Nutrients Cured Me Not Medication


Im Olivia i am 19 years old and was diagnosed with UC at the age of 17. Currently studying in London to become a make up artist.

Some more about me:

I live in South England just outside of London. Very outgoing, bubbly person. Love skiing and the outdoors. Into make up, and my next course will be on media make up and prosthetics.


I have absolutely no symptoms now! Miracle!

Nutrients Cured Me Not Medication

When I was 17 I was at sixth-form studying A levels. In class I just couldn’t concentrate I found myself nearly dozing off, I would always get told off for not listening etc. Whenever I got home from school I would complain of headaches and my mum just said I must be tired. I got out of breath easily whenever I did any sort of physical activity. I suddenly lost interest and couldn’t be bothered to go out with friends.

My mum ended up taking me to the doctors where they took some tests and sent it off. The next day I had just sat down for dinner then the phone rings, the doctor told me I had to go to hospital now and have an emergency blood transfusion! i was severely anaemic. My hemoglobin was 3 it is meant to be 12! so I was in hospital for 4 days. Luckily a gastroenteritis doctor was on my ward one day and he took me for tests and colonoscopy and thats when i was diagnosed with UC. I was prescribed mesalazine (asacol) 8 tablets a d ay. After a couple days of taking these I felt sick but I was told this was ‘normal’ and I had to ‘get worse to get better’ a couple more days on I was being sick throwing up bile.

The excruciating pain in my back was unbearable i was in floods of tears. An emergency doctor came round and I was sent straight back to hospital. I got a rare allergic reaction to my medication and got severe pancreatitis! I stayed in hospital for about 2 weeks, I wasn’t allowed food or drink so I was fed through a tube. I couldn’t breathe properly so I had an oxygen tank. Injections in my stomach everyday, blood tests etc (bare in mind I have a phobia of blood and needles). If i had a visitor they had to sanitise their hands and i had a 24hr nurse sit with me. I lost 5 stone and i genuinely thought I was going to die. I lost all strength I couldn’t even walk without help I had to be taught. When i returned home my Dad had to carry me up the stairs my mum had to bath me etc. I was on an all carb diet so my pancreas wouldn’t react. I was given prednisilone (steroids). They seemed to be working and I slowly was getting my strength back but I spent all of my time in bed with the occasional little walk. I had to quit my job. I had missed out on so much school but I was determined to go back so eventually I did but the teachers just didn’t understand, I looked fine and well so didn’t believe what had been going on.

A few months later I had relapse and physically and mentally i couldn’t do any more work at school. I had to quit sixthform :( I left with just my AS levels. I was meant to be going to work abroad that summer it was all paid for unfortunately i couldn’t go to that either. I just felt like i was the most unluckiest person in the world. My mum, dad and brother were very supportive, but my mums side just didn’t understand or believe me and thought I was making the pain up for ‘attention’. All I wanted was to be normal again, I wanted to go out with my friends but I couldn’t I didn’t have the energy. The prednisilone didn’t seem to work for me anymore and my consultant told me I had to have surgery or to take this cancer chemo drug!! of course I said no! I wasn’t prepared to give up fighting and the drug had more side effects than I had problems! The consultant was shocked I said no and basically sent me on my way ……

At the time i wasn’t bleeding, had no pains but had diohrrea and still didn’t feel like doing anything. I went to a herbalist who wanted me to change the way I ate, and gave me lots of herbal medicines, but nothing was fast enough i saw no results! I then got a homeopath and stumbled across a Chinese herablist, my friend had gone there to help her ME.

As I saw the shop I didn’t think she would help, the shop looked boarded up and quite messy. Little did I know she would change my life! I had acupuncture and a chinese massage (ouch) every week, she also makes up teas at her shop and gave me 2 a day, she would change the teas herbal ingredients every week if needed. After 2 weeks my diahorrea had gone, my strength was coming back and I wanted to do things! I also ate what i want! Obviously not lots of sugar, I don’t drink alcohol anyway nor do I eat takeaways so I didn’t change my diet at all. She got my strength up so high that I now attend a school in London training to become a make up artist. And I plan to travel Australia come October. I can’t explain how much she changed my life, I never throught i’d be ‘normal’ again, i feel better than ever. THE ANSWER TO HELP YOU IS NOT MEDICATION! It made me worse! All you need is nutrients! your body is clever enough to fight it! No one believes me, and if you try to explain that to doctors they think you’re insane. I am still on the teas now, but im slowly winding off. I have just got back from a skiing holiday with My dad we used to go every year since i was 9 but obviously I couldn’t go the last 2 years, my life is back on track and better than ever. It’s a miracle.

written by Olivia

Adam Scheuer, founder of

Adam Scheuer, founder of

Ask Adam:

“What do you think about nutrients helping UC?”

Hey Olivia,

Awesome job on getting your UC squared away!  That’s is super duper great news.  As for your questions about nutrients.  As for getting UC symptoms into remission, I’ve learned through hearing (well maybe more reading than hearing) so many people’s UC story’s over the years that there is for sure many different way that UC’ers the world over get their UC in check.  You may have read Brett’s story, he’s from San Francisco and we actually met up underneath the Bay Bridge just over a year ago to talk about his UC.  He was (and may still be) heavily involved with seeing a Chinese Medicine practioner and was getting some definite benefits from it.

So again, back to your question, I think its great.  Whether or not it works for everyone, well, its very probably that its not always going to work for everyone.  But like all things, we all just don’t react the same to everything.  If it was so easy, then we wouldn’t be hear telling stories of what does/didn’t work right:)  But that’s perfectly OK too.  It’s working for you, and I’m sure the nutrient route is working for many others.  Keep doing what you’re doing if the results continue would be my thinking, no matter what other’s might be saying to you.  You know your body best.  AND congrats to your future travel plans!!  Sounds awesome!


18 thoughts on “Nutrients Cured Me Not Medication”

  1. Keep that positive attitude and way to go! Its great that you were able to get things in order using a natural path. Even if you are feeling great keep doing what youve been doing even if less often..for maintence. I love reading success stories!

    1. Thanks! yes positivity is key! I will be staying on them just a lower herbal ‘dose’. I just hope more people will go down the natural path too! :)

  2. Great news. So good to hear success stories, give others hope. Recently diagnosed myself and also heading down alternative meds route so fingers crossed :)

  3. Yes! ‘Say no to meds’ I try and tell everyone this! But unfortunately most people are brainwashed by hospitals/doctors, not their fault though, I was too!

  4. good on you, btw what did your Chinese herablist use in the tea any idea? I had my colon removed few weeks ago but I’m always interested in what has worked for others as my sister still has UC, my father had it and cured himself 10 years ago as well.

    1. I’m not entirely sure sorry! But you should try ‘pearl barley’ but not the normal one, must be Chinese pearl barley, I roast them for a couple minutes then grind them till a powdery form. The nutrients in it are amazing, I take 1 teaspoon a day. But when I wasn’t well I had diarrhea, so I took around 7 teaspoons in the morning and 7 in the evening and it got rid of it! But yes I do recommend you buy some of that just to maintain your bodies nutrients. My herbalist also gave me goji berries to eat. Also swimming is amazing for the colon so maybe try that!
      I wish you and your family well!

  5. Olivia,

    This sounds good. I went to visit a Chinese Medicine shop. I had to wait as there doc was directly from china, and when we had our consultation it was through a translator.
    So yes it seemed all based around a ‘tea diet’ , unfortunately at the time it was beyond my knowledge as I needed to know what was going on inside to understand why the tea would work (I don’t want remission, I’m looking to rid UC)

    But I’m so glad to hear a story of someone who’s gone down this route and it helps. Would make me want to look into this area again.
    Thanks for sharing your story

    1. 100% look back into it! You can get rid of it, your body will fight it off, it just needs extra boosts of nutrients. I had no option but to do this as of my allergic reaction to medication and I was adamant on not having surgery.

    1. Hello :) unfortunately I do not know the exact ingredients! She boils these teas up with different Chinese herbs depending on the person (as not everyones bodies are the same). Look into ‘Chinese pearl barley’ roast it for a couple minutes then grind it into a powder like form, I used to take 7 teaspoons morning and evening. Now I just take one teaspoon a day just for maintenance. (I also still take my teas twice a day but the herbal ‘dose’ drops every time)

      Above is the link where I go in Surbiton, Surrey. I REALLY REALLY recommend her.

  6. I have been keeping my UC in check with diet for some time now. I totally slipped last night and had thai food. I know it makes me sick, but it had been forever and smelled amazing! It was amazing. Untill about an hour ago. I’m so sick right now. Uhhhg…. must learn from my mistakes soon.

  7. Hi Olivia

    Great to hear about your experience as I too am using natural treatment for my 8 year old daughter who also suffered allergic reaction to meds and prognosis was surgery but a combination of diet, natural therapy, exercise and mild medication is helping my child. Thanks for restoring the faith in natural therapy. I wish doctors would listen to their patients, they are so frustrating.

    1. I am very pleased you haven’t given in to surgery, I strongly believe this is not the answer. Have you thought about natural herbal medicine? I highly recommend it. Your daughter is so young that her body will be able to fight this awful illness off! do not give up and do not always rely on the doctors to be right!
      I wish your daughter well !

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