Interview With Jason who Has Crohn’s Disease

Hey Everyone,

For sure some of you (if not all of you who follow this site) have heard of Crohn’s Diseaes right!

Well, there is a super special person out there named Jason who started a really cool website called:

Crohns Disease Support Network ( )

Anyways, I wanted to introduce him to all of you, for several reasons:

  1. He’s a way cool guy, who has been through alot with his Crohn’s
  2. He knows just about as much as anyone I’ve ever met about IBD (Crohn’s, Colitis and everything inbetween)
  3. And most importantly, he has some really awesome ideas and messages for people who are diagnosed.  He KNOWS how to beat this stuff mentally, and that’s SUPER IMPORTANT, and I thought that all of us could learn from him.

When you’re done watching, I’m pretty sure you’ll understand how special Jason really is.

(Thanks Jason for taking time out of your day to chat with us over here at IHAVEUC!!)


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