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Husband Just Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis

Hi I am delighted to have come across this site. My husband has just been diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in the last few weeks.

He started having diarrhea and bleeding from February.

He went to his GP doctor and a colonoscopy was organized.

We had to wait a few weeks for the scope, during this time my husband’s symptoms got worse.  After the scope he was put on a course of antibiotics and pentasa (4 tablets twice daily). His review appointment with the hospital consultant was for three weeks following the scope.

A week after his scope his symptoms were still getting worse, no improvement.  So I sent him back to his gp to maybe get his follow up appointment sooner.  At this stage he had lost around two stone(about 28 pounds).

His doctor more or less asked him why was he with her and go back to his consultant in three weeks. My husband was in very bad pain, diarrhea and bleeding and very weak. She never even examined him. So I phoned his consultant’s secretary and got his follow up appointment for the following week. The consultants secretary was very understanding and helpful, very concerned. At this appointment my husband was admitted to hospital. He was so ill his consultant wanted him to go by ambulance to hospital. We where transferred to another consultant as the first one was taking some time off work due to illness. This new consultant I felt never took us serious. He kept my husband for one day and two nights in hospital and got some steroid injections. Not enough treatment I have been told since. He was discharged and I had him back at the hospital 3 days later. He had now lost almost 3 stone.

We were sent home and told to come back in 1 week. He was told he was ok.

At this point we changed hospitals, the earliest appointment I could get was for one week. During the next few days his symptoms got worse so we headed off to the emergency department and my husband was admitted. He has been in hospital now for 6 days on steroid injections. We have been told he is very sick. His colon is so severely ulcerated they had to stop the scope. He got a remicade infusion last night and we are waiting now to see if it works. So far it hasn’t. Surgeon told us he will have to have his colon removed if remicade hasn’t kicked in by Friday. So that’s my story I cannot believe his condition progressed to this over a few months. I would love to hear from anyone with similar experiences and how you coped. Thanks for reading.

written by Abby

5 thoughts on “Husband Just Diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. Went through a similar spiral myself. I went to the hospital when I weighed 130 lbs, down from my normal 165. Let me know where best to contact you.

  2. Hi,
    I have had a similar experience to your husband.Hospital visits and overnight stays are not fun!
    I hope the Remicade treatment goes well this week.

  3. Hi Abby,

    I just started remicade couple of months ago and is working…..Keeping my fingers crossed that it works for you husband.


  4. Dont let drs force an unneccessary surgery. Your dr should be a little better than that. Remicaide takes about a good week or two to really kick in…I have had crohns for going on 5 yrs and let me fully honest here…and with no intention of promoting for recreational use…but after my body was rejecting every medication other than remicaide..i started on the medical marijuana and Me being told I was once the worse case in Riverside county in almost 10 yrs and I was only 27 and im 32 now. Everybody has seen the changr and what it also does after remicaide…depends on if hes premeded with benadryl and steroid, but ot helps with every symptom related to crohns or UC. I urge you and or anyone affected by this to look up Dr Sanjay Gupta of CNN. He did a very great and informative special on medical cannibis and all its properties that are helping more and more patients….Isreal of all places os concidered the foundation and birth place of medical cannibus and is being distributed in hospitals now for crohns and UC patients…Alot of medications do vet rejected but 2 ys is almost the most common time frame that most people even myself see the worst effect in this disease…It takes alot of discipline to overcome alot of obsticles from pain to bitterness to just an overall rollcoaster of emotions and spirals when medications actually show side effects. Patience understanding is a huge factor in it as well…My wife was and has been my biggest stone and without her id truly dont know where i would be…Let the medicone kick in…and with a liquid diet, good staff in hospital and resting of the intestines…Remicaide is a very good med to help…I take it every 8 weeks and have been good for the past 3 yrs after mutual hospitalizations…I will keep you and your husband in my prayers and this is only a thing and dont let it be what defines you…god bless and take care

    J Diaz-

  5. Get him out of the hospital ASAP and on a proper diet. The SCD (specific carbohydrate diet) is the most effective and will heal him. Start him on the intro diet and tapper off those drugs very slowly while you do it. The drugs merely suppress the bodies immunity from doing it’s natural job, protecting the body from harm.

    Cut out all dairy, grains, (bread, crackers, cakes, cereals). Read about the intro diet and the legal/illegal list on this site.

    Order the book and read it to understand the concept. Look it up on Amazon and read the comment section for more understanding from patients like your husband. Be careful with yogurt, it doesn’t work with all scd eaters. I had troubles myself.

    Good luck!

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