Been Clear For So Long…UNTIL NOW


Hi I’m John, 34 year old British Male, diagnosed 6 years ago with Complete UC. IT Manager. On Mezavant XL for last few years and WAS flare free for 3 years….until July 13.

Some more about me:

Laid back type of person most the time, stressy at work :)

Play Golf and enjoy changing my cars regularly :)

Symptoms I’m in the middle of:

Pain, Wind, Blood, Watery movements, aches and slight fever.

Been Clear For So Long with my Colitis…UNTIL NOW

Was diagnosed 6 years ago after quitting smoking, with hindsight – the worst decision ever. I’d rather have a few less years than UC.

Was put on Prednisolone and Asacol, though after tapering off the Pred, a flare would come on, so I was put on Azathioprine which was awful, so finally switched to Mezavant after many meets with the doctor – all because it’s expensive and the NHS don’t like giving it out??

SO over the last 3 years, I’ve generally been able to eat and drink what i wanted so can not complain at all.

That is until the beginning of July this year – Tonsillitis plus Antibiotics, not being able to swallow the Mezavant and so flare started, blood and mucus only, no urgency or pain. Tried to alter my diet and up my Mezavant though after a couple of weeks I had to get the doc to give me some Prednisolone. Was hoping to go with 30mg for a couple of weeks and then taper….

After a week no change was seen and the flare was bad, so doc said go to 40mg a day and see how it goes. Now after 2 weeks I’m feeling slightly better, less blood but still the urgency, wind pains and watery BM.

Really hoping they kick in soon, remember it took a good 4 weeks before i started tapering off the first time…

My unbelievable girlfriend has just gone out and got me some Imodium so i can get some sleep….2-3 hours a day is killing me.

No matter what I’ve done with my diet, it;s always the same, fine during the day, bit of pain and a few trips to the toilet. But at night, up 4-6 times.

Ate bananas and toast one day and was still up all night. Tried just chicken one day, no improvement, at a loss now.

Being screened for C Diff tomorrow though doubt it would be that easy.

Worst part is I’m supposed to be flying away to Croatia with my gorgeous girlfriend this Saturday. PLEASE IMODIUM WORK!!

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7 thoughts on “Been Clear For So Long…UNTIL NOW”

  1. Hey John,

    I really hope you can enjoy your trip to the Balkans. But also, I’m really hoping that you ended up getting screened for C-diff. Reason being, the heavy wind(maybe smellier than usual) can be a common sign of c-diff going on.

    ALSO, the fact that you recently took a round of antibiotics is unfortunately another potential trigger for C-diff. If you do some reading up on C-diff, you’ll see that listed quite a bit. Of course its not a guarantee, but since you’ve had so much success with treating things how you’ve been doing it with such long periods of remission, I wouldn’t be surprised if c-diff is playing games with you. (It played with me twice, and it was a super pain in the bummer).

    Either way, I wish you guys the best, and if you do get the positive for c-diffy, your docs should be able to recommend some good ways to get out of it, and hopefully that will be all you need to get things back on a roll. (Also, increased prednisolone/prednisone doesn’t really do anything for c-diff, so that kinda makes sense.)

    Best to you, keep your head up, you’ve been in remission before, and you’ll for sure get there again.


    1. What Adam said!

      Hopefully it isn’t c-diff…but with the antibiotics that you were on and all of those symptoms…maybe it is that easy!

      Hope so…


    2. Hi Adam,

      In the last 6-8 weeks I’ve been getting a real bad pain in the bummer especially at night. Also when I get up to urinate I cannot go until I sit down and release some pressure from the bummer, even if I couldn’t do anything ! It could be C-Diff but it could also be a prostate /bladder problem. Will need to get this checked out.

  2. Hi John,

    Be very careful about taking Immodium. My Gastro Doctor told me, when I was diagnosed with UC in Sept 2009, that I should NEVER take Immodium as it stops your Colon moving all the nasty impurities out of your body. Furthermore Immodium can cause “TOXIC MEGA-COLON” which could require emergency surgery on your Colon. Just thought you ought to know this. Wishing you the Best of Luck !

  3. Thanks guys, yeah gave up on the Imodium. My doc said one at night should be ok but now let things run their course. Frequency and urgency has eased from 15-20 times a day to 7-8 which is nice though low feel kinda bloated. Been so long since my last lager and steroid session I’ve no idea if this is a good sign. And with the multivitamins, calcium, probiotics…feeling a little nauseous..but if it gets me fit soon I’ll put up with it.

    Anybody able to chip in and say whether this is normal healing with the pred?

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