Stop this Rollercoaster, I Wanna Get Off!


Hi I’m Cindy, I am 51 years young and I live in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada. I am a Cleaner. I have a small cleaning business named Clean Angel. I have two grown sons, one in the Canadian Armed Forces and the other a Landscaper. I have a super adorable grandson who will be two in August!

Some more about me:

I enjoy the great outdoors….hiking, the beach, fishing……the changing seasons….a walk on a snowy winter day or a bike ride on a sunny summer day. I was born and raised by the Atlantic Ocean in North Eastern Quebec Canada. I am fluent in French (however a bit rusty now that I live in Ontario).
I like to sing, I was 7 when I sang in front of my first audience…….

Colitis Symptoms Right Now:

Currently I have pain in my lower right side of my back, most days cramping and discomfort left lower abdomen, oh so much gas, joint pain mainly at night, have trouble staying asleep at night, despite the fact that I keep my butt well lubed I still deal with the pain of hemorrhoids daily. Lately feeling lonely and depressed and discouraged.

Stop This Rollercoaster

Firstly I want to say that I’ve always been the type of person who does not give up easily. I have had many struggles and have always got back up when life got me down. I started noticing bleeding in my poo in August 2011. By the time I went through all the waiting so on, so forth, I was finally diagnosed in June 2012. I hadn’t pieced it together until months later, but it seemed that it all started when I quit smoking. When I was first diagnosed I started taking Salofalk. 1000mg in morning and 1000mg at night. I stopped eating raw veges, nuts, seeds, alcohol, spicy foods, red meat… late September I had stopped bleeding and everything seemed ok. So GI says go back to eating regular foods….when I did I starting bleeding again and cramping, leg pain, hemorrhoids ect….so GI says double dose the Salofalk to 2000mg in morning and 2000mg at night and enemas……still no change, but now I have extreme joint pain. GI scheduled ano ther colonoscopy and he suggested Prednisone. I didn’t want to do Prednisone after reading about most peoples experiences with it being a short lived fix and all of the risks and side effects. I really want so much to do this without taking tons of different kinds of drugs. So I put the brakes on and dropped the dosage back to 1000mg, (against his wishes) within 2-3 weeks the joint pain decreased immensely. During all of my ups and downs I had done a ton of research and found this site(Yay!!) and stopped dairy, wheat and sugar. I read Bev’s posts and started the L-Glutamine and Probiotics which seemed to be helping as well. Started having more formed poo…..and as long as I eat the same things and nothing out of the ordinary happens in my life….but that would pretty much mean almost becoming a hermit. Considering my current symptoms….I am not where I would like to be. I started 7mg nicotine patch daily, seemed to give me more energy, no real side effects, too so on to tell if it’s helping……but back pain started since I’ve been taking it…….can’t see how that would cause back pain…..

Nutri Bullet Hi Speed Blender


I just purchased a Nutri Bullet and had my first shake today….I’ll let you know how it goes :)




  • Does anyone else have blood streaked through their poo every day?
  • Is it normal to feel irritable most everyday with UC?
  • Does anyone else experience right lower back pain?
  • Has anyone tried the nicotine patch?

Hope is what I need right now, just don’t know which way to turn. Overwhelming.

Thank you in advance,


Liquid form Omega 3, vitamin D3, Sublingual B12, Probiotic and L-Glutamine, 1000mg Salofalk 2x daily. 7mg Nicotine patches (8am-5pm) For sleep….sublingual Melatonin and when I am exhausted Mylan Zopiclone.

written by Cindy

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9 thoughts on “Stop this Rollercoaster, I Wanna Get Off!”

  1. Hi Cindy….Bev here!

    I am SO happy that you are taking the probiotic and L-glutamine. I hope you are taking both on an empty stomach. They just work to their full potential that way. They ARE helping, correct? Don’t stop them….ever. It only gets better. I continue to get better and better colon wise as time goes by. It’s been just over a year for me, now, off meds, and in remission. (I also take a 4mg capsule of astaxanthin and 2000 units of vitamin D every day, with my lunch, cause they are both digested better with fat).

    Sometimes, blood can be that last stubborn symptom (and I think, the worst one because it just looks bad, doesn’t it?!) that will just NOT go away. You may need to ‘up’ the L-glutamine for a few days. That’s what I had to do a time or two over the past year. One day, after I ate a bowl of shredded wheat cereal (which I won’t ever eat again), there was blood in the toilet again…sheesh…so I upped the L- glut to double what I was taking, and within two days, the blood was gone again. I get blood right out of the blue at times. I always take more L-glut when it happens.

    Hang on in there…this is a lifetime thing…I know, it’s a huge drag…but we can manage this!


  2. Hi Cindy, I used to have the blood until I started taking evoo in February. If you want to learn more about it follow Graham’s posts from November 2nd, 2012. I also started taking L-Glutamine after I read Bev’s suggestions…(Hi Bev)…Yes, I do have some lower back pain and pain on my left side. I know it sounds strange but if I gulp down some evoo the pain seems to subside. I haven’t been taking evoo every day like I should be doing but if I feel the UC symptoms I take it asap…No blood once I was two weeks into the evoo program and the blood went away before I started the L-Glutamine…Graham has good information connected with smoking and evoo. And yes, I do feel a little more cranky on the days the uc symptoms of pain are present. I try to relax on the couch or in the tub to take the edge off. Even though I like to be active, I listen to my body. Good Luck!

  3. Thank you Ann and Bev I appreciate your comments. Bev, Yes, I have been taking l-glut and probiotic on an empty stomach, it is helping :)….I am going to look into the astaxanthin….Ann, I will read Graham’s info regarding evoo. Your stories give me the hope that I need and the proof that UC is manageable, and not always through prescribed meds. Stay well ladies! :)

    1. That’s just it Cindy….I NEVER thought it would be possible that I would be where I am…and on NO meds!

      My doctors told me that I would have to take medication for maintenance of UC forever.

      There IS hope….look at me now!! No meds and feeling better than I have in 14 prior UC years…


      1. Hey, Bev. What do your medical docs have to say about your AWESOME state of health? As MD’s typically poo-poo (pun intended) the idea of curing UC w/anything but the meds they prescribe…..Just wondering……

        So happy for you, btw!


        1. Exactly!!

          I’ve been poo-pooed alright. Disbelief…non-belief really. At first, they said it was just a coincidence…that I was going to ‘get out’ of the flare anyway.

          Really?? I was in that last worst flare of my life, for months and months, with no end in sight…it was only getting worse, too, the more the asacol dosage was upped….yeah right! Sure, I was just going to stop flaring spontaneously?? NOT!!

          Now, my regular doctor wants to know what I am taking, what strains are in the probiotic…funny huh? After a whole year, they are now questioning themselves…I know they wonder why they never see me any more. I used to go to the doctor a couple times per month when I was sick.

          Thanks for asking, Lisa! I love telling that story…lol


  4. Hi Cindy,
    I’m sorry to hear you’re in a flare right now. It is not fun!

    I tried the 7mg nicotine patch as well. I was never a smoker, but read some studies that said it could be effective. It did not seem to have any impact. My flare continued to get worse while on it. Maybe I needed a higher dose (I think the studies were done with 21mg), but I didn’t want any side effects from the increased nicotine in my system, so just stopped using it altogether.

    I hope things get better for you soon.

  5. Hi Cindy,

    I am currently in the process of using nicotine patches for my UC. I skipped the 7mg patches and went straight to the 14mg. I just finished 2 weeks of those and have had noticeably less frequent blood in my stool. I started on the 21mg patches today and I hope to see even more improvement in the coming weeks.

    When I started reading your post It was interesting to see that you live in
    Cambridge because I live in Kitchener.


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