Quick Thoughts on Yesterday’s Conference for Chrons & Colitis Patients & Families


I’ve probably had uc for many years now, but only recently diagnosed during a horrible flare – during which I thought I was dying – or did I die and come back to life? I’m not sure….. but I’m sure that some of you can relate.

The Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation’s Meeting Review:

I will tel my story later – have to get to work now,… but I’d like to let you all know that yesterday I attended the ccfa.org educational symposium on Crohn’s and colitis information for patients and family members. It was very informative, but I feel that it was lacking in that most of the speakers (famous GI’s) did not address the SCD diets – which have been helpful for me and many others. Perhaps it is because SCD type diets do not financially benefit pharmaceutical corporations and their investment in clinical trials that support their biologics and steroids – which we pay big $ for and keeps these pharmaceutical corporations in business.

We need to band together – (Thank you Adam & Sean – feb162019ihaveuc.mystagingwebsite.com www.chronology.com – and others like you) and find out whom of us are wealthy UC’ers & get our own funding together to support clinical trials of SCD type diets, herbal/food alternatives (turmeric, quercetin, probiotics, etc,… and other free, healing alternatives that are side effect free & affordable.

Handouts of the slides of the presentations at this educational conference/symposium for ulcerative colitis & chrons patients & family members was notCCFA Crohns and Colitis Foundation of America available this year because of costs & saving paper, so they will be available online in a few weeks at ccfa.org. If you can’t get them, I will be posting my notes & a summary of each seminar that I & my Dad attended soon.

here are the seminars from yesterday:


Registration, Continental Breakfast, and Exhibits

Welcome and CCFA Introduction:
J. Antonio Quiros, MD CMAC Chair
Lindsay Brown, CCFA Regional Education and Support Manager

Keynote Address: Surgery for Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
The Truth about Surgery: Separating Fact from Fiction
Madhulika Varma, MD

SESSION 1: 9:20 am-10:10am

Workshop 1A: New Frontiers in IBD Research
What’s Next in IBD Research
Antonio Quiros, MD

Workshop 1B: Vaccinations and Cancer Screenings
Staying Healthy with IBD: Infection and Cancer Prevention Workshop
Fernando Velayos, MD

Workshop 1C: What Patients Want to Know About IBD
Answers to Questions You Were Afraid to Ask
Richard Auld, MD

SESSION 2: 10:20am-11:11am

Workshop 2A: Writing for Health
Treat Not Only the Body: Coping with Chronic Illness
Abby Caplin, MD

Workshop 2B: Self Advocacy and Care for Patients and Loved Ones
Navigating the System: A Proactive Approach to Your Treatment Plan
Bayla Travis, MA

Workshop 2C: What Can I Eat? Nutrition and IBD
Learn More about Nutrition and IBD
Roger Kao, MD

SESSION 3: 11:20am-12:10pm

Workshop 3A: IBD Medications 101: What You Need to Know
Hype or Hysteria? Learn More about Current IBD Medications
Sara Streett, MD

Workshop 3B: IBD and Older Adults
Unique Issues in IBD in People Over Age 40
Kenneth McQuaid, MD

Workshop 3C: Children and IBD
Unique Issues in IBD in Children Under Age 18
Sabina Ali, MD

Please note that no one will be turned away due to financial hardship.

Date: Sunday, November 6, 2011
Time: 7:30 AM – 12:10 PM
255 South Airport Boulevard
South San Francisco, CA 94080-6703

Peace & Healing,

My personal colitis medications:

2 months ago – I never took these meds or vitamins – so I can’t say if they are working or not for awhile:

prednisone, asacol, hydrocortisone(?) & canasa suppositories, multivitamin morning shake with ALIVE protein mix , 325mg/2x a day of iron RX, Folate, vit B12 & complex, calcium, magnes, quercetin, turmeric, vit c zinc lozenges, Bio K probiotic.

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  1. Interesting stuff.

    You said they didn’t mention the SCD. Anything interesting covered in the section below?

    Workshop 2C: What Can I Eat? Nutrition and IBD
    Learn More about Nutrition and IBD
    Roger Kao, MD


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