Is Polypodium Leucotomous the Answer?

Fred SIntroduction:

I am 47 year old from Fall River, Massachusetts. I work as a project manager for a Network Engineering firm. Interests include gardening, computers and reading.

Some of my personal interests:

gardening, computers and reading.


Occasional cramping with some loose bowel movements.

Is Polypodium Leucotomous the Answer?

Last December (2012), I was admitted to the hospital for a kidney stone (the pain was unimaginable). At that same time, I reported frequent bloody diarrhea and cramps. None of the doctors at that time believed me. Long story short, I have UC and don’t trust the medical industry to work in my best interest.

At it’s worse flare up, I would be in the bathroom every 45 minutes and would use at least 1 roll of TP a day. Developing hemorrhoids just added to the misery. All activities were centered around having nearby bathroom access. I went so far as carrying extra TP in my pocket at all times in case there wasn’t enough at the nearest toilet.

The doctors wanted to put me on Humira or some other UC drug, each of which has nasty side affects. I chose to modify diet and try a holistic approach to getting better.

Most people do not understand what I have been going through, including my family. There is no family history of UC or any similar condition nor do I know anyone personally with UC.

Here is what I know so far…

Foods to avoid:
Anything with Gluten (wheat, bread, pasta, refined foods)
Dairy, Cheese, butter, Milk (except yoghurt)
Beef & Pork (both meats are hard to digest)
Baked beans
Spinach (inflammatory)
Nuts (including peanut butter but Almond mile is ok)
Tomatoes (highly inflammatory)
Spicy foods
(all of these items can bring on a flare, especially gluten which causes the colon to bleed. I can’t stress enough how bad Gluten is!)

Great foods:
Rice, rice pasta, rice flour
Sweet Potatoes
Vegetables (steamed or roasted with no butter)
Beef, Chicken or Bone broth (preferably homemade or organic, especially helpful during a flare)
Olive oil
Just about any food that is gluten and/or dairy free

I learned to read labels and research food to make the best choices, especially when eating out. The idea is to eat more fruit and vegetables and avoid the trigger foods.

I have also been using herbal supplements and minerals. Each item has a specific purpose, but the last supplement has made the biggest difference:
Vitamin C
Vitamin K
and finally Polypodium Leucotomous

Polypodium Leucotomous has given me hope. In people, Polypodium Leucotomous is used to help protect against sun damage. It helps suppress the auto immune response and has been successfully tested on animals for colitis. The skin is just another organ so it should work equally as well internally.

Within hours of taking this fern supplement, the cramps subsided. Bowel movements are becoming more solid and much less frequent. I can sleep most of the night now. I can actually drink a cup of coffee in the morning and even eat a small amount of gluten without any discomfort. I also stopped losing weight. Hooray!

(an Amazon affiliate link, to show an example, not in any way connected to the writer of this story)

My question, has anyone else been using Polypodium Leucotomous for UC? Any issues or thoughts?

Thank you,



written by Fred S.

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19 thoughts on “Is Polypodium Leucotomous the Answer?”

  1. Bev, I just went 20 hours without having to go to the bathroom. There is no blood, no rank smell, and a mostly solid movement. And no more constant worrying about where the nearest bathroom is. I can even eat a small amount of gluten and dairy without fear of a flare up. Having 1 cup of coffee again is a beautiful thing. It’s great to feel like a normal person again! I couldn’t image having to suffer like that for years.

    1. That makes my heart sing, Fred!

      I know what you mean…UCers can and do suffer for years at a time…

      This is super promising news…I may have to get me some!


  2. Thanks for the encouraging story! Glad to hear that you are doing so well. So what brand of PL do you use? There is a difference in supplements. How long have you been on PL and how did ou find out about this supplement?

  3. Thank you Lynn!

    I’m currently using the LifeExtension brand called FernBlock.

    Agreed on the quality of supplements. My criteria is no maltodextrin as it is a food allergen. (If someone knows of a better brand though, let me know.). I have been taking it for 3 weeks at twice a day. The symptoms began subsiding within the first 24 hours. It appears the colitis is reversing course and slowly healing (too soon to tell with 100% certainty but no blood and normal colored stools is a great sign).

    I found out about PL from a medical study done on rats with colitis, which showed that PL works on them. People take it for sun sensitivity..not sure if anyone has actually used it for colitis before or at least documented it online. I happen to be sun sensitive as well so had nothing to lose by trying it out.

  4. Can’t seem to find the just fernblock in the Life Extension line there seems to be other herbs etc. with the supplements I am finding online? Is the fernblock you use just fernblock or is it in combination with other herbs?

  5. Starting Fernblock today hope all is still going well with you. I read you should take it 1/2 hour before dairy (including yogurt) and /or after consuming dairy because the ph of dairy can cancel out the herb being active. How do you take this supplement?

    1. Hi Lynn,

      I take 1 capsule in the morning usually with a banana and some diluted fruit juice or distilled water. I also take a 2nd one along with a vitamin K about 30 minutes before dinner. During the day, I typically eat fruit and maybe some plain popcorn then make make gluten free, dairy free meals at home in the evening where all the ingredients can be controlled (as eating out is nearly impossible).

      Too much Dairy, including yogurt, gives me a headache so I avoid it (except for a once a week treat at Orange Leaf.). There are a number of dairy free alternatives like almond milk, coconut milk , and soy cream cheese that don’t bother me and can be substituted in recipes . (I like to to cook and actually asked Adam if users could share UC friendly recipes here but so far he has not gotten back to me…)

      Good luck and keep us posted!

  6. Hi Fred, just got my FernCare PLE today! I pray this will help me as it has for you. I see you take your second supplement with a vitamin K, is there a particular reason for the K?

  7. Good luck Stephanie!

    In addition to the K, I started take other supplements as well. (There is no particular reason why I take it with the PL)

    People with UC have absorption problems that typically create deficiencies. I am showing signs of Vitamin K, Iron and Calcium loss.

    One of the low Vitamin K signs is spider veins, which began to appear several months ago.

    Any time there is blood loss, Iron helps to recover from the anemia. That’s is particularly important during a flare when absorption is at its lowest. It helps people recover quicker from the weakness.

    Calcium is for the the bone loss, which actually is an early sign of UC in some people. I started having bone loss in my teeth several years ago though no one had a clue as to why until now. The calcium takes the place of the dairy products that I had to give up.

    In addition to taking PL, nutrition is equally important. Sometimes we need more than what we can get from food alone though.

  8. Hey! I just got my PL in the mail yesterday. I instantly took a pill and now have integrated it to my daily dosage of:

    nano-Magnesium (not causing diarea)
    Picled greens (natrual cheap pre / probiotics in high dose)
    Probiotic pills with at least 10 strains of bacteria. I buy the one that is available, I follow the Swedish saying “för mycket och för lite skämmer allt” too much and too little spoils everything. So I get different probicotics everytime as I guess thats how it was in the past as well. depending on diet you got different probiotics.

    Also look out with the Omega 6 (highly inflammatory). Don’t eat sunflower oil for example as it has uneven high balance between omega 6 compared to a low 3.

    rapeoil and oliv oil are good ones but they should be cold pressed and NOT used for heating food over 120C. They are best on sallads.
    Then you better use, butter, avocado oil or coconut oil.

    ANYWAY.. I’ll get back when I have used the PL for a week or two, but you said 24h was enough to feel a difference! :)

  9. Finding the right balance of of safe foods and supplements involves a lot of trial an error (not to mention there is a lot of confusing advice out there).

    The key is finding safe foods that are easy to digest, promote healing and are anti-inflammatory. Some doctors will tell people not to eat potatoes, when in fact there is actually nothing wrong with them. Sweet potatoes are especially good as they are anti-inflammatory and nutritious . Agree, that Olive oil is a must as well. I take 2 tablespoons a day, one each morning and night.

    I also believe UC becomes resistant to certain treatments/supplements so it’s important to rotate them. I feel that’s started to happen with PL and plan on dropping it for 30 days. It will be interesting to see what happens with me and to hear what others experience when starting PL.

    Good luck!

  10. OK (kallawalla) ordered. Hoping for good things. The gastric want me to up my azathioprine (immunosuppressant) but this is just symptom management. I want to deal with the underlying issues!

  11. OK = PL! I did make another comment a couple of weeks back but it is still awaiting moderation so I’ll try again:

    I found this useful background information:

    It talks about LC in terms of balancing the immune system ‘immunomodulisation’ rather than suppression. The latest research about Probiotics and helminths talks in terms of the immunomodulating effects so this could be very interesting.

    I’ll add it to my ‘to try’ list.

    Thanks Fred!

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