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Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) Enema Treatment


My name is Jason and I have been living with Ulcerative Colitis for about 10 years. It’s been manageable with mesalamine in the form of Asacol for most of that time. I’ve had probably 3-5 severe flares and dozens upon dozens of sometimes long lasting low grade flares, mostly resulting in gas that smells ashy. I’m writing now to discuss my latest flare, the most severe since the UC diagnosis and possibly the worst flare I’ve ever experienced.


As of this writing April 25, 2011, I have been treating a one of the most severe flares I’ve ever experienced for just over a month and a half. A food allergy or food poisoning kicked it off. About a week into the flare I was moving only liquid and blood 8-12 times a day and sleeping 3-4 hours per night. At the worst, maybe one month in, I was having dark, bloody diarrhea up to 20 times a day. By that time I’d been on 40mg of prednisone and 3600mg of Asacol a day for about 1 week.

By the second week of treatment things stabilized, but were only marginally better. I was down from 20 movements to maybe 15 per day with no improvement in quality. In those two weeks, I lost 18 pounds. Many years ago I read an anecdote about a person who ‘cured’ herself with Vitamin E enemas over several week period, so I began researching the possibility of doing that myself. Then I found a [1]paper released by an Iranian researcher that reported a 64% remission rate in UC sufferers who administered 8,000 IU of Vitamin E (d-alpha tocoperhol) over a 12 week period.

Seven days ago I started the Vitamin E enema using the Now Foods Liquid E supplement. Because of a miscalculation I administered an ounce per night for the first 4 nights, which comes to just over 13,000 IU. This turned out to be a blessing. On the first night things were pretty harsh, it was an almost immediate change from the previous two weeks and I got the impression that I was flushing. It worried me because there was so little food content and so many very bloody visits to the bathroom, but the next day I had a dramatic decrease in pain. This is just day one and the pain had reduced by at least 30%. By the fourth day I had at least one semi-formed movement per night two nights in a row. This is my seventh morning and I visit the bathroom 2-3 times per day and once per night. Last night and this morning have been completely pain free, though still mostly liquid and still a not insignificant amount of blood. For the last three days I have been taking just over 7, 000 IU (1 tablespoon, .5 oz) of the Liquid E supplement after dinner.

What I can share is that over a seven day period of vitamin E treatment I have experienced a rapid and dramatic decrease in pain, blood, and number of bathroom visits, besting a maximum dosage of mesalamine and a highish steroid dose over a 3 week period. I hope others can use this story to inform their opinions and treatment options.

Story submitted by Jason

Marine’s story from Cyprus about Vitamin E enemas from a while back.

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3 thoughts on “Vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) Enema Treatment”

  1. wow, Jason, that is awesome! How are you feeling today? I hope you continue to improve and i want to learn more about this treatment! I use Castor Oil a lot to help with inflammation, external use, and I wonder if Vitamin E and Castor Oil are the same? Can you help me answer that question? This site is so cool–Adam does an amazing job :)

    1. my naturopath recommended external use of castor oil pack but when i purchased it at the drug store the label said “do not use if you have ulcerative colitis” weird. I dunno. Good to know you’ve had no harm.

  2. Dede, thanks for commenting. I’m gradually getting better. I’m taking the same medication dosages and doing nightly enemas. I never considered doing something like this before, but I was desperate.

    This is kind of graphic, but I think a description of my progress is pertinent. I go about 3-5 times every 24 hours and I’m pretty gassy and bloated. BMs are fart fests followed by soft formed waste. This is a huge improvement from a couple of weeks ago, which was all blood and liquid waste and almost no pee (water was going to my gut). A lot of my bathroom visits feel like it’s time to go, but it’s just gas. When I do go, I can spend up to 40 minutes on the toilet. Most of that time is just waiting. I believe this is just part of the healing process.

    I’m bleeding a lot less too, but it does seem to build up over the course of the day. I have a regular 3 O’Clock at work and that seems to be the major bloody event of the day. At night and in the morning it’s only on the paper and not in the toilet.

    Along with going less often, controlled bleeding, and moving formed poop, I’ve experienced a dramatic reduction in pain. At it’s worst my left side colon was persistently announcing its presence. Except while sleeping, I could feel the entire length of my descending colon roiling and boiling ALL THE TIME. More sparingly, I could feel the transverse and right side colon too, but that was much less often. As of last night I felt my left side colon only once and that was because of a pretty major movement on its way out.

    Castor oil is not Vitamin E. As far as I know no studies have been done on the effects of Castor oil on Ulcerative Colitis, and judging by the Wikipedia article, I wouldn’t recommend it for internal use.

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