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Meat, Dairy, Vegan…What is Best? So Confused

recent picture of Danny!

recent picture of Danny!


My name is Danny, I’m 27 Male, I live in Ireland, i was diagnosed with UC in Oct 2011. Having a really hard time coping with this illness, I had a really tough time at the start of this disease it hit me like a ton of bricks.

I’m Trying to figure out what is the best options for me.
I can’t find much support where i live. So I’m searching for help. I’m a very open – minded person and willing for other options.

Some more about me:

I’m a horticulturist, with a passion for the outdoors, walking, cycling, and living. I Practice Tai Chi(which amazing on the body and mind) I try to be body aware and mindful. I Love to grow organic vegetables, Flowers and plant trees. There is nothing more delicious than growing your own ripe strawberries! :) and seeing all the wonderful creatures that like to get involved too!I like to dance Like a looney to any music that makes me happy! I like eating and cooking Delicious food from organic sources and my garden :)


I have recently had a serious flare up, i Lost 20 kg in a few weeks, i have toilet trips up to 15 – 20 times a day, diarrhea, blood, mucus, Fatigue, weakness,urgency, abdominal cramps, depression.

Meat, Dairy, Vegan…What is Best? So Confused

Having a really hard time coping with this illness, I had a really tough time at the start of this disease it hit me like a ton of bricks I started bleeding heavily and lost a lot of weight, I got blood transfusions, I was fed through a food drip that went up my nose and into my stomach, then all the other countless test pokes, prods and scopes. Nearly ended up in intensive care. I’ve Tried Remecade, Humira, Pentasa, Imuran,slippery elm powder, Fish oil. but it still persists.

UC strangely enough, as horribly degrading as it gets, changed my life for the better!?

I know sounds a bit mad but if i didn’t get this illness I wouldn’t have the greater respect for life that i now have. I have such a huge appreciation for everything living and being. But UC has seriously knocked my self esteem and confidence I feel I will be scraping back to getting my life back in order for awhile. Getting all these tests, pokes, prods, become ordinary after awhile,they become normal. There is not stranger than looking up your butt on a tv screen though! :)

MY HUGE concerns for me at the moment are the fact that (according to the doctors) i have no other option but for surgery, I have recently tried a diet that involved a holistic vegan healing diet of just fruit and veg, coming from 27 years of meat and dairy ( and being happy eating that way) this was very difficult, unfortunately for me it went wrong and i lost over 20 kg in a few weeks through a severe detox, it went too far and I got in such a bad state that my organs were nearly failing i was getting blood test and my veins were collapsing and i passed out. so off to the hospital for me! So now I’m feeling very lost and confused as to what to do about diet as i don’t want to get surgery I hear scd diet ,gaps Vegan healing and just don’t know what to do anyone have any suggestions?

I’m currently on steroids 40 mg, trying to build my weight back up,awaiting referral for surgery.

volunteering on an organic veggie/cattle/hog and chicken farm in Vermont.  Summer 2013

volunteering on an organic veggie/cattle/hog and chicken farm in Vermont. Summer 2013. Adam Scheuer – founder

Ask Adam:

“Hi Adam thank you for the ebook it was good to relate to someone who has suffered just has much as me. My question is other options beside surgery.

I have recently tried a self healing colitis vegan healing diet plan By Dr Klein And I really could not stick to it, i just kept going and got a flare up. I went from 160 pounds to 116, I have also really messed my head up trying to figure out the right foods to eat, I’m Feeling lost.Your website looks great any help will be very much appreciated.
Thanks Danny”

What up Danny,

Thanks for being so real with your story and letting us all know how you are feeling and where your brain is at right now.  Since you’ve read the ebooks I wrote, you know that the plan of attack that I’ve taken with diet is very different from the Dr. Klein approach.  I am in NO way a vegan and I could in no way imagine pulling off the health I’ve achieved without meats in my diet.  The reality for me is that high quality proteins are a very big part of my diet.  And they have proved to be very helpful in getting me out of flare ups in the past.  Although not every single meal, at least 2 meals per day are filled with animal protein of some sort.  Often atop different types of salads (which I’m sure your garden could pull off very nicely.  heck, feel free to put on some fresh strawberries too:)

What I might do if I was in your shoes, along with the blessings of a GI doctor because I’m concerned that you’ve lost so much this.  I’d consider getting involved with the diet that I use, and feel free to use some of the basic recipes I’ve outlined in my cookbook (that’s what they’re there for), and see if you can achieve some progress.  Now, the bonus kicker would be that if you’re still on a prednisone taper, that in combination with beginning the diet might help you out alot and show you that your body can handle a major diet change(and cutting out nearly all dairy is a biggie for sure if you’ve never done that before).   But again, anything even remotely associated with prednisone needs to be discussed with your doctor because that drug is super powerful and can have devestating effects if not used/stopped properly.

But for sure, if you’re mentally up for it, and physically up for it, I’d suspect you could see some great improvement with diet changes that could lead you to a nice long remission period filled with you creating some award winning salads and other meals (hope you like to use the grill/BBQ).

In the end though, you just need to be real with yourself.  Keep on educating yourself.  Although I’ve never had surgery, the writing is on the wall(or at least on some pages here on the site) that for those who do opt to go that route, they are too very happy with their decisions.

Also, you might want to read up on the most talked about probiotic on the site called Renew Life.  I myself don’t use pill form probiotics, I stick to things like sauerkraut (which I’m sure you could make yourself up in Ireland right:)  Here’s my sauerkraut post story to read.

Keep your head up and we all wish you the best,

Adam Scheuer

4 thoughts on “Meat, Dairy, Vegan…What is Best? So Confused”

  1. Hey Danny, unfortunate to hear about your so circumstance as this disease can be a real pain in the ass (I know, it’s been said but still) and can definitely be overwhelming. I have heard lots of amazing things about the scdiet and have yet to try it because I’ve found one that is working relatively well for me. It’s very basic and bland and I kind of fell into it through my love of bodybuilding.
    Essentially I eat 1.5 grams of animal protein per pound of bodyweight and 2 protein isolate shakes a day. I eat 6-8 meals depending on hunger and keep my carbs to either rice or sweet potatoes. I had recently cut for a competition and I’ve never felt better. …uc wise anyways and had been completely depleted of carbs altogether. I eat good fats (almonds or cashews and if you can’t do nuts do nut butter and coconut oil and olive oil) with every meal and don’t eat carbs before bed. I have a belief there is a huge correlation between carbohydrates and flares. I avoid as much sugar as I can and take multivitamins and a supplement veggie greens to make up lost nutrients from not being able to eat vegetables at all.

    If you need help this is a great forum and the people know what they are talking about, and remember you’re not alone in this.


  2. I’m still waiting to meet a healty vegetarian. It’s super difficult to get all nutrition from only vegetables. And especially if you are in a flare and loose a lot of blood. You need to get enough iron back in your body to build your red blood cells. I can confirm SCD is the right way to go, expand by also searching for GAPS diet.

    Also if you want to avoid surgery, the latest research is on faecal transplant:

    Why does it take so long to change the bacterial profile in the gut?
    It can be quick to get ill, while healing always takes time. It can take a long time to normalise gut flora in a person with gut dysbiosis because the gut is occupied by thousands of pathogenic species of microbes. They dig themselves in very well in the gut lining, and to drive them out is not easy: the probiotic microbes have quite a fight on their hands. Another problem is that, whether we use fermented foods or commercial probiotic supplements, the numbers of active microbes we introduce are very small. There is no way at the moment (which means we don’t know any way) to flood the gut with probiotics safely, because we don’t know enough about them. Recent scientific data shows that there are hundreds of thousands of various species of microbes in a healthy gut! With our current knowledge we can only introduce a few at a time – those that we know, such as lactobacilli, bifidobacteria and few others. There are a few doctors in the worlds who are trying to copy Nature: they use a procedure called faecal transplant: a stool from a healthy donor is mixed with water and introduced into the gut of the patient (through the tube into the stomach, or into the bowel as an enema). In many patients this fixes the problem, though it does not work for everybody. Faecal transplant introduces the whole immensely complex flora of a healthy gut, without us knowing what species of microbes are there and what other factors we are introducing. I am sure that many of you watched films about animals, where a baby elephant would consume mother’s stool with relish. For us, humans, this looks repulsive and unacceptable, but obviously these animals know something we don’t. Faecal transplant does what these baby elephants do, and maybe this will be the way in the future to restore the gut flora quickly.

  3. Hey guys thanks for the info.
    I heard about FMT sounds disgusting but heck when your in this situation you’d try anything!
    Im currently on the scd diet . Its tough im struggling with it trying to get on top of cravings and dealing with restrictions…………. What to eat and what not! its tough when you see a lovely big slice of carrot cake in a cafe and have to tear yourself away from devouring it…….I dont know if its me needing sugary food or just plain wanting because i cant have. I tried making biscuits with coconut flour the other day oh boy did they turn out dreadful lol ! I’ll keep trying though! o_O

    Im currently seeking a gaps practioner in ireland as i think that may be more suited to my needs.

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