Tapeworms, Antibiotics, Prednisone, and Marijuana

I have ulcerative colitis. I am sharing my story on this page. I am also starting a blog giving updates on my progress from a diet consisting of broth to real food.

For over a year I have been experiencing symptoms of Ulcerative colitis/crohns disease. I worked tirelessly to avoid the invasive diagnostic tool known as the colonoscopy. I fasted, tried a raw fruitarian diet, specific carbohydrate diet, and the standard American diet (SAD). Over the year I expelled a tapeworm, tried different antibiotics, took a course of prednisone, and used marijuana. Nothing returned me back to my normal happy self.
This journey of relearning how to eat and complete humiliation (this is a bowel disease, I pooped my pants many times, sometimes within minutes of a toilet, and sometimes in public) has floored me. Through out the year my weight has dropped to 100lbs from 150. I am now at 120 lbs.
This past year I could not work. I am now on disability and working to get back to work and control my disease. Yesterday I was officially diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis via a colonoscopy. The prepping and procedure has left me feeling horrible and my symptoms are active. I am only drinking broth until the symptoms are under control.
Despite not being able to control my disease with diet, I know the value of eating healthy. We are what we eat! Unfortunately since I am in a flare up, I can eat broth. That is what this blog will be about. My journey from broth to real food. I have a feeling that my diet will evolve in the direction of the Specific Carbohydrate diet with a dash of The Maker’s Diet. I have been influenced by Joel Furhmans “Eat For Health” and have been using the protocals in “Restoring Your Digestive Health” by Dr. Joseph Brasco and Jordan Rubin. I have no idea what will come of this, I need to start being more open about my life – as I have closed myself off for a year because of anger and embarrassment.
Day 1 –
“Calm” Magnesium Supplement
1 tsp. “Oceans 3” Cod Liver Oil
Beef broth (lightly salted with a tbsp. coconut oil)
1 tbsp. Honey
“Innate” Iron supplement
B12 shot

I will be updating on my blog too:


10 thoughts on “Tapeworms, Antibiotics, Prednisone, and Marijuana”

  1. Hey Geoff, read your blog, good stuff. What are you taking for probiotics? If you haven’t started on any, I recommend you do, but start slowly. If you have too much at first, you can get what’s called a “die-off” effect and diarrhea increases, but it would eventually pass because the probiotics are evicting the bad bacteria.

    1. Reid,

      I think I’m experiencing that for the first time right now… since this week, all I’ve been eating is beef, chicken, fish and pureed carrot chicken soup, and home-made yogurt with a little bit of honey in it. I never got the D before with the intro diet, but now I do, and I think… think is the operative word here… that the bleeding may have stopped, though it’s hard to tell with D, ya know? (I’m still “going the same amount… about 2-3 times per day, but now it’s D, instead of a mooshy poo with B) I don’t mind if it’s just Die-off of bad bacteria, but I’m hoping it stops soon. Today I ate home-made pear sauce made from Asian pears for the first time (my first fruit/veggie besides the carrots in the soup since Monday) I’m hoping I am getting better… hooray! keeping my fingers crossed! When would you say the D would stop if it’s just Die-off? I gotta call my GI on Monday or Tuesday and give him an update and I don’t know what to tell him if I still have D then.


      I’m pulling for you too. It’s definitely hard… and people sometimes think you’re crazy to be doing those kinds of things with your diet, but when you want to get better and nothing else works, sometimes you gotta be drastic. I keep doing the same thing. I’ve thought about doing just broth for a few days before. I usually weigh around 145 and I’m 5’7″… I’m down to 129 now since I’ve been changing my diet. I am not-so-patiently looking forward to the days when I can eat baked goods no problem, and lots of fruits. I sure do miss eating a “well balanced” diet. All this meat is making me feel, well, carnivorous.

      Also… how did you expel a tapeworm? Did you take medicine to get rid of it, or did it come out on it’s own? that had to be really scary if you didn’t even know you had it? Did the doctors say that could be the root cause of your problems?

  2. Reid,

    THanks for checking out my blog. It has been a great way to vent and keep my mind off my health. Keep reading and I’ll keep writing! I have been on probiotics (Primal Defense Ultra by Garden of Life) for a couple of months, I did experience the initial die off symptoms, had to stop them for the scope, then reintroduce them again, and am feeling a less intense die off.

    Keep in touch.



  3. If you can discipline yourself, could try fasting for 24hrs. No food, no reason to have D, then you start w/ a clean slate and see which foods are causing D if you still have it. If you can’t fast, try experimenting with taking foods out, eat yogurt w/out honey, stop all fruits, only eat lean meats, (not beef). Our bodies are all different and you must be willing to change things up when symptoms aren’t improving. With that said, sounds like you are cautiously optimistic that your symptoms are improving, maybe give it 3 to 5 days? Any more than that and you should experiment with taking out a food to find out which one is causing the problem.

    Could also try adding supplements like Glutamine, Cod Liver Fish Oil and Vitamin D3. 1 teaspoon of Glutamine mixed in w/ a glass of water is supposed to help stop D. Be sure you are drinking at least 64oz of water a day, especially with D.

  4. Hey,

    I passed a tapeworm nearly a year ago. It came out after I water fasted for 3 days. During the water fast I used charcoal to help absorb toxins. Since parasite infections can be causative in colitis I do think the tapeworm contributed to my ulcerative colitis.

    Good on ya, for trying the intro diet. The initial die off is frustrating, but it has to happen. I found the book “Breaking the Vicious Cycle” a good start, but “Restoring Your Digestive Health” by Dr. Brasco and Jordan Rubin was more detailed and had some proactive ideas to make the “die-off” period more manageable.

    Link to book on Amazon:

    Restoring Your Digestive Health

    With as hard as we are all working, we are bound to find our health sooner or later…. Right?

    1. Yes I did went full bore into Kleins program and he counseled me over the phone. His program did not work and I found his “counseling” to be a waste of time.

      1. Hey Geoff, that’s pretty interesting stuff. Hey, how long did you try the Klein program for? I have heard others talk about it, but never gotten involved myself. What did the telephone counseling consist of for you? And did you ever get to meet in person? I guess bottomline, would you even recommend it to others who were interested?

  5. I was on the program for over 2 months. I ate a limited diet which he oversaw and I wasted away because of lack of nutrition. During this time I did a lot of bed rest, per his recommendation and I would not recommend that to anyone. The counseling sessions consisted of words of encouragement and diet advice. I started to get the impression that he wasn’t paying attention to my food journal which I was emailing him in advance of our phone conversations. I would not recommend this program. If someone reading this is drawn to veganism I would take the diet and fasting advice from Dr. Joel Fuhrman, he uses up-to-date science to back up his claims.

  6. Beef broth boiling tonight. 8 years since being diagnosed with UC from the age of 16. I am a food enthusiast and suffer in silence. My magic bag of healing foods during a UC flare up- ground flaxseeds/linseeds in boiling water (once cool, turns into an anti-inflammatory jelly), freshly made beef broth, plain pasta with unfiltered 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil, boiled salmon, tuna, mash banana with plain sugar free goats yoghurt, tsp of tumeric with plain boiled rice….

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