Anticipating a Happy Story to Follow

Gina b fullIntro:

My name is Gina, I’m 49 and I live in metro Atlanta. I’ve had UC for 16 years. I have gone in and out of remission during this time, but currently am in a flare. At this point of my journey my body responds better to natural treatments more than conventional ones.

Some more about me:

I’m a personal trainer and also teach piano. I love to cook, I have to, I’m on a the GAPS/SCD diet and most foods I eat are not available to me unless I cook them :) I love to spend time in the gym and help my clients reach their fitness goals. When I teach piano, it’s awesome to see my students enjoy playing a piece they worked hard to learn. I want to learn everything I can to better my health and heal from UC. When I’m in a flare, I find that I focus on myself and getting better and forget to enjoy everything else going on around me.


I’ve been in a flare since early December. I go the bathroom between 8 – 10 times a day. I experience urgency, diarrhea, loose stool and blood.

Gina’s Story:

When I first was diagnosed with UC, Azulfidine and cort enemas helped. I actually went into a remission for years. It was after I had my second baby I started to have UC symptoms again. Before I got pregnant, my gyno told me to get a MMR vaccine, so I did. I was fine during my pregnancy, but soon after I had my son, the symptoms began to return. Very interesting. I believe the MMR vaccine triggered the UC to act up. Like waking a sleeping lion.

I was blessed to meet someone who told me about the SCD diet and it helped me get out of a terrible flare. I made the mistake of trying to eat illegal foods every time I would start to feel better, because each time, I would to back into a flare. If I’m stressed and eating illegal SCD foods, it would not be a good combination and would trigger a flare.

Summer of 2012 went into another flare. I was reading a blogger’s post and she wrote about how she was going to try the GAPS diet in addition to the SCD diet. Her story was so close to mine. I gave the GAPS a try after reading the book. It helped me get out of my flare. The diet is close to the SCD diet but relies a lot on fermented vegetables and other foods as well as beef stock to heal the intestines.

So fast forward to December 2013, I was on the GAPS diet for 1 1/2 years, off my meds and feeling great. You guessed it, I started to introduce illegal foods to see if my body would respond and that mixed with holiday and other stress I went into another flare!

I’m most concerned about the fact that I’m having a really hard time getting out of this flare! I’ve been on the GAPS intro diet for one month and still have the 8 -10 trips to the bathroom, blood, diarrhea, urgencies. The intro diet which once worked is not this time

Medications / Supplements:

I take SCD10+, S. Boulardii, cod liver oil, vitamin D, Floic acid, L-Glutamine and Redmond Clay.

Started back on Azulfidine when flare started, but honestly do not think it does anything for me anymore.

I just learned about Redmond Clay so I was excited to give it a try. Also, S. Boulardii is supposed to be good if you have any kind of yeast issues and diarrhea and thought it might be good to include in my daily supplements.

I’m kind of in wait mode, anticipating everything I’m taking to kick in and work.

written by Gina B

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17 thoughts on “Anticipating a Happy Story to Follow”

  1. Hi Gina,

    Meds no longer work for me either….not that they ever really did. I have had UC for about as long as you have. I’ve been med free and in remission for two years, until this past October, when I decided it would be a good idea to get the flu vaccine. I’ve had them before (and coincidentally always flared in the fall/winter), but did not have one last year…with no flare! Feeling so good this year, I went ahead and tried the vaccine again…bad idea. I too began a flare that lasted about 2 months.

    Thankfully, I am once again back in remission, but I did double up on the astaxanthin (a natural anti inflammatory) and the probiotic that I take, both daily….ALTHOUGH, I’m not sure if that’s why I am back in remission, or if the flu shot just worked its’ way through my body?? It was like, just overnight, the flare was gone, after having the awful thing for about two months!

    I hope that happens to you too!


  2. Hi Gina,

    Keep your spirit up girl!

    I’m sure its super frustrating since you’ve gotten past UC flare up symptoms before and this is a tuff one. But the truth is…all flares are different and sometimes they take a bit longer to get past.

    You’re gonna get past this, and I’m expecting a long run at remission for you once again.

    Hang in there,

    -Adam :)

    1. What Adam said!

      I also forgot to say the same sort of thing….maybe just hang in there a bit longer. I swear, I thought this last flare was not going to pass, but like I said, after plugging away at my natural stuff for almost two months, remission has returned!

      I was getting discouraged, thinking that the things that worked for me the last time, were not gonna work this time…but they finally did…OR, like I said…the big bad vaccine finally wore off from my body?

      1. Thanks Bev,

        Exactly, what worked last time, just hasn’t worked as fast this time. The probiotics (SCD 10+ and S. Boulardii) are finally kicking in. I’m just trying to figure out the right dosage. It’s all trial and error for me. This flare has been trying, but realizing that working on being positive and hopeful is going to help my body heal.


    2. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share my story. I have always just read everyone’s stories but never stepped out of my comfort zone to share my story and put it all out there. Your web site has helped me to realize I’m not alone and can reach out which really does help.

      It has been very discouraging but I do appreciate the encouragement!

      I’m taking S, Boulardii, which is a probiotic that is helpful for D. and I do see some improvement, I will be sure to update my story as things improve!



      1. Yeah, I hear that! You know…I actually doubled the anti inflammatory (astaxanthin) and the probiotic…and I think it was the anti inflammatory that helped more. I may have been taking double the probiotic for nothing….who knows!

        (BTW, I also take L-glutamine, just like you. I forgot to mention that. Upping that during this past flare really didn’t do anything I don’t think).

        Do you take anything natural for inflammation? If so, take more….if not, try buying one and taking it. I take astaxanthin, but there are many natural anti inflammatories out there for sure.

        1. I take Boswellia for inflamation. Before reading your post, I never hear of astaxanthin, I will research it. Oh, and I take MSM, that is a natural anti-inflamatory supplement as well. I agree, think it helps a lot. I’m hopeful my health will improve!

  3. Gina,
    I am very proud of you and your efforts! Your husband is like a brother to me and trying to understand has been hard, unless affected by UC you don’t know what a person goes through. My concern helps me understand as my mother suffered for many years with UC, a situation brought to light years after her death by my oldest sister. Seeing your forum provided understanding and great respect. As always we are here for you and fight on, you will win!

    1. Thanks. I appreciate your’s and Angela’s support, it means a lot to me. I didn’t know your mother had UC!? Flares are terrible, but I have to say, it makes you realize what’s most invaluable in life – God’s love, having your health and the friends and family you share it with. I’m looking forward to feeling better and celebrating with you guys :)

  4. Gina
    my GP prescribed Codeine 30mg 1 x 2 daily and I have not had loose stools since, the fact that it slows down your system means I only go 4 times max daily but most days it is only twice in the morning and not again for the rest of the day which is a huge confidence boost.

    I do take Mesalazine and Azathioprine but the codeine has had the most impact on how often I go.

  5. I am right there with you! Been in a flare since December, cant get it to chill with meds, and diet changes work from meal to meal. My last flare was 3 years ago, bacteria C-Diff related, and all meds worked then. They dont anymore. We’ll figure this out!

    1. I was tested for C. diff cause I thought I might have that this time, but tested negative. Although I have been taking S. Bouldardii to help with the D. I think it helped.

  6. Your case of UC sounds similar to mine, I was diagnosed about 17 years ago. I also have flares and long periods of remission. I think it’s very interesting that you flare directly after eating things that aren’t SCD. It’s so easy to relax and forget how bad the flares can be. That is a reminder to me to continue eating right even when I’m feeling good. Isn’t that the wonderful thing about this website? I never have a flare resolve before 2 months so hang in there, I’ve always felt it was something that had to run it’s course somewhat but I am anxious to see if I can get future flares to resolve earlier with a cleaner diet. Watching Adams video of how he ate to clear a flare was interesting to me. He cut out pretty much everything but meat, vegetables, and eggs from what I could tell, no honey, and nothing to drink but water at least for a few days. I’m going to try that next time. I really think that the addition of prebiotic and probiotic foods to my diet recently has made a measureable difference in how formed my bowels are. I hope you’re feeling better already. Take care.


    1. I totally agree, I have to remember when I’m feeling good to stay true to my diet, that I really am thankful for, to avoid a flare. I look back to right before my flare and realized it was a few things, eating illegal foods, stress, lack of sleep, too many things that can lead to a flare. I’ve learned from this flare and hope to never repeat it.

      I decided to go off the GAPS/SCD intro diet because I was loosing too much weight and it had been long enough as well. I eat mostly meat and veges and am starting to feel better and my symptoms are beginning to subside.

      I think all the supplements I’m taking are beginning to help as well :)

      I’m hanging in there, I can’t wait to feel better!

  7. Yes for me too with weight loss and things being aggravated by lack of sleep or too much going on. But this diet does make me feel like I have some control which is wonderful.


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