Humic-Fulvic Acid and SCD Diet

Humic/Fulvic Acid may help reduce your symptoms. It did mine.

I have had UC for roughly 10 years, although it wasn’t diagnosed until 5 years ago.

After diagnosis, it was recommended going on Asacol which I did for several weeks. But this stuff did not resolve my symptoms. In fact, it seemed they were worse: More diarrhea.

The doc had told me that Prednisone was the next step if the Asacol didn’t work. But, because it is a hormone I was very reluctant in taking it.

Then I tried a heavy dose of Probiotics. This seemed to reduce the symptoms dramatically (i.e., no blood, no diarrhea, no pain during bowel movements). I ran out of Probiotics for a time and thought everything might be OK. But it wasn’t. The symptoms returned. This time on taking the Probiotics there was no affect on the symptoms.

I then came across some info on a person who had taken Humic/Fulvic Acid and a Thai doctor who uses it to help with symptoms. So, I started taking it. I was taking 2oz – 3 times per day. The stuff I used was in liquid form and called Master Detox. It is touted as an anti-inflammatory among other things. It costs $32 cdn for a 16oz bottle and as a result fairly expensive in the amount I was taking. However, I was feeling so much better it was worth it. It did not rid me of my Diarrhea, but it greatly reduced the painful bowel movements and gave me a more energetic feeling. Previous to this I had spent many days sleeping due to fatigue. I had not been loosing any weight and I attributed this to the fact that I have UC as opposed to Crohn’s (i.e., adsorption of nutrients was happening adequately in the unaffected upper bowel).

I then came across “this” website that mentioned the SCD Diet. Once I had determined that the Humic/Fulvic acid was not going to resolve all my symptoms I decided to give the SCD a try. I purchased the SCD Diet ($30) and also bought the book by Elaine Gottschall and another with SCD recipes by Kendall Conrad. After digesting all of this, I started on the SCD Diet (by SCDlifestyle ). The first 4 or 5 days were the worst as the diet made me feel lack luster plus brain fog. I assumed this was the die-off symptoms they had mentioned in the SCDLifestyle book. I stuck to the diet religiously. The book and various emails back and forth indicated that my diarrhea symptoms should have abated within 5 days or so. This did not occur. I am at day 21 and still am experiencing diarrhea.  Although, there is very little blood now and very little discomfort with a bowel movement. I am still taking Humic/Fulvic acid alongside the SCD Diet. So, it appears the diet has improved conditions (i.e., I was having a lot of fresh blood bowel movements previous to the diet). The only problem is that since being on the diet I have lost roughly 14 lbs. Not good since I was 154 before the diet. Due to this weight loss I have cheated on the diet by trying potatoes and rice (which are strictly prohibited). I have also stopped pureeing vegetables as the diet suggests. All of this had no ill affect as far as I could tell. There is a section of the book that suggests what to try if the diarrhea symptoms persist. One of these was to remove eggs from the diet. I did this for the first time this morning. In it’s place I substituted milk + corn flakes. Milk and cereal are also prohibited by the diet. So far no ill affects. In my case, I am not sure the diet is the best for me as it is proscribed. I couldn’t even come to grips with having the same meat and vegetables for breakfast as I do for lunch and dinner. That’s why I thought I would try the milk + cereal.

The bottom line so far is that there has been a significant overall improvement in my well-being as a result of the diet plus the Humic/Fulvic acid. Incidentally, I am not taking any drugs. Maybe in time I might see an abatement in my diarrhea symptoms as well.

I am taking Humic/Fulvic acid. Not sure if this would be considered a medication or not.
written by Mike
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6 thoughts on “Humic-Fulvic Acid and SCD Diet”

  1. Hi Mike

    Tried the SCD diet after Asacol and prednisone did not help.
    Was very strict with the diet. Followed it via the SCDlifestyle book/site.
    After 55 days with no improvement at all and losing weight I stopped.
    Emailed with the persons behind the book and tried all their advice, with no egg and so on, with no help.
    My bleeding nor diarrhea never stopped.
    Very frustrating.
    Now back on prednisone og started Imuran as well.
    Started eating more “normal”. potatoes, rice, some bread and pasta.

    For some the diet is a miracle for others like me it seems like a waste of time and energy.

    1. Jakob SCD worked for me. This is how I make it work. Since I have been in and out of remission many times my flare ups last about 4 months. If it is your first time it could last longer because the first few flare ups tend to be really painful and a bloody mess. Back to the time component. If a flare up lasts 4 months (120 days) I bleed for a 120 days. Those in bad shape can expect to bleed and cramp for a longer period maybe up to a year. The diet is working its magic stealthly. If Elaine G. is correct it takes time for the bad bugs to die off. Elaine says one of the foods the bugs eat is sugars so your first flare up is severe because the bugs are so well fed. If you go back and start eating potato, rice, bread and pasta you run the risk of having to up the level of drugs you are on. If they stop working then it is surgery.

      So many people have had positive experinces with SCD. There must be a valid science behind SCD. The challenge is making it work for you. Don’t worry about the weight loss just eat SCD legal foods. Weight loss is the least of your worries. Over time you will recognize that colitis has a personality and seems to do the same thing over and over again. On occasion it gets really mad and you have a dreadful day. Then you may have a couple of days of relief. Just the nature of the beast.

      Once the flare up is over and I’m drug free I’m still bleeding because I still have open wounds inside. As my stools harden (sign of healing) they rub against the wounded areas and show up in the toilet as red. Have you skinned a knee. It takes weeks for the scab to disappear. Imagine the harsh conditions inside of you. Make sense?

      The diet has allowed me to regain control and avoid surgery. Have faith Jakob. Tis the season to believe.

      Good luck

  2. I was reading this post and thought I had better mention something else I had seen online. It’s
    called Miracle Mineral Solution(MMS for short)and people have been taking it for Crohn’s Disease. It seems by what I’ve read to be very radical, and I’m not certain about it yet, but if you are really suffering it might be something to consider. I would read the book on it first and learn all that you can before trying it. That is what I am doing now besides taking Humic and Fulvic Acid. I have tried all the drugs and Humira too and they wanted to put me on another Trial Drug, but sheesh how much can one take?
    I have also wondered what the relationship between Vitamin D and my condition is since I am low in Vit D even though I’m taking 2000IU of it every day. I’m hoping to raise my levels because I have read that the Vitamin works similar to a Hormone and it helps to regulate the immune system. I hope what I have written may help someone else out there too!

  3. I tried SCD for six months with no good results, I’ve tried LDN for a year, I didn’t have a flare or any bleeding but liquid BM for a year. Before all this I was on mercaptapurien(125mg), asacol(12) a day, I was bleeding and in great pain my doctor told me my colon was wrecked with scare tissue. I tried TSO (Ovamed)in 2 months I was eating vegtables, fruit, and almost anything I felt like. Two years later my doctor told me my colon was perfect with unactive colitis. I cut my other meds in half. TSO is to expensive and I wanted to get off mercaptapurien that’s why I tried SCD and LDN. I am now on asacol (8) and TSO and doing pretty good, under control and off mercaptapurien.

  4. to get rid of your diarrea you should try psyllium and ultra ventilated green clay: those 2 are master tools to get rid of ulcerative colitis

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