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I Asked My Doctor to Switch Me to Humira

Dean with his girlfriend

Dean with his girlfriend

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis February 2015. I have just been admitted to hospital for a flare the past few days and things are settling. After my first flare last year it settled and then I picked up c diff after having a fecal transplant in October 2015 things settled even more and I maintained remission until now.

Some more about Dean:

I’m 22 years old and from Ireland. I like to spend time out doors . Dealing with colitis hasn’t been easy but to be honest I like to make jokes about it as I find it a lot easier to deal with it and it makes people laugh. All my friends and family and girlfriend are very supportive and they know I’m a real fighter when it come to my UC

Colitis Symptoms:

Had some bloody diarrhea a lot of pain and cramping but now bleeding has stopped and I’m started to have solid stools again.

Dean’s UC Story

So on Sunday night I was admitted to hospital with a flare up.

I was having about 10-15 bowel movements a day and some which were bloody and quiet painful!

Since diagnosed last year I was put on asacolon, 6mp remicaid prednisone, predfoam enema, lanzaprozol. For months I was managing just with remicaid and asacolon. I had infusions every 8 weeks and was doing fine. Since being admitted on Sunday I have started taking 6mp again and salofalk enama, has anyone else tried this before and has it worked? I’m due to have my next remicaid infusion in 3 weeks but I asked my doctor to switch me to humira and I will be having this next week, I’ve heard some good things about the drug. Personally I think it would be better for me as I constantly have to leave work for my infusions and it’s just annoying and gets in the way!

Has anyone else had a good experience with humira?

I will be taking the pen every 2 weeks and I was wondering is it painful to take? I have made a big improvement so far with no bleeding and solid stools. I’m switching to oral steroids today and if all goes well I can go home tomorrow! When I was feeling fine I started to try some foods. I tried some apples and peas and well let’s just say I paid for it the next day! I could actually see the green skin in with the stool so It didn’t digest. I normally stick to a low fiver diet and that works fine for me.

I eat breads, patatoes, and fresh meats, eggs etc.  Has anyone else tried some other diets that might be of use? I was thinking of trying gluten free foods to try improve symptoms or I’ve also heard of a specific carbohydrate diet which people find good. So I suppose any advice at the moment or any other suggestions you guys might have I would be delighted to hear them !!


Remicaid worked but took 3 infusions to have a solid bowel movement.
After having my c diff infection I started taking alflorex probiotics which I think are only available in Ireland and the my work quiet well I still take them as they do no harm! Pred obviously works but I hate the side effects just like everybody else

written by Dean

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4 thoughts on “I Asked My Doctor to Switch Me to Humira”

  1. Hi Dean,

    Thank you for sharing what is going on with you again!!

    Always great to see your pictures and hear your update.

    There is lots and lots of feedback and info from other UC’ers on the site.
    Here is the Humira REviews page:

    There’s also quite a few comments below all the reviews on that same page which should give you some more good insights into what others are thinking.

    Also, I thought maybe you would be interested in the European Medicines Agency’s report on Humira (since you are claiming Ireland:))) Here is the link to their most recent published doc about Humira:

    Best to you Dean,

  2. Yes, I’ve had a good experience with Humira! My GI skipped past the Remicaide due to the “inconvenience” of the treatment. I have heard different stories of the shot being painful, and those were the ones who generally gave it to themselves in the leg, but to be honest… To me anyway, there’s nothing more painful than the UC! I give myself my shot in my stomach, in a “fatty” pocket… And it only takes about 8 seconds… Maybe a teeny tiny burning sensation the last 3 seconds… And it’s done and over. I have also found that as long as you get enough skin pulled, there is no bruising or painful injection site afterwards either.
    On the diet, I just have one piece of advice, cut out all sugar…it just feeds our UC.

  3. Hi Dean,

    I have used Humira for 6 years and while it can sting a little it’s pretty straight forward and I think it has helped me (although I’m more on it for Ank Spond than the UC). Following a flare of about 2.5 years I recently started the FODMAP diet at the suggestion of my Gastro. It has made all the difference and got me back to my old self. Look it up online if your interested, it’s not as restrictive as some other diets.

    Good luck



  4. Hi Dean,

    I was diagnosed 11 years ago and kept myself in remission for 10 years using nicotine and no medication. 5 months ago I went for dental treatment and had to take strong antibiotics which kick-started a really severe flare which required hospitalization. Nicotine no longer seems to induce remission and the doc put me on prednisone and asacolon which got me out of trouble. I’m now on Asacolon only and using the GAPS diet.

    Things aren’t perfect but I use the bathroom now about 3 or 4 times a day instead of 20 and there’s no blood. Asacolon didn’t work for me in the past but seems to be ok now alongside the GAPs diet. The diet might be worth a look. It’s very similar to the SCD (no sugar/starch/grains). I also use probiotics, kefir, curcumin,Vit D3 and Celandine extract, I’m still being monitored by the hospital and if the Asacolon doesn’t work they are going to try me on Humira. I’d be interested to know how you’re getting on with it.

    I’ve also thought of going the Fecal Transplant route, but I didn’t think it was available in Ireland. Was it a private DIY job you had or did you travel to the UK for it? Bad luck you picked up the C.Diff and quite worrying if you got it at a clinic. Were donor samples not tested?

    Good luck with the humira and have a look at the GAPs diet.


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