Iron Supplements May Help UC Patients

Lois R fIntroduction:

Retired from a job I loved but filling my life with friends, family and still actively enjoying many activities. One year ago my first colitis attack, spent a week in the hospital and during the following 10 months had recurring attacks, sometimes at unfortunate times.

Some more about me:

I am a former newspaper reporter, currently working part time as a freelance writer. I write for online magazines as well, and have edited books for those wishing to publish, mysteries, non-fiction and others hoping to publish. From Pasadena originally, a widow I raised four children who are happy and, may I say, self-supporting! Four grandchildren and I’m happy to say they live in the same county.


I have abdominal pain when I’m not careful about food. I have given up heavy spices, no more Mexican or other tasty meals that I’ve always loved. Dairy in one form or another is a big part of my diet though that might not be true for everybody, but yogurt, milk-based smoothies and others tasty snacks and drinks are soothing for me.

Iron Supplements May Help UC Patients

Taking Iron for anemia has controlled my ulcerative colitis, I’m sure of it. Read below.
A few months ago I was scheduled for surgery on my wrist, and pre-op required blood tests. Actually, I’ve had four minor surgeries (meaning no serious or terminal diseases and nothing related to UC) in the past 10 months: two cataract surgeries, carpal tunnel on my right wrist and a follow up 10 months later due to inflammation in the same location. Still recovering from this procedure, in pain even now.

Two of my doctors mentioned I was anemic, though I try to eat a balanced diet. Living alone I don’t often cook any kind of meat, it’s just too easy to grab something easy, so I was living on vegetables and carbs, and do love ice cream.
As an aside, due to colitis I never gain weight and weigh less now that I have in 40 years! I’m 5’4″ and weight 126.
Due to the diagnosis about anemia I went to a health food store and consulted with an educated employee and now take iron daily. Not only have my blood tests proved I am healthier, but I feel so much better and notice a huge difference in my energy.

Colitis has changed my life, but it’s possible to greatly lessen its effects. Can’t think of anything less pleasant than dealing with this embarrassing and inconvenient disease. I’ve had incidents at the symphony and had to miss half of it, making excuses to my date about a family emergency. I’ve had to postpone work assignments, change other appointments and suffer all the indignities others with this nasty disease have as well.

Since taking iron supplements, I have not had a single bout of colitis or anything even near it since I started taking iron. I have far less pain, unless I’m careless in my eating habits, but more importantly I consider my bowel habits normal and in control.


I do take pro-biotics, and try to find those at sensible prices since all the brands can be pricey when you have to pay $30 or so for a months supply. I’ve been taking pro-biotics, various brands, for over a year and will continue the rest of my life. Align is the best-known brand, but rarely affordable, however there are others and coupons help.
So iron supplements, a multi-vitamin and pro-biotics have helps keep me healthy and greatly lessened any UC attacks such as I was experiencing last year.

written by Lois R

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2 thoughts on “Iron Supplements May Help UC Patients”

  1. Great post!

    Probiotics and iron…me too! And, of course L-glutamine and vitamin D.

    No meds.

    I could not tolerate iron supps so I take IronSmart…a liquid one and it’s great! It got my iron right up within one month.

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