I Need Job Advice Now That I Have Ulcerative Colitis

I am a college freshman who was on a Army 4-year scholarship. I was going to be an officer in the military but now i cant because of ulcerative colitis.

I’ve always wanted to do the military and now I cant. Are there any other jobs I can do that are similar? (state department, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, ATF, etc..)



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  1. Hey Buddy,

    There are several others who have written stories here on the site who have UC and who are in the military. There stories are here:


    GIve those stories a read when you have a moment, and then if you leave them a comment, they should be able to give you some ideas on how you can make it work without having to give up your dreams.

    What’s the main reason why you feel you cant go thru with the Army? There is a crapload of us ith UC who are still able to do most of what we want in life. I obviously don’t know your whole story, but unless you are sure you will be sitting in a hospital for the rest of your life(and that’s the typical case for UC people) you surely can do all kinds of things with this disease. I’m worried about you, but for sure you got an awesome life ahead.

  2. General,
    From my experience of having colitis I fail to see why or how it would stop you following your chosen career.
    It’s up you – not up to the colitis.
    Regards and good luck.

  3. Doing certain jobs with UC could be difficult since you never know when you might have to go. If I new what type of job you were going to do, I might be able to give you specific advice. My general advice to you is to look into a career in the Civil Service or maybe a defense contractor. I do engineering for Northrop Grumman (writing software) and I work very closely with my military customers. You may be able to find something like that as well.

  4. Thanks!

    Adam- The Department of Defense has medical regulations to serve in the military. If you do not meet these requirements you are not able to serve. Ulcerative Colitis is a medical disqualifier along with food allergies, asthma, just to name a few. I feel 100%. I am in remission and everything is back to normal, so if it was up to me I would serve. Thanks for the help, I will definitely look into the civilian side.

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