Salt May Be the Culprit in Autoimmune Diseases

Tucson MomIntroduction:

I’m the mother of a 24-year-old son who was diagnosed with severe UC in January 2012 just a few months before he graduated from college. I’m very proud of him – although he was sick and in pain, he graduated on time and is now employed and living on his own.

He’s tried many things including the Specific Carb Diet and different medications but nothing works. He recently told me he doesn’t want to talk about colitis anymore or hear my suggestions of things that might help him get well. He said he’s tired of getting his hopes up then being let down yet again. I respect his wishes. We stay in touch and talk on the phone about once a week but it’s hard to not share new info with him.

But that doesn’t stop me from sharing with all of you, does it?!

My son reads this website and I’m very grateful to Adam who is bringing this disease out in the open so everyone can learn from each other.

And if my son reads this posting: “I love you, son, and will continue praying for you to get well.”


I want to share with you an article that was in today’s newspaper that states SALT could be promoting these diseases. Here it is in its entirety:

Arizona Daily Star (Tucson, AZ)
MARCH 12, 2013

Salt May be the Culprit Full story from the Arizona Daily Star- Click Here

written by Tucson Mom

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4 thoughts on “Salt May Be the Culprit in Autoimmune Diseases”

  1. That is so interesting! I hope the research keeps going on that and that they get more definite results specifically related to UC. I am currently cutting out as much sugar as I can and things that are too acidic and raw veggies, because those all seem to make me worse. So I’m not sure if I can add salt to the list of cut items, or I might be left with nothing to eat except bland chicken, haha. BUT if a few weeks of my current diet doesn’t show some improvement, maybe I’ll try cutting as much salt as possible instead! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Funny you should point this out?!?!? I have/had low blood pressure and a Dr I saw years ago (12) mentioned to increase my salt intake. That’s all fine as it helped my low blood pressure. BUT… I had a lot of other minor symptoms of many auto immune diseases but ignored by myself (as people didn’t believe me really) and Drs who always attributed my symptoms to something else or something major, but never treated. Just a side point- It’s amazing too , if you don’t take a drug they don’t want to see you again?!?!
    So of course my symptoms got worse until I ended up having 7 autoimmune diseases. Frustrating and painful.
    I will definitely keep my salt intake in check now. My diseases are all cured and it started with DHEA getting my bowel to stop bleeding and being able to form normal stools. And then slowly (as my body could cope) I introduced raw organic foods and juices (ONLY the ones my body could use. And slowly my immune system healed. I’m currently having a relapse of my bloods not being right with anemia and white cell count. But I used protein powder forthat and that worked before,I also read sulphate can help so I’m reasearching cell salts now.
    thanks for the article.
    We need to stick together. And I understand your son not wanting anything more. There is only so much disappointment one human being can endure, and then it’s ignore it and get strong again to continue on. I did that and it takes a long time to gain strength to takle it again.

  3. Thank you for sharing a nice article!
    I think your son has a very caring mom, and I wish I had a caring mom like you.
    My mom just worries about me, I wish she just goes out and search for more constructive advice, instead she does nothing and tries to ignore that I have IBD, which frustrates me much more…I guess we all have things we dont have.
    I am sure your son appreciates a mom like you, at the same time I also understand how he feels it really sucks to have this disease (I mean why this disease, the disease I cannot eat the food I want, affecting my social and work life…)

    Talking about salt, I am not too sure if it was salty food that caused UC, but I think its salt and high vegetable fat that is high in Omega 6, without balanced nutrition.

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