Oral Vitamin D – Study Showed Inflammatory Marker Changes

A big thank you to the doctors and scientists from New Zealand who recently wrapped up their study titled:

Single high-dose oral vitamin D3 treatment in New Zealand children with inflammatory bowel disease. Thank you even more to those involved with the study for making the full text version available free for all the readers to review. The link to the full study is here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6382503/

Here are are a few key takeaways that I found interesting and you might too regarding Vitamin D and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (mainly ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease):

Vitamin D deficiency may also contribute to IBD pathogenesis (4,10). A geographical gradient in IBD incidence has been previously demonstrated, with higher incidence reported at higher latitudes where there is less sunlight exposure (4,11).

taken from the introduction section of the study here: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6382503/

Studies identifying seasonal variation in IBD, with flares of disease and symptoms most common at the end of winter, provide further evidence for vitamin D status influencing clinical outcomes (19,20).

again taken from the intro section of the study

Good luck with your research and investigating more about UC, and as you can tell from my previous posting regarding sunlight (Vitamin D related…, and here’s that link https://www.ihaveuc.com/sunlight-helps-me-maybe-that-is-why-the-colder-months-are-harder/ ) I am quite interested in this topic still..:)

Enjoy the start to your Spring if you are in the northern hemisphere!!



12 thoughts on “Oral Vitamin D – Study Showed Inflammatory Marker Changes”

  1. Adam I really feel that taking Vit D3 is so important especially for people with autoimmune illnesses and for those who don’t get the right amount of sunshine everyday. I think that if a person supplements that they should also take vitamin K2 to ensure that all the calcium your body makes goes into your bone matrix. I would suggest people should watch the Ivor Cummins video, Vit D on YouTube it’s facinating. Thanks. Senga

  2. Studies identifying seasonal variation in IBD, with flares of disease and symptoms most common at the end of winter, provide further evidence for vitamin D status influencing clinical outcomes (19,20).
    I have UC and find this point very interesting. I have had my UC pretty much under control ( a lot I credit to CBD oil), but it seems like every fall and spring I have a bit of a flare. This winter ended abruptly ( -30 all February then 2 weeks 0f plus temps).Well now I’m in the worst flare in 2 years) Thoughts?

    1. Hi Jim my name is Sal and i have uc for as long as i can remember. I also just started using CBD oil. if possible can you tell me how much you take and if you have any problems with it.

      1. When you find the kind of cbd oil and dosage and how many times a day, please let me know as well. The brand name would be helpful as well and where to get. I have not been able to find information about this when it comes to IBD (ulcerative colitis here). Thank you.

      2. Sal,
        I take .25 – .5 ml in the AM and before bed time. I also take a dried d-carb form of cbd mid day. 2 years ago I got my medical cannabis card. I order from gov regulated sites. I believe the oil must have a small trace of thc in it to be effective. ( it’s no where near enough to make you high). Hope this helps?

    2. Hi Jim, what are the details of your CBD oil treatment. My husband has uc, and I’m always researching!! Much more than he is actually!!

  3. Similar to you Jim, Autumn and late spring flares. Also had remission times doubled with CBD oil. A Neurologist put me on Vitamin D though cannot say I personally noticed a UC improvement.

  4. Laurann,
    Not sure where you’re from but I would suggest you try to buy from an actual cannabis shop. As mentioned above, it should have some thc in it. You won’t find any THC in the cbd oil in your local pharmacy. CBD has a lot of anti-inflammation properties, but I have yet to find a doctor that will agree. They all just tell me there hasn’t been enough research yet. then they prescribe asacol ( terrible for your kidneys) or steroids ( worst thing for the body). I have had more help for naturopaths.

  5. Graham Lee,
    Thanks for the info! I can understand that lack of vit D in the fall causing a flare, but the increase in sunshine in the spring causing a flare confuses me! Do you do anything to try and prevent the flares prior to the seasons changing? Just when things appear to be going well, bam, another flare. It couldn’t come at a worst time. March and September-October are my prime fishing months. Fishing is a huge stress relief for me. Now I just take a poop pail in the truck, boat, and ice shack with me. I fish solo or with someone that understands my issues!

    1. Jim, I think the spring flare is hayfever related as it only arrives once symptoms are quiet. This is also why I believe that although dampening inflammation is important, distracting the immune system may also be a strategy. I did read a study where they managed to do this for another auto immune issue. Question is how to draw the fire of an over active immune system to something else without additional harm.

      I can’t really step up my pre flare regime as it is in play all year round. I do try to relax but work dictates the calendar stress levels. Love the sound of fishing and I can see the benefits but it wouldn’t work for me.

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