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when is a diagnosis not a diagnosis?

…when it’s not really definite! So , I got to see a consultant gastroenterologist last week. A very pleasant young man. He said I had Inflammatory Bowel Disease, but it was difficult to diagnose whether it was Colitis or Crohn’s, but because of some of my other symptoms, i.e. mouth ulcers, joint aches etc, he thought that it was more than likely to be Crohn’s Disease. I told him about the BTVC book and the SCD diet I had been following since the biopsies were taken and the difference it has made. He showed some interest, and said he knew a doctor in London who had done research on Crohn’s and autism and diet , but that he had ‘rocked’ the boat somewhat with his concerns about the MMR jab being a trigger in some cases…anyway he offered me some drugs, which I declined, and he said  that if I was happy to continue with my diet then that was great, he’ll see me in 6 months, and in the meantime if I need any drugs, just call my GP. So there you have it, the diagnosis that is not really but could be!

On a more serious note, for the last 10 days or so, I ‘ve had a really painful, stiff neck , the vertebrae at the very top, the bit the skull sits on, so I went to see my chiropractor, she thinks it’s directly related to Crohn’s – a kind of arthritis – great!  I was a bit upset because I’ve been doing so well, yet the joint pain seems to have recently got slightly worse, which is weird because all the other symptoms have been improving. I wonder if anybody else has experienced this?

I’m beginning to feel a bit like a hypochondriac!

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