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Help and Advice with Colitis


I’m 24 from Derbyshire, fitness fanatic enjoy football, squash and fitness classes at my local gym i also love going out at the weekend (which has caused me a bit of trouble in the last few years).

Four Years Ago I was Diagnosed with Proctitis

I didn’t have a clue what the disease was and took no notice and carried on as normal. Unfortunatly it was affecting my day to day life the amount of blood i was loosing was scary i was becoming physically yellow from the anemia, therefore went back and had a colonoscopy and from this diagnosed with UC, I had a really bad flare about a year ago where i was ill for around 4 months in my last year of university i had to live at home and scraped a pass with a third.This was the worst time of my life i was loosing weight hand over fist all my friends started noticing and i hang around with a large group so they werent exacly getting sympathy . This made me take the illness seriously tried to cut out beer and fatty foods. Since then i have been on azathriprone (sorry cant spell today) which i thought had cured me. It was unbelievable how well i had become i even convinced myself i didnt have UC just a bad case of gastroenteritis. Unfortunatly i think i over indulged at christmas and now im having a flare, a lot of bloody stool and urgency and i am really panicking i am going to be ill again like i was the same time last year. can anyone give me any suggestions of how to dodge this bullet and get back into remission. I am trying the SCD diet but finding it really hard cant seem to find sample meal ideas anywhere, also im taking probiotics, fish oil tablets and fresh ginger…. please give me some advice im willing to give anything a go.

written by Tom

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5 thoughts on “Help and Advice with Colitis”

  1. HI Tom

    So sorry to hear all of this. I understand you wanting to give anything a go! That, unfortunately, is our ‘motto’ as UC sufferers.

    I wish I could tell you how to ‘beat’ a flare, but it’s so difficult to figure it out. Even the doctors don’t really know what will work for each one of us at any given stage of our respective disease.

    I just want to offer you an ear, and also, support. That’s all I can do. I wish I could do more, and that I had THE answer for you. I haven’t been able to get my latest flare cleared up yet either, and it’s been almost six months this time. Along with 12 asacol pills per day (mesalamine), I’ve also been trying lots of strong probiotics this time, and it took awhile, but it has helped somewhat.

    Cheers mr friend,

  2. Hey Tom,
    I myself am giving the scd diet a try and am just into my 3rd week. I like you, am a bit of a fitness fanatic and it kills me when I can’t do the things I love because of my stupid colitis. For me, it’s been making a pretty significant difference. Maybe it can for you too. I can tell you what I have been eating. That may help a bit.
    For the first week I pretty much follow the intro diet. Homemade yogurt (pretty simple with a yogurt maker), dry curd cottage cheese, hard boiled eggs and the chicken soup. It did get a little tired, but it’s only 5 days and they pass pretty quickly. After that I started eating grilled chicken breast with cooked vegetables, or salmon with veggies. I started cooking my apples and adding them to my yogurt with cinnamon (this was pretty tasty). Instead of the hard boiled eggs, I started making omlettes. This week I made a tomato sauce with ground beef and put it with spaghetti squash, I also did a pseudo lasagna with sliced zucchini instead of the traditional pasta and used the dccc instead of ricotta (same big batch of meat sauce). Also homemade hamburger without the bun of course!
    There are also baked goods with Almond flour in place of the regular. I admit, it’s still early but I had to try, I baked up a batch on the weekend. (the zucchini ones) and they were pretty delicious.
    Good luck, I hope it helps you.

  3. Tom,

    Hang in there buddy and come here whenever you want to talk. This community empathizes with you. Buy the SCD book, “Breaking the Vicious Cycle”. You can learn the proper diet implementation there, so as to not make mistakes. It also has recipes. The book is cheap. There are many alternative therapies out there with scientific study behind them. The pubmed website is great for reading these. I would look into supplementing your meds with alternative meds. It may help, and can’t hurt. I have UP, so my problems are a bit different than yours but trust me, I’m very familiar with blood. It’s my enemy. But seriously, go to the pubmed site and look around.


  4. Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the comments, they are all equally very helpful.

    Laura thanks for the advice on food ill give them a try (i just need to resist the urge to snack on junk food)

    thanks again


  5. Tom,

    Sorry to here you’re feeling rubbish. This disease largely does its own thing and some times nothing you do can sort it out. Aside from always taking your pills etc, the big ones for me are 1: regular exercise but not thrashing yourself if near or in a flare. 2: lots of water. 3: whilst I agree that the SCD is a nightmare to stick to, you can cut out all he obvious stuff- booze, coffee, junk food, cakes and limit the red meat to a trust when you’re out. Other than that, just get as much sleep as life allows and try and stay calm as stress really ,ales it worse (easier said than do e, granted)

    These forums are brilliant and full of tips of stuff you can try, not to mention lots of people in the same boat!

    Best of luck mate.


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