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Anyone From Ireland or the UK with Colitis?

Introduction to Lesley:

I live in the south of Ireland, female, 46. Been diagnosed officially with UC for a month. Never heard of colitis until now. Looking to contact others with the same condition in Ireland if possible.

Ulcerative Colitis in Ireland:

As much as I find this site really useful, I’m finding it hard to relate to some of the content because most of it is American. In Ireland/UK, we have different words for different drugs (or maybe they ARE different drugs), I don’t know. I could really do with hearing from others, preferably in Ireland as there doesn’t seem to be a separate forum in this country.

I got sick last August and had my colonoscopy at the beginning of December. I’d never even heard of colitis before. The doctor at the hospital put me on 6 wks of Mezavant XL and rectal Prednisolone. In my ignorance, I thought that I would take the meds and be cured! Ha ha. ( This was mainly because the doctor told me that the colitis could just burn itself out, which I thought meant, GO AWAY).

Unfortunately, there were 4 extra days between finishing my meds and my return appt. for my diagnosis, therefore I ended up with a full blown flare up which I wasn’t having before, I’d never had the excrutiating stomach cramps the first time round, just bleeding and the feeling that I had to go to the loo all the time.

Anyhow, I’m better now, but have to take a 12 day course of oral steroids which I’m none too happy about. I’m trying to keep a food diary to find out what my stomach likes/dislikes. Today it didn’t like soup, so I have stomach pain again. My GP tells me that because I have been vegetarian for years and had a pretty good diet, that I probably held off from getting the colitis for a long time. I don’t know. I do know I’ve been in a really stressful relationship for the past 4 years which is now ending and I can’t help wondering, looking at some of people’s experiences with stress on this site, if that has been a factor.
Upwards and onwards.

What Medications am I Taking:

Too new to this to talk about meds, I think, except that I DON”T WANT THEM!
written by Lesley
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5 thoughts on “Anyone From Ireland or the UK with Colitis?”

  1. hey!

    I’m 21 years old and from london!
    Its great to hear that you are being positive! my colitis was also brought on by stress, i have been diagnosed with it for 2 years now and have had 2 flare ups now! both brought on by too much stress! its annoying because whatever you eat make you feel worse! but keep going and the steroids will hopefully get you in remission. i myself practice meditation and yoga, it helps alot and i think you should try it! its amazing! if you want to chat you can email me on or just add me on facebook with that email! best of luck! xx

  2. hey im from dublin, 22 an have been diagnosed just before christmas with uc.. for now im on asacolon suppositaries until im back in hosp for an appointment on 20th of this month to review meds an stuff.. i think your right though,even though these sites are helpful it is alot of the american lingo that sometimes i dont understand an havnt heard of anyboddy on my meds yet to ask if there worth-while etc.. since being diagnosed iv studied the disease like a maniac,i wont have all the answers but feel free to mail me ( even if its just to complain about it all haha.. all the best, lynsey..

  3. Hi Lesley,
    I’m Susanne and i’m from Dublin. it’s 20 years today since I was diagnosed with UC when I was 18. I was in college, my mam was in hospital, I was looking after my baby sister who was 5 and my dad and working in my job when I collapsed in work. My body couldn’t take anymore. I hadn’t told anyone I had been running to the loo and all the blood, and the pain. I hadn’t told anyone cause I was so mortified with the result I ended up in the Adelaide hosp for a month. I droped 3 stone in 3 weeks, I couldn’t eat, hardly keep water down and to be honest I thought this was it I had cancer, but after lots of tests and a scope it was figured out I had UC. I was put on steroids and a drug called salaziopyrine. The dietician came to see me and put me on a low fibre diet to give my large intestine a rest so the only veg I could have was carrots, cauliflower and turnip as these are digested in the small intestine. Lean meat. but she said once it settled down I could start to reintroduce the other veg I loved. The only one I can not tollerate are peas. I was very lucky to be put under the care of a fantastic gastroenterologist Prof Colm O’Morain who has looked after me for 20 years untill he retired last year. I’ve had two major flares where I ended up in hosp. One 11 years ago where I had another 3 wk stint in Tallaght and was given Cyclosporin and was started on imuran to supress my immune system as they had discovered in the meantime it was an auto immune disease. Then after an amazing amount of stress this time last year I had my last flare and ended up in Tallaght for a week but because I knew what to do like go onto the low fiber and stuff it wasn’t as long in hosp. Got steroids and they increased my imuran and I got mezavant and colifoam and pentasa supp. Once the flare got back under control I was able to just stay on the imuran & mezavant so now I take 100mg imuran and 2400mg mezavant every day. I do still have some bad days and as my immune system is supressed I catch colds really easy but I can live with that compared to the cramps, living in the bathroom and afraid to go anywhwere in case something happens. I hope this helps or if you want to ctc me you can on take care. Susanne

  4. Hi Lesley,

    I live here in the UK, east anglia region. I was dx with ulcerative proctitis and have been dealing with this monster for over a year. I don’t take any meds by choice because i’m using alternatives. I don’t know how much help I can be, but I’m more than happy to talk to you. I know that social support is important during these times and its good to speak to people that can empathize.


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