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the symptoms so far…

My name is Carol , I am 52 and live in West Dorset by the beautiful Jurassic Coast. ,.I have stumbled across Adam’s site whilst looking for more information. I am still waiting for diagnosis, having had biopsies taken 10 days ago, my appointment with the gastro guy is 6 April…the word colitis was mentioned during my endoscopy. I thought maybe I had internal hemmoroids, which I had 8 years ago which were treated. Only this time what led me to the doctor was that since christmas I had had rectal bleeding,(much more than 8 years ago) with clots, stomach pain and headaches.I had already stopped eating anything with yeast or cows milk as I had had tests for food allergy because of stomach and skin problems about 7 years ago…the other symptoms ,are a swollen tongue and ulcers in my mouth and occasionally sores on my anus and irregular bowel action but more constipation that feels like a blockage with a lot of painful trapped gas. So…looking on line..I’m beginning to see that all these symptoms are probably related to my gut. Reading Adams blog is uplifting…the good news is , I’m not waiting – I’ve already purchased Elaine Gottschall’s book  on the SCD diet, and a recipe book which looks great by Raman Prasad and have already baked my first batch of banana muffins! I wonder what the gastro guy will have to say, but more importantly I wonder if anyone else out there with IBD has any of these symptoms?

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