Colonics for Colitis? Alternative Therapies…

May name is: “Time to Stop Pretending I Don’t Have UC”

I have had UC since 2007, right after I turned 20. After two rounds of antibiotics for a staph infection, I kept seeing blood in the toilet after I used the bathroom. I finally found out I had UC right before I went on a study abroad trip to Spain. My case has thankfully been pretty mild, and I’d like to keep it that way, although I have had some flare ups and have not always been very compliant in taking my medications (Lialda 2x a day, used to be Asacol, 2 before meals, so 6/day). :-/ This site has really brought a lot of awareness to the issue for me, and I really appreciate it!

My Colitis Story:



I have always been very curious about colon hydrotherapy, or colonics. It seems like it would be a good thing to clean everything out, if you know what I mean. I have read online that it is contraindicated for UC. I asked my doctor about it and he didn’t say it was good or bad, he just said “you don’t need to do that”. Has anyone tried any kind of colonic? Or an oral colon cleanse regimen?

Do colonics work for Ulcerative Colitis?

What alternative therapies work well? I have been reading a lot about vitamin E therapy. Does vitamin E work well when taken orally as well as it does by enema?

Thanks to everyone for sharing their stories! I hope we all go into remission soon, and for good!

Colitis Medications:

Lialda 2/day
Asacol 2 pre-prandial

– I prefer the lialda bc its easier to remember to take……

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  1. Yes, after suffering with UC for about 8 years with no relief from any meds (sulfasalazine) I was at the point where I would try just about anything. You can read my story with the heading, “It may not seem like it, but there will be better days.” I got a colonic; hoping that by cleaning myself out, it would lead to some healing. It did just the opposite. It almost killed me. The dr. in the hospital said it was like putting a Rotor Rooter up inside me. If you know what that is supposed to do to your plumbing, you can picture how bad it might be. If your doctor had basically “no opinion,” not stating whether it was “good or bad,” then I would get another opinion from another GI. Don’t do it. You don’t know how your body will react. Now, it may be fine for you, but what if it isn’t? The ramifications might be too much then. Do some research and then do some more. Tell another GI just what you have and where and then ask about getting a colonic. I hope this helps.

    1. Time to Stop Pretending I Don’t Have UC

      Gosh, that’s so scary. I definitely don’t want to risk it. Thanks so much for sharing your story, I’m so sorry you had to go through all that. I’m surprised my doctor didn’t have more to say about it.

      1. Thanks … I ended up in the hospital for almost 2 weeks, “dreamt” that I was dying 2 nights prior and the dr. said that if my wife didn’t bring me in the day she did, I would’ve died that night for sure. Lost 50 lbs of bodyweight, organs were shutting down. Had zero oxygen in my blood. Plus, lying in the emergency room for 9 hrs, I almost bled to death … had 6 pts of blood transfused and 4 pts of plasma. All because of the colonic. Luckily, from my past bodybuilding and such, my body was strong enough to get through that. I still lift weights today.

      2. I did the colonics once and it worked that time and I kind of thought that was my crutch. This time it did not work and I’ve been in a flare up for 7 months! It’s better not to put too much food in your system. Follow the makers diet by Jordan Rubin. It’s a life saver. I have almost healed from this diet several times but stress got in the way or once, some fancy champagne! I’m struggling with making my meals smaller and eating too much fruit and goats dairy, (cheese and yogurt) at night. But I want to eat!!! what a pickle. B

  2. What a close call. That colonic stuff isnt good for anyone i believe it washes out the good bacteria to. Then we are left with the chances of getting cdiff. Which is horrible enough. Very sad story. Glad you made it thru that. Live an learn at the least. Take care stay proactive an fight for a cure. Shannon. Read my story on this website . Shannon. Its a lonely disease.

    1. I have had nothing but good experiences with colonic and good health. I don’t believe it washes out good bacteria because…if you can’t to to the bathroom, how could any good bacteria exist? How could good bacteria live in putrefying filth? Could that be why people are getting colon cancer to begin with? and anyhow, Doesn’t the appendix put back good bacteria?

  3. “It” can be done wrong like anything else. It sounds like the bad experience was from forcinging waste into the blood stream – what I would call back washing.

    Any new therapy is best started small to test for reactions. There is all sorts of foul stuff in the colon so adding distilled water in itself does not seem a likely suspect for trouble.

    If you are really suffering start with 1 cup enema 1 once a week for a quick end of the linr flush. Then increase 1 cup at a time to no more than a quart (? Listen to your body) and at the same time increase retention from 0 minutes to 15.

    I have not been diagnoses with UC but do have an inflamed colon. Leaving all the infected rotting material in the colon can not beneficial.

  4. As a colon hydrotherapist we are not allowed to treat anyone with ulcerative colitis as it is a contra indication. I would recommend good quality probiotic to help with your gut bacteria as well as l-glutamine to help healing.

  5. Does anyone have a good experience with Hydro colonic therapy and some degree of Ulcerative Colitis? I really think that it could prove useful towards remission.

    I was thinking that by performing a colonics session and clearing out the colon you could better prep it for a coffee enema. I’m thinking that the clearer the colon is, the more effective the coffee enema will be. Then, after a day or two, perform a FT (fecal transplant) from a healthy donor.

    My theory is centered around the idea of cleaning the colon to give it the best possible chance of regenerating a healthy micro-flora biome.

    Has anyone tried this or had success with a similar approach towards remission?

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