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slippery elm

Perhaps a Solution?

I don’t claim to have been cured or anything but if there is anyone out there willing to give it a shot, I am really interested and hopeful to see if they get the same results as me. I think just colloidal silver enema will be more than enough. Make sure to supplement it with a probiotic.

Do Some People Have Mild Ulcerative Colitis?

Hello to everyone in the land of UC: I’ve been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis since early 2010 and it came as a bit of a shock [the usual symptoms weight loss, blood, the yucky stuff], but since been diagnosed and after taking meds [preds, solazopyrin] my GI doc put me on Dipentum 500mgs and even though I’ve still got the aches and pains I haven’t… Read More »Do Some People Have Mild Ulcerative Colitis?