Heart Attack- Cured Ulcerative Colitis

Introduction: 8 years with UC 4 or 5 colonsocopies to date 4 times been told to have surgery…I declined with a passion to get well myself. Not taken steriods for 2 years, happy with my choice as my lower back bone density was a bit below average Some more about me: I just a nice […]

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Should I Opt For Surgery?

Introduction: I’m a 27 years old male from India suffering from ulcerative colitis since past 5 years . I was diagnosed with severe pancolits in Decemeber 2008. Some more about me: I love traveling and eating good food. Symptoms: I have about 10 bowel movements per day with no blood. I have lost a lot […]

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I’m Gaining Weight!

Introduction: I’ve had UC for about 5 years now. The first couple years were fairly uneventful until I tried going off medication and ended up flaring. I recovered from the first one but my gut was never the same again. I flared really bad two winters ago and found this site and the SCD diet. […]

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My Husband Has Ulcerative Colitis – What to Do

How many husbands are there with active Ulcerative Colitis? How many husbands are right in the middle of the worst flare up of their lives this very moment…Unfortunately there are too many. What in the world can the rest of the family do when the “man” of the house is bleeding and in the bathroom […]

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Weekly UC Tips

    I’ve come across something which I’m hoping you’ll enjoy and make use of. There’s a new organization sponsoring iHaveUC and also providing FREE WEEKLY UC TIPS. AND All you need is a mobile phone.   You will receive: Information on Diet Nutrition Doctor’s Visits Medications Managing Symptoms Support Systems Those are the topics. […]

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