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Starting SCD Experiences

Adding Brown Rice to SCD?

First, some background: I’ve been on the SCD since the middle of April of this year. I was also on a tapering schedule of prednisone when I started. Once I tapered off the prednisone I started having symptoms again (e.g. blood in stool, pain in lower left abdomen etc.) I believe that 1.) the prednisone, while reducing the inflammation, did not allow me to correctly… Read More »Adding Brown Rice to SCD?

The Flare is Over!

Hey Everyone, I am happy to report that on Day 75 I have started to feel normal (2-3 solid bms/day) again! I am really happy bout this and very motivated! For all those who are struggling with the diet, dont give up. The road to recovery is not an easy one! There will be plenty of ups and downs but the most important thing is that we are… Read More »The Flare is Over!

OK, now what? Am I doing this thing right?

Hi fellow UC’ers! I have officially ended my “intro” to scd, but I feel frustrated! Nothing really has changed with my colitis…I have however found that I’m in better moods, more focused, have more patience for my kids, and have a bit more energy (which DEFINITELY IS A GOOD THING!).  My husband actually noticed too and commented how “he has his old Angie back!” This makes me… Read More »OK, now what? Am I doing this thing right?

Day 66 of SCD Small Flare, Not Giving UP!

I am on day 66 of the SCD and I have run into what I think is the 2-3 month flare Elaine talks about in BTVC. About a week ago on Day 59 I started experiencing some UC symptoms and they have lasted up until today, so far. They are not serious issues like before the SCD but some of the D has come back and i’m back up to 4-6… Read More »Day 66 of SCD Small Flare, Not Giving UP!