I’m Using Natural Treatments for Colitis

My introduction to Naturopath Medicine:

I had moderate colitis which was not responding to conventional medication. I went to a naturopath who prescribed NAET (allergy) treatments (done by using a gadget which presses up and down on either side of your spine), while holding the allergen. Allergies can be shallow (skin symptoms) or deep enough to affect your organs such as colon, stomach, veins, arteries and capillaries etc. The Naet specialist will treat the allergy and then repeat the treatment with each of these areas. For immediate relief of the bleeding, urgency and frequency, I used Quercetin in combination with these treatments and Amino Acid Complex and either N-Acetyl Glucosamine or L-Glutamine. I took higher doses of these during an attack and while I continue the Amino Acids and L-Glutamine or N-Acetyl Glucosamine for maintenance, I only use the Quercetin during attacks . The Quercetin is an anti-oxident. There are no side-effects to this treatment. At first my naturopath and I thought that allergies which trigger attacks are the same ones every time. It turns out that each attack is triggered by whatever I was over exposed to. My first attack was triggered by mold and perfumed products. About three years later, I had an attack triggered by eating peanut butter daily. When I had my first attack, as my body became weaker, I became allergic to more and more things until pretty much all food worstened my symptoms. My naturopath began treating each food allergy at a time. We thought I would need two years of treatments. Then he had an idea. He decided to treat the environmental allergies first. At that time my triggering allergies were environmental, so as soon as he treated them, the other allergies went away on their own. This phenomena is described in The Allergy Self Help Book, written by an M.D. with ulcerative colitis. He describes how once an allergic reaction begins, the number of allergies begin to spread.

After being treated by this Naturopath, in this manner (NAET and the above mentioned supplements), I was attack free for 3 years. I had stopped taking the amino acids and the N-Acetyl Glucosamine. I found out that this is necessary for maintenance. I also avoid using products with fumes. I don’t wear or use perfumed products or cleaning chemicals and try to avoid eating large quantities of a given food or eating the same foods daily. For example, I don’t eat fruit every single day in that I don’t want to become allergic to fructose. I monitor my reactions (if I feel tired after eating something or doing something). At one point I felt tired after reading the paper. It turned out that I had been over exposed to ink, due to my job. The tiredness was a warning that I could develop an attack if I don’t get the sensitivity treated. I noticed after three years of not having an attack, I started to get gassy around perfumed products. It was a warning sign that I was starting to become sensitive to perfumed products. To keep colitis away, it’s best to be aware of your body and make a note of what you were doing/ exposed to at the time and have allergies treated before an attack. It’s also best to stay on the amino acids and NAG or L-Glutamine.

At the times I did this, I didn’t have an attack. At times when I became too cocky and stopped the supplements or procrastinated about getting treatments, I had attacks. But the attacks consisted of 1 bowel movement per day or 2 with blood. By comparison, my attacks under conventional care often consisted of bloody diarrhea with pain and urgency every 10 minutes with only about 2 day time hours of having a break.

As a sidenote; curiously NAET treatments also work for other autoimmune problems like arthritis and Multiple Sclerosis.

I am now able to maintain a highly stressful career in law, which I would not be able to do if it were not for this method of treatment. This illness could have cost me my career in that as you can imagine, by the time the judge grants a recess, it would be too late.

I hope you can find a Naturopath who does NAET treatments and please use Quercetininstead of steroids for the bleeding. I realize all of this may sound crazy to you, but you can’t beat 7 years of empirical evidence. Even my gastroenterologist was forced to acknowledge the astounding results of this treatment.

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4 thoughts on “I’m Using Natural Treatments for Colitis”

  1. Hi Karen:

    That’s very interesting. I’m curious to know about your current diet. Are you still avoiding certain foods? Once you show signs of allergies for a certain food, can you go back to that food once the allergy is treated? Or is it just a case of moderation?

    I’m on the SCD right now and I do have the tendency to eat certain foods continuously (for example the same thing for breakfast each day).

    Is it possible to go back to a more “normal” diet once you are “healed” as long as you don’t overdo it with any one particular food?

    Thanks for the info.

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