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Looking For Answers – I’m Not Sure if I have Colitis


I’m Nilesh, 28
Software Engineer. An Indian who is fun loving and techno savvy. Only earning person in the family with great deal of responsibilities involving mother with arthritis, father with 2 heart valve replacement surgeries and a new born son.

Some more about me:

Well,I am from India – I can sing, play guitar, have played competetive level cricket. Love watching soccer. S/w Engineer by profession, can design and develop fancy websites and encryption softwares with ease.

Symptoms I’m dealing with:

Well, I am not sure whether I have UC or not. It started back in April-2013.
Current Symptoms-
3-5 stools a day with 2-3 times with traces of blood, formation varies from slight watery to well formed
Blood frequency – from traces mostly, to easily visible blood in stool.
Mucous – has increased of late
Pain – Just a slight discomfort in left side, increases when i sleep on my left.
No fever or vomit, general weakness, mild fatigue
weight – lost 3 kgs but i think its due to a zero fat diet and a brisk walking schedule for last 4 months.

Looking For Answers

Well as said before, I don’t know whether I have Ulcerative Colitis or not.
I had sigmoid scopy done on May 16th revealing ulcers and pus.
It wasn’t a pleasant experience, I got up almost instantly and didn’t fart too much.

My biopsy came back yesterday with – ‘No suggestion of IBD’. Impression: Infective.

Family has been source of great strength. My wife delivered a cute baby boy during this time.

I am most concerned about my job. As I work outside my hometown, stay on a rented flat and come back home on weekends. For last 45 days I am at home with on/off relief.

There are days with no blood which makes me feel great.

And when I have blood, it just ruins my day.

I am the sole working guy in my family. That’s my biggest concern. I also have 15 year old scalp hair folliculitis and hypertension since my higher school days.

I am bit confused as to where all this is heading too.

My symptoms are not too bad( as I have read on other forums, I haven’t suffered even 10% of what some people have gone through with UC).

I am just scared to hell, as to what this disease can do.
I don’t want to go for a colonoscopy again, It would be too early.
I noticed substantial bleeding after having my sigmoid scopy.
My biopsies have come negative for IBD.
Really I am a confused lot.

I will be trying Ulcerin 1 and 2 ayurvedic compounds in near future.
I have sent my reports to Dr Harish, got a response.

I have relief for now, but i know whenever there are some fizzing sounds in the abdomen, I will have bloody stool.

considering my age, my BP remains alarmingly high 140-150/95-100 with heart rate over 95.
I am really stressed out.


On Balacol 2.1g x 3 (Balasalazide)
VSL #3 Probiotics CAPS once daily
Pallet DSR empty stomach
Supplements – Aloe Vera juice in the morning

My physician advised me VSL3, Meva C before meals, while treating for IBS.

My GI suggested SNOLAC pre-pro biotic
I have noticed VSL3 to be more calming and stopped taking SNOLAC

Tried eating raw papaya, didn’t help (It had helped one known aunt with severe UC gaining full remission)
Meals – I eat a normal Indian diet
Vegetables, wheat grain rotis(Indian staple food), rice, Lentils, potatoes, peeled fruits.
Avoid – too much spices, no or little red pepper, use ghee no other oil for cooking, avoid nuts, juices
Bael juice is great, although fruit form of Bael is more beneficial.

written by Nilesh

7 thoughts on “Looking For Answers – I’m Not Sure if I have Colitis”

  1. Hi Nilesh,

    It certainly sounds like you have ulcerative colitis. I wonder why the test said you did not? That’s strange. You have ulcers in your have bleeding…you have pain…all the signs of UC.

    Probiotics are definitely the way to treat UC. You must take them on an empty stomach, and then try not to eat for at least half an hour afterward.
    I don’t know if you can get fermented L-glutamine powder in India, but you should also try. You take that on an empty stomach as well. L-glutamine actually heals the colon! These things work best on an empty stomach.

    You can still go to work when you have UC, but it is difficult when you are in a flare. You must find a way to attain remission (I have found remission with what I mentioned, the probiotics and the L-glutamine).

    Stay optimistic. Try not to be afraid. If you have UC, then you have UC. You just have to find a way to manage it so that you can live normal again. It can take a bit of time and trial to find what works for you because we are all so different.

    Welcome to this site. It is a good one!


    1. Yeah thats the problem. The biopsy ruled out IBD saying its infective.
      I have came across many stories in villages where people get bloody diarrhea with mucus and heal themselves within a month or so with native diets. And some people heal on their own, with exactly the same symptoms. only thing being, they dont go for tests.

      People have told me that having ulcers in intestines is not uncommon.
      but every colitis is not ulcerative or IBD.

      Just like very left sided chest pain is not angina.

      There are many other ailments that mimic UC symptopms.
      And ‘that’ is my only hope….

  2. Graham from England

    Sure sounds like UC.

    I’m not sure if you are vegetarian like most in India but vitamin b12 deficiencies are also common with bowel issues so could be good for you, it also helps with fatigue.

    Zero fat you say, sounds dangerous. Particularly if you are getting your energy from sugars/carbs instead. Many here have had great success limiting these while others have had joy with good fats such as fish oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

    It’s only a recent thing but fat does not make you fat, sugars in their various forms do. Fat is essential.

    1. Its been about 10 years since. My Blood, Mucus, etc started to reduce eventually. I carried on Balasalzide for about 15 months. After that nothing. In last 9-10 years, I have had some symptoms occasionaly but negative. Im thankful to the almighty that medicines worked for me. I even spent a good 7 years in Illinois, USA. I was just going through my old emails and found this forum on which I had posted so long back.
      I Hope people get relief from their symptoms. Coz I know that the feeling is horrible

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