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Nori Health chatbot coach program enters pilot phase, discounted early access available

Startup Nori Health will soon introduce their chatbot (computer-driven) coach for people living with IBD and chronic IBS, with the goal of helping them discover and change lifestyle factors that impact mental and physical well-being. After successfully testing with the Dutch Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation, it now enters the pilot phase with hospitals and insurers globally.

Roeland Pater, founder of Nori Health and Crohn’s sufferer himself, explains a bit more: “We have identified promising results in the tests we did with the foundation, and we are now building on top of that. For example, we’ve already seen around 30% improvement of daily management of the condition. But before the app becomes available to the public we want to make sure it has the highest impact possible.”

Quality of life improvement program

Nori Health is a six week program in which people with IBD and chronic IBS have access to unlimited conversations with Nori, the chatbot coach. Because Nori is computer-driven she is able to talk to thousands or even millions of people at the same time.

Nori Health IBD IBS Chatbox service
screenshot example from Roeland

Conversations with Nori are completely anonymous and focus on a range of 100+ topics proven to impact the quality of life for people living with Crohn’s, colitis and IBS. These include very practical topics such as diet, hydration and stress – while offering a more holistic approach that focuses on factors such as acceptance, anxiety and openness.

“Each person that talks to Nori has unique conversations based on his or her personal situation and progress,” Pater continues. “The outcome of the six weeks would be optimized quality of life, so it’s advised to complete the program every six months in order to retain the best lifestyle choices and receive the newest insights.”

Discounted early access available

The Nori Health program will become available in the coming months. People that subscribe for early access through the website now, will receive a 50% discount code, redeemable towards the full 6-week program.

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  1. 1) In your subscriber group does anyone have or has had a gastro doctor who have/has had UC?

    2) What % of people with UC have to eventually have surgery?

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