Poo, Poo, and more POO!!


I am Gina Hulsaver. I was dx with UC at age 29 after i had gotten married. My son was 4 and I was thrown for a loop!

My Symptoms:

Some mild cramping, nausea, joint pain, D(today at 230am)

My Story:

I have been dx for 7 years now. I started with asacol and canasa, which worked perfectly for 6 !/2 years. Then I had THE flare! The one that puts us all in the hospital! (only cause I tried to fight my symptoms for 1 year) During that 1 yr I drank wine, ate cheese, lived on ensure during symptoms. I lost almost 30lbs in under 3 weeks. I was put on tpn, and forced to get a chest port (portacath) to get remicade in the hospital. I was told my veins were bad…yeah they collapsed them all by using them to feed me tpn!!!! Talked about surgery said if the remicade didn’t help i would loose my colon and there was no gastro surgeon at this hospital so i would’ve ended up with a baggie for good. Wasn’t having that so I took the remicade every 8 weeks i go> Ive had 5 IV’s of it so far. Last night I was awoken with cramps sweaty and panicked knew i had to poo, yep it was d no blood though which is a plus for me. Have been eating crappy, pizza turkey jerky burgers cookies candy. I cant afford the Gluten Free diet i dont work for obvious reasons and we only have a budget of $100 a week for a family of 3.

Getting scared and frustrated how do poor people survive with body in tact???

Luckily I have a good Husband who hasn’t left yet, and a wonderful son who is very understanding and took on many chores of the house that have currently been dropped over the years. We just bought a new home in July very exciting! I was asked by a neighbor to put her son on the school bus which i was so happy to have a chore i thought i could handle, but today i feel awful and am scared to tell her after only 1 week i am feeling ill already! Its only morning for 1 hour so I might tough it out for as long as I can. I did explain my disease to her as i try to do with everyone, and with everyone because i look healthy thanks to covergirl and garnier fruictis (lol) I get the “yeah right you’re just lazy ” look. Remicade actually gave me hard formed poo, something i haven’t had in 6 years, its just times like today i get down and frustrated and scared, and the surgeons voice is in my head “youre gonna loose your colon, bags are not that bad” I do not want a baggies or surgery I want so bad to be normal again whatever that is! I just got my infusion on Friday, its Monday so i hope my body is just playing catch up. Of course the nurse who put in the I.V. said she got a blood return, oops lost oh got it again and hooked me up so i hope the meds actually went in the vein. Looked into the wheat free diet….EVERYTHING has wheat in it and we arent allowed fruits or veggies unless canned which have preservatives, everything has gluten, and gf stuff in the market is very exp. most of the time i just dont eat like today i had a half of bannanna….im getting very sick of those! Im still anemic cause iron gives me ….yes…cramps and d. the only person i know!!!

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:




written by Gina

6 thoughts on “Poo, Poo, and more POO!!”

  1. Gina-
    Agh… you sound so frustrated… diets are annoying. But, I think you can do gluten free simply and cheaply. I don’t buy any of the gluten free products bc they are a total rip off!
    I am a single Mom feeding two hungry boys 11 and 13, if I can do it, so can you!
    I love this website, she always has a pennywise platters Thursday
    Whole Foods has $5 recipes on their website
    Don’t give up! Change is exciting! Plus it’s smoething to do while your sitting around feeling like total crap!
    Your nutrition is key to getting better… you deserve it.it’s made all the difference for my UC.
    Ask someone to help you research gluten free recipes online. If you have a crockpot then that is an excellent way to make an easy nutririous one-pot meal.
    Good luck and have fun cooking- Allison

    1. Thanks for the links. I will be checking into them. The GF diet is not going as well as I thought still have D, but The dr says it will take a month. Started a yogurt a day and a bananna a day seems to be working! Thanks for thinking of me!!

  2. I totally agree with Allison, diet is key. For the costs of pizzas, cookies, etc., you could be buying much more healthy food. There is so many good web sites to check out for diets for UCers, this is one of them. It’s not as expensive to eat healthy as you think. You can get good fresh fruits and veggies every week at the grocery. If you’re sick of bananas, try using them in smoothies but do stay away from milk products. Best of luck, Gina, I know it’s hard, I struggle a lot, too.

  3. I want to recommend a good 50 billion strain probiotic, but then again, you have to pay for them. They cost about $35 per month but they work for me. So much cheaper than the meds were, which I am no longer taking. If your meds are free, and working for you, don’t stop them. They made me sicker and did not work for me. That’s why I discontinued them. I had to pay 20% for medication on my insurance. Not too expensive for me…

    Do you have to pay a portion for your meds at all? If not…you should look into probiotics. You may find it’s cheaper than changing so many things in your diet…for now, anyway.


    1. Thanks Bev! I would love nothing more than to be off the meds! Or in remission for that matter. I used to take probiotics but most of them here have fillers and addatives in them that cause more problems. What kind do you take? I do eat yogurt now which has been helping plus my 1 bananna a day which used to help alot and is again, i just get sick of them!!!! I have a 13 yr old and a husband who eat like crazy ….. nothing i can eat so affordability of my own food is hard. If i could find normal things to eat so i can cook 1 meal for the whole family without having to suffer consequenses myself from eating it too would be key!! lol!!! Hubbies sick of chicken and fish with no flavor!!!!! LOL!! Thanks for thinking of me and let me know the types of probiotics and names so i can look for them! im sure anything will help!!!

      1. No worries Gina!

        I eat my one obligatory banana every day too…and I am sick of that too!!LOL! Bananas seem to help me as well, to keep things a bit ‘firmer’ you could say…

        The probiotic that I take is called CRITICAL CARE ULTIMATE FLORA by RENEWLIFE. Another sweet guy on this site has started talking it (Steve…are you around?), and he said he noticed good things almost immediately, so it must be good. If you can’t find it…I live in Canada…perhaps your health store can order it in for you?

        You knmow what else…I don’t watch what I eat at all. This probiotic has changed my whole world! I eat anything I want, with no gas, bloating, or cramping.


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