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Hi folks!

Over here in Ireland it can be tough searching for certain items from the SCD plan. As we cannot buy certain brands here so I will try my best to show the Irish/British versions of them. Cheers! Again always check labels to make sure these products work right for you. I have been on the SCD plan before but I am not now. But I might be changing my mind on that soon. If I do go back on the diet I will keep you posted.

Peanut Butter with no added sugar – Kelkin peanut butter in smooth and crunchy. yummy too!

Monterey Jack cheese – Kraft Cheddar

Almond flour – Now i am not sure about England but you cannot buy this anywhere in Ireland. I have even been on Irish National radio looking for this but to no avail, so instead you can buy bags of ground almonds in your local health shop. Just the same!

Scd-Safe Bacon – Again always check the labels but Tesco Organic streaky bacon rashers seem to be fine.

Zucchini – Courgettes

Dry curd cottage cheese– Now i have also not found this anywhere in Ireland (if anyone did find it please let me know) but i found an alternative way of getting it. Use some cheese cloth and strain the cottage cheese through that to remove all the liquid. Then you will have the dry form. If you don’t have cheesecloth use some thin kitchen dish towel and use it to strain the liquid.

I hope this helps people in some way.

4 thoughts on “Irish/British Food for SCD”

  1. Jen , I have found a nut company, that you may like to contact, to see if they deliver to Ireland, you can buy larger quantities much cheaper than retail
    Ive also been on the SCD forum Uk asking about dry curd cheese, apparently the regular cottage cheese is not ‘scd legal’, and it should be made from the yoghurt process…I still have not got round to doing that yet, I’m taking probiotics instead and adapting my recipes. If you find a way – let me know!
    Good luck

    1. ah thanks Carol! good thing you told me about cottage cheese i was going to buy some tomorrow and try dry it. I will check out hsbfoods. Thanks again :) hope you are well

  2. I found the curd option of the cottage cheese in tescos in portlaoise today. It’s in the polish food section called Twarog curd cheese. Red package. Seems to be the real deal.

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