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Do Some People Have Mild Ulcerative Colitis?

Hello to everyone in the land of UC:

I’ve been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis since early 2010 and it came as a bit of a shock [the usual symptoms weight loss, blood, the yucky stuff], but since been diagnosed and after taking meds [preds, solazopyrin] my GI doc put me on Dipentum 500mgs and even though I’ve still got the aches and pains I haven’t had a flair since diagnosis. Also in process of watching what I eat and take supplements fish oil high strength, spirulina, chlorella, calcium, slippery elm, etc Now I dont want to piss people off who have had a worse time then I with UC, but are there other people out there in UC Land who have had a similiar experience. Do some people had a milder form of UC then others?


12 thoughts on “Do Some People Have Mild Ulcerative Colitis?”

  1. I’ve actually been wondering the same thing! I always feel really bad because my symptoms are not as bad as all of the peoples that post on here. I feel bad even complaining. But, my doctor told me it effects everyone differently. I have had the blood since I was 14. I am now 22 and finally went and saw a doctor 4 months ago and got diagnosed with ulcerative colitis protisis. I actually was severely constipated, having severe stomach pains, gained weight, and was exhausted all of the time. I was told that I have a different type which is why I can’t really relate with everyone else. So I would call my case a mild case. I hope this helps. :)

    1. Tara! I think I have what you have! I am 22 and have just been diagnosed with uc Proctitis! Hopefully the most ‘mild’ of the uc’s !!

  2. The quick answer to your questions is YES. Many people have mild or moderate forms of UC. I have had UC for 40 years. I am a 60 year old woman and have had UC since my early 20’s. I am able to stay symptom free using Asacol. In all those years I have only had two significant flares. The first 10 years ago when I was off of all meds and the 2nd, last fall. I did take Prednisone this last time several weeks and continued with the Asacol and began the SCD. I am sympton free again and no longer on Prednisone.

    This is a curious disease and it does present differently in different people. I have two family members who also have UC and they are like me…usually symptom free.

    There is a cure for this disease. No one who has their colon removed has ulcerative colitis because the offending organ is gone.

  3. Thanks for sharing Ciaran.

    Yeah I know from talking to other people and reading stories here that everyone seems to have a different story to tell and have varying degrees of UC.

    Like TARA I suffered with bouts of constipation for years until it suddenly went the other way completely and I was in the loo 20 times a day with diarrhea losing tons of blood. 5 years later after flaring several times a year without fail. 2 of my flares involved severe constipation whilst having all other symptoms of UC bleeding, nauseau, cramping, diarrhea, tiredness, dizzy spells, dehydration, achy joints.

    Has anyone else found themselves constipated and actively flaring?

  4. After reading all of these posts, I think I have mild UC as well. I was Dx’d in 2007. My heart really goes out to many of the people whom have posted on this sites who are way worse off than me. Especially the teen’s. Puberty & high school was hard enough, I couldn’t imagine going through the horrible bouts I have read about in the middle of dealing with the innate awkwardness growing up!

  5. I was wondering this question myself. I was officially diagnosed about a year ago, but my symptoms were very apparent for quite a while before that. In the few months between diagnosis and seeing a specialist, I did some pretty extensive internet research on UC. Most of what i found indicated i was in for a pretty rough ride. At the same time, my symptoms were worsening rapidly. Very frequent trips to the washroom (anytime, anywhere), mucus, gas, slight abdominal pain, a whole lot of blood and a general feeling of malaise was at its worst. Eventually, I saw the specialist and began to take asacol. I took four 400mg capsules twice a day and I almost immediately noticed results. Within 3 months, I was seemingly back to my pre-uc days. It has now been 9 months and I’m still doing very well. I’ve noticed occasional blood traces on my TP but i suspect its from hemorrhoids (my eternal nemeses). I realize that I’m still in the early stages of a life long battle. But right now, I am thankful it is not as bad as it can be. I have nothing but respect for the people who continue to stay positive and persevere under worse circumstances.

  6. Hey everyone,
    I was just recently diagnosed with UC. After reading some of the posts here, I should consider myself incredibly lucky, as I seem to suffer from the mildest form ever.
    I had been having trouble with constipation, gas, stomach pain, a bloated stomach and looking kind of pregnang for almost two years. Tests for fructose, lactose and sorbitol intolerances were all negative.
    I only went to see a doctor again when I discovered blood in my stool everytime I went to the bathroom. It was not a lot, but it worried me. After a colonoscopy I was told I had UC. I took Canasa for a month and the bleeding stopped, but none of the other symptoms went away. I can imagine people with severe UC and diarrhea probably wished they were constipated – but the flatulence actually bothers me a lot.
    I was thinking about changing my diet to SCD – has anyone with mild UC tried it?

    1. Hi Joanna,

      Welcome to the site, and thanks for commenting.

      I myself started the SCD diet while I had about a year under my belt of being diagnosed. I’d say my symptoms at the time were moderate, but I for sure was severe for many months prior. I can say for sure that there are many many people, certainly in the thousands with mild UC who have used the SCD diet to control their symptoms.
      wishin you the best,


      1. I’m new to the UC world also. But it’s kind of strange for me to hear even these mild cases talk about bleeding and stomach pain. My problem was loose stool several times a day especially in the morning when I first got out of bed. But there was never ever any pain or discomfort or any type of bleeding. Just having to rush to the bathroom alot occasionally not making it in time. I have a very physical strenuous job and luckily it didn’t even affect my energy that I need for my job. I’m in the middle of a 14 day prescription of taking Uceris. And after 2 days my stool was back to normal and once a day. When this is over I think they’re going to put me on a maintenance medication permanently but I’m thankful it’s a very mild form of UC…

        1. Hi Bill,

          Best of luck to you with your UC. As you probably already know, everyone’s UC is different, and its just great to hear a story like yours since although its easy to think everyone’s UC is “just like mine” sometimes, it’s not. Many people have had severe flare ups that require hospitalization, others have had relatively mild bouts. Just all depends. Just keep feeling better and best of luck moving forward,


  7. Hi, I was told by the doctor just under a year ago that I had UC. Wasn’t really sure what it was and didnt really take much notice of it till late. The only symptom I ever really have is a bloody stool. Recently I’ve been reading up on it and some story’s are awful. Some are scary. Can you live a full healthy life with UC? Or can it shorten your lifespan? I’m going back to the doctor shortly to get all information about it. I really do feel bad for the people who find it hard to live with UC, can it get like that over time for others with a mild case?

    1. Hi Kieran,

      For sure you can and you will live a healthy life. Yes of ciurse there may be some difficult times when the colitis gets tuff, but it will akso get better. Finding a good gastro doctor who you trust is important

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