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Family members who are living with someone who has ulcerative colitis

Worried Wife

Introduction: I am 37 and married with 3 children. My Husband has UC and I am interested in finding out more about the emotional side of UC. Some more about me: I am a teacher in Australia. My husband and I have 3 children. Our youngest has type 1 diabetes which makes our life extra […]

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New Diagnonis; Typical Symptoms and SCD Diet

Introduction: My husband, age 43, was recently diagnosed with UC, in July of 2013. We live in Florida and have a 10 year old son. I tend to eat a fairly healthy diet and exercise regularly, however, my husband is and has always been inclined toward eating “junk,” and has a great fondness for food, […]

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Blood Pressure Medications and UC

Introduction: Hi I am the wife of a 59 year old recently diagnosed UC sufferer. This person had no symptoms prior to having BP medications changed to a Generic Drug. However, he had developed an itcy shin rash under the skin on his face and GP was trying to cure with antibiotics, for approx 2 […]

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Pins and Needles with Prednisone

My sister has UC for over a year now, and has not responded to treatment (various drugs including prednisone) and has had pins and needles with prednisone. Her doctor says there is no link between the two and he also says that diet isn’t a factor in the illness – I consider this to be […]

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Where Is My Happy Husband?

Where Is My Happy Husband?

Introduction to Mrs. Huds: I’m Mrs. Huds and my husband of 8 years has been diagnosed with UC for at least the last 4. Our 5 year old only knows a sick daddy. What Led Me to Believe Something Was Wrong? His tummy was ALWAYS hard. For most people, that’s a good thing. It was […]

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