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Double Day

Normally when I write about a “double day” this means a double work-out day – a morning ride on the cyclo-cross bike and an afternoon ride on my road bike. But this was not the case on Tuesday. Nope on this day, “double day” meant: endoscopy and colonoscopy… Yes the dreaded double procedure. Purpose of the colonoscopy was to find out what is going on… Read More »Double Day

My Girlfriend was diagnosed with UC, Help Please

Hello! Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes……………… First off, I don’t have UC myself. It is my girlfriend who has recently been diagnosed with it. My main reason for posting here is to try and get some information and to make myself feel better! I have been very worried about her and this condition especially seeing as… Read More »My Girlfriend was diagnosed with UC, Help Please

the symptoms so far…

My name is Carol , I am 52 and live in West Dorset by the beautiful Jurassic Coast. ,.I have stumbled across Adam’s site whilst looking for more information. I am still waiting for diagnosis, having had biopsies taken 10 days ago, my appointment with the gastro guy is 6 April…the word colitis was mentioned during my endoscopy. I thought maybe I had internal hemmoroids,… Read More »the symptoms so far…