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Remicade: Absolute Miracle


my name is Jamie, I’m 18 years old and from Dublin, Ireland.
I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis on September 6th 2011, started Remicade March 31st 2012.

My Symptoms:

NONE! completely symptom free as of now thanks to the miracle drug that is Remicade.

My Story:

I’ve been waiting for the day that I get to write this ever since I found this site.
the day where I wouldn’t have to say “I’m nearly in remission”

I didn’t want to jinx myself, so I left it 3 months before posting this, but I’m happy to say that I’m now finally in remission!

after 8 long months of fighting this crappy disease with steroids and mesalazine, myself and my doctors agreed that they were no longer the appropriate treatment for me, and started on Remicade (which I made a post about before starting my treatment.)

I started Remicade in March, by April I was A-Symptomatic but sometimes noticing blood, nothing too major.

on May 18th I had my final induction infusion, after that I had absolutely 0 symptoms!

I’ve had 4 infusions so far, feeling absolutely amazing! had just minor side effects after my infusion. got sick at the start of my 4th one but that was it!

This drug truely is great, I honestly was hesitant to start it, but I don’t know why!

I missed my 17th birthday due to colitis, but my 18th was absolutely great! I went out with my friends, eating, drinking and just having a good time (as 18 year olds do for their 18th, since it’s like the american’s version of 21st! :P) and had absolutely NO problems the next day!

1 bm per day, like clockwork, no running to the toilet, no searing pains (apart from the odd few cramps!) and best of all, no blood!

my hg is back to a normal level, everything is looking good, things are looking up!!

this website has been a great help for me, it made me believe I could achieve remission just like everyone else, and now I have! for 3 months solid! and here’s to many more!!

Where I’d Like to be in 1 year:

doing a course in psychology to start me off towards my doctorate.

Colitis Medications:

Remicade, it’s an abolute miracle! 5mg per kg at the moment every 8 weeks.

written by: Jamieislame

submitted in the colitis venting area

Feel free to read the REMICADE Survey that was conducted at iHaveUC with 35 UC patients in October of 2011: Remicade Survey

9 thoughts on “Remicade: Absolute Miracle”

  1. That is excellent news as am about to try Remicaid as soon as some abscesses clear up.
    Last 2 months: in hospital severe malnutrition, UC symptoms, pain etc, out of hospital “well seems calmed down, not sure what we can do now.“ back in with right side cramps 3 days later. bowel perforation, abscess, out again in 3 days, back in in 3 days, multiple abscesses, out again in 3 days, “must have cleared up“. and hopefully they stay away or heal and I can start the Remicaid train.

    After decades of this disease, I`m looking forward to something that stops it. Either Remicaid (last pre-surgery option) or cut the shit out.

    Glad you`re doing well.


  2. Hey, Jamie, so good to hear your good news. I was on Remicade for awhile and it cleared my uc in one infusion after having a 6 month flare. It got too expensive for me and I ended up starting and stopping 2x so can’t go back on it now, but yes, it was a miracle for me, too. Cheers to you!:)

  3. Jamie,

    Super super happy for you and your positive results with Remicade.
    I hope you have an incredible rest of the summer and months and years ahead. Please keep us up to date with how you’re doing!

    Congrats on finding a solution for your UC!


  4. Hi Jamie!

    That is so fantastic to hear! I love it when a drug actually works!!

    About the drinking, though…I think you have to really watch that. I have also been in remission for almost 7 months, (not due to remicade, but due to probiotics) after the nastiest flare ever, and I think part of it is due to the fact that I never have any alcohol at all. It was your birthday, so I understand. however, that should be the only time you ‘indulge’ for another year, if you get my drift! You gotta stay on the right path going forward…

    Other than that, it sounds like the worst is behind you my friend!!

  5. Jessica from Ohio

    Hey Jamie,
    Glad to hear that you finally found a drug that has you feeling amazing! that is where I would like to be. So I have some questions for you about this drug……
    First off other than you mention that you got sick once from it did you have any other side effects from the medication? I currently do not have insurance, so how pricy is it to get this treatment? I am currently on prednisone and down to 15 mg and am feeling like I did before I started the steroids. So wondering if I sugguested this to my doc would that be something he would consider going to or do they want to try other meds and have remicade as a last resort drug?

  6. Jamie:

    So glad to hear that Remicade worked for you and only after one infusion! First infusion did nothing for me (beginning to wonder if there were any meds mixed with that saline). Next infusion is this Friday. Was wondering if you took any other meds along with the Remicade and if you followed a specific diet? Wish you continued success.

  7. Awesome to hear. I have had my first infusion and am ready for the next one which will be tomorrow and am trying to figure out the best place to do it. My dr office will only charge me $50, but the infusion center I am going to seems to be quite a bit higher. The only advantage is that the infusion center is only 10 miles while my dr is over 100 miles away which can be a difficult drive considering that my situation. It takes me 2x as long to get anywhere as it should.

    Hope I have the same success as you have. btw, to those of you asking about the expense. There is a program that you can check into called remistart. They will pay for all but $50 each time for the med, up to $6000.00 per each year. So, you definitely should check into if you are putting it off due to cost.

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