Gut Feeling


My name is Julie from Houston, married with two wonderful girls and determined to get into remission!! It’s great this site is here as we can all help each other and offer support. I truly feel your pain…..literally!!!

Some more about me:

I am a global hr director. I am currently experiencing a horrible flare up and just got out of a lovely (I say this sarcastically !) 5 day at the hospital. I am 43 yrs old and was diagnosed with UC in 2010. Im married and have two wonderful little girls ages 7 and 9. But I am determined that this disease will not control me! I will do everything I can to get I to remission.


I think the first two years I was in a state of denial with this and thought with a little medication, Ill be fine. But I realize now that I have to make some real lifestyle changes and most importantly, be around positive people and learn to manage stress. I think stress is the worst trigger for a flare up. At least for me. I am experiencing unbelievable cramping that makes me want to throw up. If I can control this, I hope I can function somewhat normal. As crazy as it may seem, I try to find good in this too. What this disease has taught me is to not take things for granted and don’t let it stop you.

Gut Feeling

A month and a half ago my husband and I went to Colorado to ski. I was in the midst of a major flare and probably should not have gone but I was determined to learn to ski. I kept saying to myself that I can do this !! Well, I was on the bunny slope for beginners( that’s another story as it sure didn’t look like a beginner slope to me!) but I got to the top and started down that mountain. 3/4 of the way down and with my thighs on fire from trying to stop, my gut kicked in. Let’s just say I could have beaten an Olympic skier at that point trying to get to the lodge and the bathroom. But I did it!! Barely but I was proud of myself that I could do it.

For those of you who have UC, I know how this disease can really be a major nuisance but don’t let it get you down. I am currently experiencing the worst flare of my life but hope to get Into remission soon. I am glad for this site as I read others stories and feel that I am not alone. It’s hard for my family to understand the pain, blood I stool, etc but like that I can share my experience here and you will know exactly how I feel.

After skiing down that mountain, I went tubing and had a great time. As soon as I got to the top of the mountain, I immediately found where the restrooms were and I had to run to them a few times but as soon as got out of the bathroom, I got right back on that inter tube and went down the hill. It felt good to feel like a kid again but I also did it so I could feel normal and could do what others were doing, even if it meant going to the bathroom every 10 minutes. I look back at that trip and laugh knowing how quickly I learned to ski. When your UC kicks in on the mountain, you either learn to ski fast or take the skis off and find a nearby tree!! Hahahaha

written by Julie K

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  1. Hi was wondering does anyone on here do the crohns and ulcerative colitis walkathon in june?? I do it every year..Im from Montreal Quebec.

  2. Julie,

    Well, I’ve been on that mountain!!! Literally and metaphorically. Sometimes when that adrenaline kicks in I feel no symptoms at all until I relax… I went on a white water rafting adventure and was fine going through rapids and when things slowed down I felt the rumble.

    I think what I am struggling the most with is the unpredictable factor, one day I feel like things are going well and im ready to take on the world, the next not so much it’s amazing if I can roll out of bed… this is hard for others to grasp that are not going through it… ” oh you look fine, your exaggerating, it can’t be that bad”. I agree with you remaining positive is the only way to go.

    I’ve now read twice this week ” UC may be a blessing in disguise” making you realize how important the important stuff is… And not taking things for granted. I surely enjoy the simple things more. My UC came at a young age of 22 when I thought friends and partying were the only thing… I often say UC probably prevented me from getting into too much trouble!

    Keep being positive!

    1. Don’t you just love when people say “what the matter with you like fine! ” Really bothers me ..I have had it happen many times…They don’t know what its like. Me I have had UC since I was 17. I’m 38 now so its been awhile but I feel good . I also have a colonoscopy coming up this month on may 13. I have had many before but it makes me nervous..its the what if they find something? sigh.

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