday nap as well.

These things are worth mentioning because since day five of the SCD, he’s been feeling better than he has in a long time, even before UC. It’s clear that despite his lack of symptoms, active disease has been present in his colon all this time.

Elaine Gotschall predicts a recurrence of symptoms, even if the SCD is adhered to strictly, in the second or third month. Though John is shy of the two month mark, we believe this is what is occurring.

The question is why? I suppose the short answer is that UC is not caused directly by diet, but is well managed through the SCD.

But why is this recurrence so predictable? Especially when John has been doing amazingly well up to this point?

We are both a little disheartened. We thought we got off easy. I stopped worrying about him everyday, thinking his disease was well managed. The truth is, I hoped it had gone away. Still, there’s nothing to really worry about at this point because the symptoms are so minor. Let’s hope we can get back to awesome soon.


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