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Diatomaceous Earth – Brent’s Update

Hi Adam. We met in San Francisco a few years ago for lunch. Hope all is well. Below is an update that I’m happy to share.

I tried organic Apple Cider and changed my diet dramatically (Candida Diet) for about 1.5 months. I took myself off of meds (Mesalazine) and so far so good. Then stopped the Apple Cider only because of the taste and went a different direction.

I am in my 3rd week using Diatomaceous Earth (Food Grade). Again, so far so good.

Not completely regular, but I know that my gut is better. Bleeding has stopped almost completely, and I’m down to a more normal 3 BM’s per day (as opposed to 8-10). It’s possible that I’m just in remission but it can’t be a coincidence. Please share with others. This is working for me but it might not work for everyone. My condition is/was not as bad as what others have experienced. But I was hit hard at the onset.

The scare came when I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and gout. I changed my diet (and drinking habits) and decided to keep going. I thought it couldn’t be this simple. But maybe it is. I hope this is helpful to others. Google Diatomaceous Earth. Organic Apple Cider might do the trick as well. The meds work, but are expensive and I wanted out.

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  1. Hi Brent!

    Thanks for writting in, and my apologies for the contact form not working properly. (To all others, you can always email me at

    As for your story and current treatment, hey…GREAT NEWS! and I’m super pumped that you are finding some relief. I remember when we met or soon after you had gotten involved with some Chinese medicine from up in or near the Richmond district(if my memory serves me well…)

    Great job either way, and please keep us posted. I have not heard of someone writing about Diatomaceous earth before, so this is for sure new to many of us, and perhaps a few others have used it.

    Maybe some others will have some questions here, so would be cool if you kept up with this post too:))



  2. I was on a medication that my insurance wanted me to do the generic too. Although it wasn’t for colitis. Anyway I couldn’t take the generic, it caused dizziness and severe headaches. Got on the regular medication with no problem. My Dr. wrote a letter to the insurance company letting them know I couldn’t take generic, so they approved the regular medication. I paid a little more for it but I was ok with it. So if his Dr. will write a letter telling them the reason he needs to be on the medication then maybe the insurance will approve it.

  3. We used this to get rid of red mite infestation in our chicken coop. It destroys the mites exoskeleton. I cannot imagine what it would do to your insides.
    I think I’ll stick to my mercaptoputine and pentasa!

  4. Hi Gill, there are two type of DE – you would have used the industrial kind (found/formed in salt water). Brent is talking about Food Grade (fresh water) DE which is approved by the FDA for human consumption :)

    I have been using this for a few weeks now and have had improvements in digestion, BMs, joint pain, energy levels, and just feeling better overall. Can’t wait for the stronger nails, teeth and hair :)

  5. Just curious, DE contains silica, which has very sharp edges. Wouldn’t that cut up your stomach and intestines as it goes through your system, even if it is food grade? I’m just trying to wrap my head around how it works.

    Thanks anyone for your input…

  6. Hi there – my son was diagnosed with UC last April of 2019. He had blood, mucus, and frequent diarrhea. We started seeing a ND who ordered a GI Map several months after his diagnosis and it showed my son has Blastocystis Hominis…a parasite We started him on the SC diet and he improved greatly but we couldn’t get him to pass formed stools. We went back and forth between loose cow pies and runny stools We decided to focus on trying to kill the blasto. Fast forward to just about five days ago when he started taking 1/2 tsp. of Food Grade Diatemaceous Earth a day mixed in water (after A LOT of research). Yesterday, he only had ONE bm and this morning he got up and passed his first formed bowel movement and, so far, that is the only time he has gone today. There is something to DE. It seems to get in the gut and flush out all the bad mojo!! I would tell anyone with gut issues to at least try it. Start out with 1/2 teaspoon a day and look closely for positive or negative effects and choose for yourself.

    1. Hi Angela!
      My wife was diagnosed with U/C. I have used DE for many years.
      I have questions: (1) Has DE continued to help? (2) Have you found ways to make ingesting DE easier. I use it in smoothies, but my wife doesn’t like the taste.
      Thank you!

  7. Hi there…found this thread and have to tell you….I have U/C for the last ten years. I usually have around 8 bowel movements per day. I researched DE and bought some. Started on a low dose, half a teaspoon per day, after only three days, I am down to one or two bowel movements per day, I am in shock and cannot believe this. Just waiting for it all to go wrong and for me to be back to my usual 8 or so bowel movements per day. I really hope this continues, I am not even taking a large dose of this powder. Sandra

    1. Hi Sandra!
      My wife was diagnosed with U/C. I have used DE for many years.
      I have questions: (1) Has DE continued to help? (2) Have you found ways to make ingesting DE easier. I use it in smoothies, but my wife doesn’t like the taste.
      Thank you!

  8. This is now the 2nd time that I use DE and its a gamechanger for me. I have CU and when using DE mucus disappears, blood too and my stools became solid again. It really works for me, and I hope that it will help other ppl to with Colitis

    1. Hello
      Please can you tell me about the earth product you are using & how you take it ?
      Any more details would be gratefully received.
      Sally x

      1. I buy it here in the Netherlands, type ‘food grade’. I take every morning on a empty stomach a table spoon DE in a glass of 200 ml water.

        1. Thx Maurits for the quick follow up here on this story and your comments. it was pretty much the first time Diatomaceous Earth was mentioned on the site as far as i can remember back in 2019, and much appreciated to see more follow up on this to others! Much appreciated!

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