Natural Solutions – Homepath Experience from Allison

Allision's Recent picture!

Allision’s Recent picture!

I decided to submit my story when I saw Adam’s facebook post requesting more stories involving naturopaths/homeopathic experiences.

I am 30 years old and was diagnosed about a year ago. I have a mildly stressful job as a customer service rep but can at least leave most of my stress at work. I was diagnosed with IBS at 16 but my symptoms were occasional where I would experience nausea and constipation. Usually if I ate light and ate yogurt my symptoms would subside in a couple of days. I am fairly healthy other than my diagnosis of crohns/uc. My diet prior to the diagnosis was fairly healthy as I do like fruits and vegetables but still included most boxed foods, gluten, and sugar.

Something Interesting About Me:

I’ve managed to keep my hobbies through this disease like snowboarding and fitness but I’ve also gained some as a result of the diagnosis. I’ve kept up with my fitness but definitely focus more on yoga as this can be a massage for the intestines and have also come to love mediation. I now make it part of my daily routine because it’s been beneficial in so many area of my life.

Colitis Symptoms:

My current symptoms are bright blood that is occasionally on the stool but mostly on the TP. Yay, a huge success for me as it used to color the whole bowl red. I also have some cramping of my colon when I eat something that irritates the Crohns. I have some inflammation in other areas of my body which I now understand are a part of the UC/Crohns. As I’ve come to realize from all of your stories and other reading the symptoms can be elusive before you realize they are part of the UC. Lately my common response is “duh, I should have realized this was connected.” I have to take a second to be thankful I did not have some of the symptoms that many of you have expressed with severe diarrhea and urgency. I’m sure I was on my way but I support all of you and give you major credit for hanging in there during these flare ups.

Natural IBD Solutions:

About a year ago I was diagnosed with UC/Crohns. My symptoms were bright blood in the stool and some loose stools. I kept an eye on the blood and prayed for hemorrhoids which only UCers can relate to. The blood went from on the TP to throughout the stool and I began to fear looking into the bowl so I scheduled an apt with the GI doc. After the standard colonoscopy I was told most of my UC was in the last portion of the colon, proctitis, and a couple spots in the small intestine which led to the Crohn’s diagnosis.

What I’m doing now to treat this beast is what has motivated me to finally make this post. I was of course offered the meds for treatment by the GI doc but after much contemplation and reading I decided this was not the route for me at least not as my first attempt. However, I do not begrudge any one who does make them their first course of action.

Different strokes for different folks has been my motto during this process.

I attempted a more natural solution going gluten free, less processed foods and less sugar with mild improvement. I started take vitamin B, D, and C, fish oil, a liquid mineral and a pro biotic. I did have some improvement but not enough to call remission. I also experimented with aloe vera juice and capsules which are still a supplement I add in and out as needed and find its most helpful with arthritis/joint pain that I experience.

After 6 months of experimenting with diet and supplements I went to a chiropractor who uses a method called KST. In a nut shell we operate under the assumption that not all physical ailments are caused by physical things so we made a lot of adjustments to resolve any emotional, spiritual and psychological causes.

I saw HUGE improvement after this.

Probably cut the blood down by half and also helped my depression and anxiety that had been present before the diagnosis but still frequently reared its ugly head. I would recommend this treatment for anyone with any ailment and my chiropractor has now become my pseudo general practitioner. I went med free getting rid of my depression/anxiety meds and hormonal birth control. I figured it could do no harm. I had been seeing her for about 3 months when she recommended a naturopath she had seen since we were seeing some stagnation in my progression. Under the naturopath adjusted my supplements to a variety of Neem, Pau D’arco, A tak Gravio-Cat and a better suited probiotic.

She is operating under the thought from the testing we did and what she’s seen recently that there are more molds now in foods and the air that are causing inflammation for people. Mine manifested in the form of Crohn’s and UC. For some of her other patients the cause was a parasite. For diet we cut out corn and any corn related products and a list of other mold inducing foods. Certainly no more restrictive than the diet I was doing and we were able to add back in some gluten. I also added in some Metamucil for constipation. With this regimen I saw immediate results. After 5 months I am now down to, as I described above, some stomach cramping and little to no blood with my BPs. I can look in the toilet again without fear!

Next Steps:

With the anniversary of the diagnosis just past feel hope for the future. Remission is out there! I am so happy to share this with all of you as this site has been a place to find encouragement and support. When I search for a symptom and get pages of results a sense of normalcy washes over me. “yay I’m not the only one and I’m not crazy!” Thanks to everyone for sharing their story and allowing me to share mine.

written by Allison G

Submitted in the colitis venting area

17 thoughts on “Natural Solutions – Homepath Experience from Allison”

  1. Hey Allison,

    Thank you so much for sharing with us what you’re up to!

    And thanks for sending the picture and the details. I’m excited to do some learning about the KST treatment and the supplements you mentioned as they are not mentioned often on the site, so great to hear you are having improvement, KEEP UP THE PROGRESS! and please keep us posted with how things continue for you!

    Take care and thanks again!!


  2. Did anyone hear about wheat grass for colitis., someone told me she was on it for a year and it put her into remission. I have already had two infusions of remicade. Still the same not much of improvement. Will have another infusion in about a week. This episode that I am having now is the longest ever almost over a year. So deoressed already. Someone also total me about taking Tumeric spice. Willing to try anything. Have tried most melds. Would like to hear what the two items I asked about. Thanx so much

    1. Judy,

      I just wanted to tell you to hang in there and that you are not alone. I understand feeling depressed over this, it takes a lot of strength to keep up with a bad flare. We are all here to support you if and when you need.

      I’ve been in a severe flare off and on (maybe a month every so often of less severity) for 2.5 years now and just started Entyvio. My doctor added Methotrexate with a dash of 40 mg of Prednisone a day to keep me out of the hospital and give the Entyvio room to work as it is slower to work than Humira or Remicade (neither of which worked for me). I’ve had improvement for the last two weeks which is a good feeling although I’d rather it didn’t take quite so much medicine

      As for Tumeric, my doctor has okayed taking it as a supplement noting that there is enough information to support that it has some benefit. It hasn’t seemed to impact my symptoms, but you should discuss with your doctor to see if it’s something you can add – hopefully it will help.

  3. Great story Allison, thanks for sharing. So i am clear, are u saying for supplements you are only now taking Neem, Pau D arco, and Gravio-cat recommended by your natropath, and these 3 supplements have turned things around for you positively? thxs in advance!

    1. Judy,
      i have been taking Tumeric(curamin), and was told to take all 3 pills at once daily. Unfortunately for me i have not noticed a difference.
      Lialda 3x, uceris, azasan 100mg. Symptoms are controlled for most part, still have blood and not great stools, 2-3 bathroom visits a day.

    2. Hi Paul I was doing a combo of Neem and Pau D’Arco a total of 9 capsules a day. Just recently switched to the Gravio-cat solely at around 30 drops twice a day. Made the switch to keep the mold on its toes :) and disappearing. I also stay on a probiotic and fish, D and B.

  4. Thanks Allison.
    Do u still reccomend all 3 to start with and for how long or do u now only recommend gravio cat solely at around 30 drops twice a day?

    1. I did the Pau D’Arco and neem together and switched to gravio cat later on. Not sure if it would be bad or good to do all if them. That’s when I saught the advice of a naturopath so they could test me for what would be best and dosage.

  5. Thanks for sharing Allison, gud research, for wheatgrass n turmeric, I have tried wheatgrass juice but of no gud results. actually it depends on person to person, was recommended turmeric too but didn’t try yet. I am on probiotic FLORA IB, gud for IBS n colitis, it’s gud but my pain ,cramps n loose motions keep coming. My immunity has gone down. I am using homeopathic medicine too. It has no side effects, has holistic approach. pls help if any gud things come across. Thanks

  6. Sandra Garbarini

    Thank you! My husband is still in the hospital going on 2 weeks with UC. Needed 2 units of blood and started humira a week ago. This disease is a nightmare. I am interested in these natural methods. What probiotic are you taking? Thank you so much for sharing.

  7. Hi Allison, glad to hear you got some relief finally! The problem with the “gluten free” diets are that they still include potatoes, corn and rice and most of these cause problems with bacterial overgrowth. If you haven’t tried the SCD diet, I urge you to do so. My colitis is in remission now. I have meds on hand if I have a flare, but haven’t needed them in months. I have a very, very stressful job so have to adhere to the diet very closely but as long as I do, I’m fine. I can cheat a little here and there, and my intestines have healed enough to handle it.

  8. Sandra,

    People try many probiotics, one of the most popular is VSL3. I have tried them and they don’t seem to have either helped or hurt much. I assume it’s already been done, but make sure your husband is tested for C-Diff.

    Tell your husband there are many of us out here who can relate to what he is going through. I have been hospitalized 3 times for a total of 59 days over a 17 year period, but I have achieved remission 4 times. My advice would be for him to keep a positive attitude and educate yourselves as much as you can especially around diet and natural methods. One of the confounding things about this disease is that we all are different and have to find what works for each of us.

    Good luck,


  9. Sandra
    I am taking FLORA IB its a probiotic available on amazon, In my flare ups I also add enterogermina ,its for loose motions due to chronic disease such as UC.One other important thing is to stay away from stress, keep calm, this disease needs to be handled patiently. Plus praying helps me a lot gain faith n peace. I am sure GOD will heal.

  10. Sandra Garbarini

    Thank you all. My husband is undergoing surgery tomorrow. The UC is very aggressive. The humira is not working and he’s in excruciating pain and very weak. Please say a prayer for him.

  11. Has anyone ever used oregano oil orally or as an enema? I am going crazy trying to find someone who has to give me some tips. I know one should supplement with probiotics since the oregano is strong, but I just need some peace of mind. I am new to this UC stuff and am afraid of trying new things.

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