My Long and Jumbled Story That I Hope Helps Someone


Hey everyone,
So it says to “write anything unique to my situation”, but I’m worried that if I write about it people will get angry at me and think that I’m trying to out do everyone when I promise that is not my intentions at all.  I am simply here to tell my story and possibly help someone if at all possible.   As of right now the only thing I find “unique” about my situation is that I’ve had 2 heart operations, Ulcerative Colitis and very many allergies.

Now for My Colitis Story:

Alright so I was diagnosed back in April 2007, right after my 16th birthday, great birthday present no? I tried as hard as I could to hide the symptoms because I felt like I had enough health issues (I had two heart operations. A VSD repair and a coarctation of the aorta, both when I was really young, the first one being when I was 8 days old and the second when I was 3 and a half years old.) and I felt that I would be such a burden to my parents. So I tried as best as I could to hide it. My parents, being the smart people they are, figured out that something was wrong with me when I became a sickly pale white, was always sleeping and missed many days of school.

After missing my 10th school day my mother had enough and brought me in to see my family doctor who ordered blood work, this was on a Tuesday. Thursday we got a call from the doctors office telling my mother to rush me to emergency right away, that something was terribly wrong. It turns out my iron count was at 20 when it’s supposed to be 120 or more. The doctors were astounded that I was still walking around and going to school. After spending a good few hours in CHEO’s emergency department I was free to go home. Friday soon rolled around and during dinner we got a call telling me to return to the CHEO emergency. Once I arrived there they admitted me as a patient. I was there for 10 days.

I was diagnosed with moderate Ulcerative Colitis and with that we discovered that my flare up trigger is excessive stress (exam time is a nightmare). We also figured out that those foods that doctors told me were a no no aren’t all that bad for me. I eat one very small piece of broccoli every time someone that I know has some, I just recently had my first corn on the cob in years, Movie popcorn is the best and I eat it by the handfuls and those darn beans don’t last long when placed in front of me, but oddly enough I’ve lost my sweet tooth, it seems sugar and my tummy no longer agree. Mind you I do eat these all in moderation and I know when enough is enough.

I am 20 years old now, and love sharing my story. I share because I want people to see that yes I have health issues and do get sick more then most people, but I can still live.

We can all live normal lives.

If you look at me you can’t tell I’ve got what I’ve got but one thing I’ve developed since being diagnosed is the fear of people touching my belly. I some how got it into my head that if anyone touches my belly they will know and treat me differently, so taking the saying “best way to get rid of your fears is to face them” and got my belly button pierced. I was so proud that I let some random stranger pierce my belly.

I’m sorry if I suck at writing and the paragraphs are so jumbled it’s just that I have a story to share and my story is as jumbled as the paragraphs. I do hope that this in any way helped someone. Feel free to comment and drop me a line. Thanks :)

My Colitis Medications:

Ok so I’ve been on the same exact meds and same exact dose since I’ve been diagnosed. I take Salofolk 500mg, 4 tablets twice a day. It’s a lot yeah, but it works for the most part.

When I flare up I take 15mg of Prednisone until it goes down, doctors are pleased that I respond so well to this treatment.


Submitted by “Little Miss Sicky” in the Colitis Venting Area

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2 thoughts on “My Long and Jumbled Story That I Hope Helps Someone”

  1. Hey, i just wana say what a great story! i really admire your strength because i know how it feels to be a teenager with this ridiculous problem! i am also 20 years old and i love the fact that you are so willing to just get on with life, even with all your problems. I just wana say you inspire me and i wish you all the best with your future! you will get very far in life with that attitude! keep it up! and if u ever wana chat email me on

    See ya!! xx

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