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Tony D

Looking for SCD and FODMAP Insight

Mild symptoms, thankfully. Some cramping, loose BM. My Bristol scale is 4-6. No bleeding in 3 mos. at which time it was very mild and lasted only a few days because I went to daily Rowasa usage. having read many entries, I feel truly blessed my symptoms aren’t as severe as others here! Something interesting about me: I’m American Indian and sing at Pow Wow’s.… Read More »Looking for SCD and FODMAP Insight

Thank you for your website Adam, and for my Remission

I’m Mathilde, I’m 29, French. I’m a PhD student in Psychology. I wanted to share my story with you because it’s first coming across this website that I learnt about the SCD diet. It’s been 7 months I am following it, I have been free of symptoms since September. I have no doubt the diet help me and I don’t see a better way to… Read More »Thank you for your website Adam, and for my Remission

In Remission !!

A massive congrats to Laura who has found remission by treating her ulcerative colitis with the SCD diet and by removing certain foods and alcohol and doing all this while doctors felt there was a very small chance that she would have success, her story is amazing!

Another Colitis Symptoms Success Story – Diet Related

This is an email I received from one of the UC’ers who uses this site, and what a great message to get, have a read: Ann here from England, thought I would give you an update, I purchased the SCD book by Elaine Gottshall, and bought most of the ingredients required to commence myself healing plan, after 3 weeks of living by this food bible… Read More »Another Colitis Symptoms Success Story – Diet Related