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Any Advice Appreciated on Yogurt Maker


Hi My name is Tricia and my daughter has recently been diagnosed with UC
At the moment I feel I need all the information and support I can get to help my daughter manage this condition and get back to living the life she wants to live .

Yogurt Maker Question

Hallo everyone
My daughter has recently been diagnosed with UC. She has previously had very good health and enjoyed living life to the full. For the last 7 months she has very gradually become more unwell and tired until 3 weeks ago she was admitted to hospital as an emergency following a severe flare up She has just been discharged from hospital. She has had intravenous steroids for 14 days and is now taking oral steroids for 12 weeks plus Penntassa. At no time whilst she was in hospital was diet ever discussed and even when she asked to see a dietician she was told that she should eat a normal healthy diet with no specific changes to her diet being necessary or important. The consultant also told her that diet played no part in the treatment for UC. and that medication was the only way to control the illness.

We have bought your very informative book after finding your web site by accident and reading all the testimonials from so many people who have so many interesting and inspiring stories to tell, and after much research my daughter has started on the SCD diet. She is coping well with the diet and although she does feel extremely tired at times she has now returned to work and is anxious to get on and live her life as she would want to. Together we have managed to adapt to the SCD diet and as a family we are adapting and finding new recipes to make to make the diet interesting and healthy.

We have bought the EASYO yogurt maker and various sachets to make the yogurts, Could anyone tell me if these sachets of yogurt mix are safe on the SCD diet and if this non electric yogurt maker is the correct one to be using.
I would be very grateful for any advice.

Thank you

8 thoughts on “Any Advice Appreciated on Yogurt Maker”

  1. Hi Tricia,

    Thank you so much for adding your story, and I hope that things can also improve for your daughter in the near and long term.

    The link above is a new post from a few months ago which I posted regarding making home made yogurt. There is a link towards the bottom (it’s an Amazon affiliate link) to the exact yogurt starter I used, and it is SCD legal. You have a different yogurt maker than the one I have, however, my guess is that it will do the job, as long as you can “cook” the yogurt for 24 hours as is suggested with the SCD diet.

    Also, I don’t think you should worry too much that diet was never mentioned while your daughter was seeking medical care and in the hospital. That is by no means rare, and definitely don’t feel like your daughter was receiving any “less care” than other people would. The reality is that diet is almost never mentioned to UC patients in most countries of the western world. Heck, the same deal was true for me, and I can’t tell you how many others are in that very same boat.

    I wish you the very best, and please keep us posted on your daughter’s improvement.



  2. Hi Tricia,
    Sorry to hear about your daughter being diagnosed with UC. Just want to say that I was told by my GI that diet isn’t the cause of my UC… maybe not but… is definitely what helped me get back to a semi-normal life! SCD is where I started and built my diet from there. Keeping a diary is extremely important…there is no “one” path to follow for everyone. I can say that some of the big no no’s for most are nuts, seeds, hot spicy food, fatty food, a lot of the raw vegetables….slowly building from there through trial and error.
    This is a very supportive and informative site. Your daughter is fortunate to have your love and support, wishing you, your daughter and family wellness.

  3. Tricia Hi,
    I’ve been using the Donvier yogurt maker and the Yogourmet yogurt maker and they both work fine. I use the yogourmet starter. This seems to be recommended in one of the SCD related websites. I hope this is helpful.
    best wishes,

  4. I use a DASH yogurt maker and use the yogourmet starter. the starter works every time for me so no bad batches yet.

    I typically use coconut cream for my yogurt so it is thick. I add honey to it when it is hot and then cool it down to 110 F and stir in the starter.

    Using cream instead of any milk will add so many more calories if you need it. one little jar of my yogurt is 460 calories!

    1. Joan H

      Hi all, and thank you for sharing advice on yogurt makers. I also want to say to Tricia that your support and caring for your daughter and being willing to go the extra mile to get all this information and implement it is going to make a huge difference to your daughter. Even the fact that you’re looking into what you can do must mean so much to her.
      Question – If someone has allergies to many items (fruit like watermelon, apples, peaches, pears, plums, honeydew and cantalope) and milk intolerance (not allergy), also allergic to nuts, peanuts and I’m not sure about coconut. Any time I have a food with a trace of the things mentioned, the UC flares big and I’m in trouble for months – does anyone have any advice on yogurt making with all these allergies? I know we need to repopulate our gut with the good bugs, but it’s a little complicated. Thanks – Hope

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