My Sister Had Ulcerative Colitis


Hi Everyone,
This is a story of my sister (Nafisa Naviwala) age 27yrs who had Ulcerative Colitis from last 5 years, finally got surgery done… and now she is perfectly fine (Rajkot, India).

My Sister’s Colitis Story:

Hi Everyone,
This is a story of my sister (Nafisa Naviwala) who had Ulcerative Colitis few years before-
6 years ago at the age of 21, my sister gave birth to a child… On that day she passed the stool which was very liquid… From that day the actual problem started but couldn’t realize… Every night she use to go for toilet once, but the frequency increased day by day… After some days the stool also contained drops of blood… We went to several doctors to diagnose but none of the doctors could imagine what the actual problem was. They thought it was piles. After several doctors, one of the doctors examined and asked to go through an endoscopy. We went to Rajkot (City).
We did the endoscopy but due to careless behaviour only half of the Endoscopy was done. Medicines were prescribed by the Doctor which was mainly Mesacol and others. The problem was contained for several days but then it came to that point again. Doctor was contacted and asked to increase the dose to double. But problems continued.
We didn’t trust the doctor anymore, so we shifted to one of the famous hospitals of Mumbai. Once again the overall process started but problems continued. The daily charges and medical charges were too expensive. After 8-10 days treatment under Doctor’s supervision, we decided to come back and continue from our hometown. After some days, we came back to the original medical clinic. Contacted the doctor but he asked to get admitted and to be in his supervision. This was not which could be afforded.
Doses were increased but there weren’t any solutions… People gave us all sorts of advice- knocked the doors of homeopathic, Ayurvedic and several others… This continued for a year. But the problem still prevailed. Doctors use to show faith and trust on their medicines but there weren’t any results.
Weight was reduced to 27kgs from 42kgs. Frequencies of motions were increased to 12-15 times in a day. Other severe problems started: black outs, memory loss, weight loss, body pain etc due to heavy doses of steroids and other medicines.
Family Surgeon recommended a Gastro-Enterologist doctor in Rajkot. One more knock on the door. This time it was Wockhardt hospital. Overall process was again started. Endoscopy, Biopsy and other major blood reports were done. After examining the reports, on consultation doctor advised, the problem has been from a long run and colitis spread in the major parts of large intestine and it could also spread to small intestine which could further lead to Cancer.. He advised, we would take a chance with medicines for maximum of 3 months, if still prevailed would recommend surgery (removal of large intestine).
Medications were started; suppository, azoran, mesacol, Entofoam and others were advised. But no recovery in the given deadline. Same problems existed. Doctor asked to opt for surgery and recommended one of the best doctors of Gujarat.
Moved on to Ahmadabad this time, Hari-Bhakti Surgical Hospital now as Kaizen Hospital. Under the guidance of Dr. Hari Bhakti and Harshad Soni two well known masters of this field. Surgery was done in two stages and Large intestine was taken off. At first some minor problems prevailed after surgery, but then everything was taken care by these doctors.
Ulcerative colitis had ruined her entire life. Marriage life ended in a divorce as soon as Ulcer was diagnosed. Now she lives a normal life with her 2 children. My advice is not to take Ulcer symptoms lightly, as it can damage your whole life. Homeopathic & Ayurvedic is hard to believe in these cases. People simply waste months and years in these treatments. If 6 years before we would have consulted a specialist or a good doctor we wouldn’t had to come so far. It could have easily been treated with medications.
Please do consult in case you need any further advice on my email-

written by Nadim,

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  1. So happy to hear about your sister.I am having similar problems now regarding marriage and my life is a complete mess!!

  2. thank you for sharing the story……my dear one is also suffering from UC, however so far no surgery has been suggested. I really don’t know how trustworthy doctors are ……but the medicines are surely having side effects …….drowsiness, giddiness, memory loss, loss of energy…….tremendous fatigue and weight loss. what care can one take at home???please advice

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