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Taking Prednisone and Getting Married in a Month

My Ulcerative Colitis Story:

Hi Everyone! This is my first post and wanted to get some helpful advice. I was recently diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis a couple weeks ago and started Colazal with no improvement. My doctor now wants me to start Prednisone but I am terrified to get the physical side effects. I am getting married in exactly a month and can’t afford any weight gain since I have to fit into my dress and of course I don’t want the dreaded “moon face” for my big day. I just started the Prednisone with hesitation after speaking with my doctor about my concerns. He said that I should try it for a week and see how I do. What I am mostly worried about is not having any symptoms until closer to my wedding. I explained to him that I have no issues starting it immediately after my wedding but he told me to try. What I would like to know is everyone who is or has taken Prednisone when these specific side effects started and what dosage you were on.

Any information would be greatly appreciated as I am so new to this scary disease and could use any support.


My Current Medications:

Prednisone…starting at 40mg/ week, then 30mg/week ect…

Submitted by Courtney in the Colitis Venting Area


12 thoughts on “Taking Prednisone and Getting Married in a Month”

  1. Hi,

    Hate to be negative, but I have been on prednisone for years, granted a low dose now, but 40mg at it’s worst. My symptoms of moon belly, moon face and every other nasty side effect began about 4-6 weeks after starting, not what you want to hear I know! I am 4 years down the line, my face is much better, but not fully normal, and my waist is still carrying some extra weight that I’m told is water, but all I know is someone must therefore be missing a reservoir, cos it just won’t shift!!

    It does work, but the side effects are one of the parts of UC I have found hardest to deal with, not just physical, but psychological too.

    Best wishes to you,

    Katherine (UK)

  2. Hello,

    I took prednisone on a taper basis, starting at 40mg daily. I did not experience any side effects at all. Your doctor may give you that first to get you into remission, and then another safer alternative to keep you in remission.

  3. I too was just dianosed with UC. I am 5’10” & I had went from about 145 lbs to 108 lbs in a month. After starting 40mg of prednisone, I went from 108 lbs to 140 lbs in a week. It was definitely all water weight. I also had that terrible moon face. A couple of weeks later, I had lost all the water weight. Prednisone didn’t really do anything to help my symptoms & I eventually was able to wean off of it.

    Sorry it’s so negative, but hopefully you’ll have good results with it.

  4. i’ve been using pred. for a long time.. First of all, you have to think your health. Believe me, when you feel better, your wedding will be much better ;) let’s talk about prednisone, your appetite will increase, you should be careful about it. Drink water, drink water, drink water! If you don’t this you will probably have moon face or weight gaine.. And try to reduce using salt.. Good luck!

  5. Hi

    I have been on and off prednisone for 2 and 1/2 will make you feel better, give you a false sense of feeling way better, give you energy you never knew you had..Just don’t eat to feel full..You will never feel full..I have gotten really thin over the years even while on the steroids. I actually think I look cuter when I have the moon face..fills out the wrinkles. I like the way the chubby look makes me look healthier and feel more womanly.It is a hard drug to get off, bt if it makes you better how can that be all bad and remember he is marrying you not the out for the angry feelings…caused issues for me in my relationships. I agree with love..your health needs to come first and your wedding will be more enjoyable if you are not running to the washroom and the steroids will help with that 100%.

  6. I took a tapered dose of prednisone 2x this year. The second time around I was on 40 mg for 2-3 weeks can’t remember, then tapered down to 30, 20 etc. I’d say I was on it for about two months. I did experience slight weight gain about 5-10 lbs, but I just watched what I ate.

    For me it worked quickly to get me into remission. I’m also getting married, but I am worried about being sick for the wedding. My dr and I have talked about the possibility of going back on prednisone right before the wedding if stress causes a bad flare again. Once I went off of the prednisone I quickly lost any weight I had gained.

    I think reactions are different for everyone. Stay active and watch what you eat. From what my GI says prednisone should have a quick effect if it is going to work for you. Feel better!

  7. I was on pred for UC also. Lower dose to start, that didn’t help so they upped the dose to 40mg a day. I had no effects till a couple months in, just very hungry and night sweats. Didn’t get moon face till about 4 mnths in. I would highly recommend checking in to scdiet . It’s been 4mnths, drug free. Just drink plenty of water to keep yourself from retaining water, I know that sounds funny , drink more water not to retain water, but it works. Congrats!!

  8. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    I started on a 40 mg and tapered down over the course of 3 months. I had a hard time putting the weight back on after the flair caused me to lose so much so fast. The prednisone didn’t make me gain weight quickly at all. I ate 6 times a day albeit the same foods over and over again. It is only now, 2.5 months after finishing the prednisone that I am back at my original, pre-disease weight. I didn’t get a bad moon face but I did get a rounder face. My more noticeable side effects were swollen feet, ankles, and calves. Also, my blood sugar started to go up. As I was stepping down in the dose, my moods did start to noticeably change but I was also dealing with an exceedingly bad flair too so I think that played a role. Mostly it made me depressed and quiet. It helped me but I didn’t stay in remission at the conclusion of the course of treatment. I have just had my 3rd Remicade infusion and I haven’t experienced any side effects from that drug yet.

  9. For balance can I give my, a man’s experience. I have been on Prednisolone for exactly one year this month, starting initially with a 40mg dose then gradually reducing to a maintenance dose to where I am now, being weaned off on a 1mg per day dose. Unfortunately this weaning off procedure is not working as the more serious symptoms of UC have started to return, so I will be off to see my doctor again this week. But that’s by the by, what you want to know is what the initial effects of Prednisolone are. In my case, as judging by the other responses we are all affected differently but with some similarities, my initial experience was boundless energy, insomnia and a general feeling of well-being although still being in considerable pain. After a few weeks my visits to the toilet reduced slightly although not significantly but the pain never left. I did put on weight but not until possibly two to three months had passed and have only noticeably had the starting of a ‘moon face’ just recently. I would add my weight had reduced prior to being diagnosed with UC to an underweight 160 UK lbs, I’m 6ft tall, to my weight now 212 UK lbs overweight if anything. I think the best to do is just follow your doctor’s advice, the likelihood of a ‘moon face’ within a period of one month would seem unlikely to me, plus you want to feel well on your special day. I hope whatever you do your wedding goes off without a hitch and both you and your new husband have a lifetime of happiness together.

    1. Hi Tony,
      THank you so very much for sharing your prednisone experience/wisdom. I can say without a doubt that whenever I see a comment written from you on this site to someone new, it is an invaluable treasure indeed. As you and I know all too well, this disease is different for everyone with certain similarities just like you say. And what is really valuable in my opinion, is to meet others with UC who you share a level of agreement with on how this disease works based off experiences and observations. That is me with you.

      Thanks for helping the discussions and discoveries here. Its so much appreciated. Its been a while since I’d seen Tony (UK), which can mean things are going well… and I hope your current symptoms can get under control quickly so you can live finish up the summer with a bang. Either way, your approach and way of thinking about the disease is something we all can learn from.
      Best of luck to you and all the colitis vetrans!

      1. Many thanks for the compliment Adam. Yea things had not been going too bad until just lately when my doctor cut back on the prednisolone. I fear now I’m on the precipice of another flare, but then you learn to adapt to the ups and downs with this alien inside you, I’ll get through it and tame the beast. If I can help anyone I will, I know how I felt when first diagnosed and not knowing a thing about the condition, quite worried and to be quite honest, frightened. Your help and others on your site, especially Dede have been of great value to me and I am forever in your debt, so if I can help others with the little I know I think that’s a way of repaying you both. We may all be several thousands of miles from each other but could be no closer in fighting our common enemy.

  10. I actually posted a response to this on the facebook post Adam made for you, but I want to make sure you see it. Your body responds to carbs, sugar, and salt differently while on pred. I’ve been on 60mg of pred without ANY weight gain by doing the Atkins diet. Only eat protein and veggies and you wont gain a pound. No salt either! Good luck chick!

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