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Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Medical Marijuana

Johnny Drama Here.
First off: Adam your doing a great job with the site…I really don’t know what I would do without this site!!!
I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis back in Jan 2011.
I’m on SCD Diet, and three 1.2g lialda( mesalamine) pills everyday (expensive)
multi-vitamin and vitamin D pill
Just a curious UC’er wondering about Medicinal Marijuana and IBD…

The Story:

Whats up fellow UC’ers????
I though I would throw up a new topic for all of us to talk about….
Obviously we all have an inflammatory bowel disease… and face it… it sucks!!
Many of us use diet, meds, and others ways to control this terrible disease.
I use the SCD diet and don’t plan on stopping any time soon, that’s for damn sure!!!

inflammatory bowel disease marijuana treatment

Is Marijuana a good idea for Colitis?

What about marijuana?? Be honest…. who has tried it? Does it help?
Please give detail on how it affects you during a flare, before or after??
Do you smoke with a pipe or vaporize it?? Digest it????
The main reason I ask this question is because I want to look to ways to reduce my medicine intake which is quite expensive and the side affects suck!!….
We have all been around people who smoke weed and drink alcohol…
I myself would rather be around someone high than drunk… Also with UC I don’t drink alcohol anymore and don’t plan on doing it anytime soon… But my entire life I have been around marijuana and really haven’t smoked it… but now I really want to start….. I have researched countless hours about marijuana and inflammatory bowel disease and found that there is way more positive then negative… I know their are over a dozen states that have medical marijuana and am wondering who all had their M-card.. Reading many articles, it seems like it would actually help us….
Here is the newest study:
So finally I am asking to be honest and give me your opinion……
And lastly to all the people out their who think that marijuana makes you crazy and still believe in reefer madness, watch THE UNION, great video… link below, along with some great sites that talk about the benefits of cannabis….
Johnny Drama

A few good sites to look at….
The Union: The business behind getting high- (GREAT VIDEO) (blog about IBD strains)

42 thoughts on “Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Medical Marijuana”

  1. It has done wonders for me when I run out of medication or insurance and still continues to do so. My first 2 years with UC. My only medication was medical cannabis. It only mask the real problem and for a short period of time. I would recommend it legally of course!

  2. It helps dull the pain, calm you down, and is good to your tummy. But it won’t get you in remission. :0) Have fun w/ it! I’d recommend making some SCD special muffins.

  3. Hey Drama!
    Well, I do actually occasionally smoke for UC. And, it is working for me. I am taking Lialda and a few other meds. But, when I have a flare, I don’t have very many options for pain medication. So, I tried cannibis! It actually decreased the pain and relaxed me! I wasn’t as stressed, and stress is an adding factor to flare ups! And my flare actually went away a lot faster because of the relaxation.
    And no, I don’t smoke everyday, all day. I only do it when I have a bad flare!
    Marijuana is natural non-processed, no added chemicals and is completely better than smoking cigarettes any day!
    I know by posting that I am a supporter for cannibis for UC, I will have many people look down on ne. But, if you have not tried it to reduce a flare, then you do not know! It does work differently for other people!
    Also, just because you have UC, us not an excuse to abuse medical marijuana and to be a pothead!

  4. hmm…i have been wondering about this also. when the pain is real bad(which mine is ok now) why not try that. i am sure it has less side effects than vicodin. I dont think it would help get out of a flare. I am not sure what i would do. To the person that said Jesus is watching. i dont see anything in the bible against this. I know the bible says to stay away from alcohol, not to even look upon it. and it also talks about waking up with bruises and not knowing where you get them from. so i would assume God is refering to the mind altering. so i could see where marijuana might be under that catagory but you know what you are doing and it doesnt impare your judgements while on it. i would have to pray about that one. not sure.

  5. Hey wats up Johnny Drama! I’m glad you posted on this topic, on this site. I have done my own research and watched part of those videos you mentioned. I was always a little skeptical in knowing if it really helps in the long run or not. I have always smoked since I was 18, I was diagnosed when I was 23, and was trying to quit at the time. I agree with others that it does mask the pain, and if you don’t follow a good diet then it’s not a good idea to smoke and eat whatever you want. Diet is key, I am currently going through a flare up, and I have my Vaporiser hooked up in my room. I usually vape when I get overwhelmed and I need to really get away and relax from all the pain. It’s been hard for me these days, I can’t sleep on my left side recently. I have decided to stop working and focus on recovering.

    My tools will be (A good personal Diet,food diary will help because we all have dif. Food tolerance,try to follow SCD diet avoiding breads,keeping myself focus stress free, lots of water,papaya fruit, enzymes, new approach for this flare up is using sunshine products;”zinc,super suplamental,stress J,Olive Leaf Extract Liquid Chlorophyll, gastro health” Coconut juice, Eat a lot of Fish, cooked veggies,probiotics in pills and yogurt, kefir and last but not least my vaporizer to get me through hard times of pain and get away from stress.

    I have got into remission before, and all I was using was; marshmallow pills, fish oil, and probiotics” I was vapororizing and drinking lots of water. That’s the good thing about vaping, you get really thirsty so you keep drinking water, so you are cleansing yourself. Just make sure you keep youself hydrated, and vaping I think is the best way during a flare, better than smoking to avoid irritating your colon. Consuming is also great but you really have to know your limit, its a different high, sorta like zombie relaxing high, but if you eat too much, you might pannic trip out. If you consume stay @ home and plan on relaxing for 5hrs. Overall I believe Marijuana is better than most pills doctors prescribe. If anyone wants to add to my recovery tools please do so! I should be good in a week! That is my goal.

  6. HEY! Thanks for the comments everyone….
    I am looking into a vaporize… but at the moment really don’t have the money to buy one.. So im going to use a water pipe… I do follow the scd diet, so wouldn’t mind making some peanut butter cookies with a little bit of a special ingredient…
    The main thing I was thinking is how the smoke irritates the colon, that’s what I was worried about, but we will see how it turns out… and I do need a way to reduce my stress,I’m always worrying and really need to become mellowed out.
    Hopefully I can start going out more often, and spark up a occasional J on the weekends with friends… since almost all my friends like to smoke more than drink
    To: (D.)-I myself couldn’t sleep on my left side for nearly two months, but now I can, but it seems like when I wake up in the morning I then have a bowl movement from sleeping on my left side…
    I was also went to the dentist today and found out I have a cavity… I have to get it filled, and I wouldn’t mind smoking some strong herb instead of getting Novocaine injected…. since its not a big cavity… and im worried that the Novocaine could cause a flare…
    And when I look back to last December and had my wisdom teeth removed,I regret taking all those pain pills and ibuprofen… I could of just used marijuana for the pain… Since i feel the pain killers caused my first flareup.

    1. i have noticed that when i try to use vicodin for the pain, my uc seems to get worse. if i have to go through pain again i think i would opt for the medical marijuana route. but seems like you have to jump through alot of hoops to do it.

  7. Yeah, I feel the main reason I was diagnosed with UC is because of the Vicodin I took….. because I did have some bloody stools, but after the Vicodin, it was pure blood many times… It really messed me up….
    Also how does marijuana smoke irritate the colon?? Thats a major negative part if it does, but wonder how it does it exactly…..
    .D- does it make you use the bathroom more or just make your colon hurt?? Is it from smoking joints, due to the hot heat?? kinda confused… does the smoke hit the ulcers and cause them to flare up??

    1. Joseph W Kirby ( JOE )

      I have cu very bad!!!!! 2years I dealt with it Diet,meds,anxiety pills, quit drinking beer, vapor nicotine, and 2 colonoscopies. My colonoscopy doctor told me that he didn’t condone it but that smoking could put into remission.I started smoking swisher sweets cigarette type cigar. Low and behold, it worked!!!!! I have been in remission for 6 years!! I quit recently because I was in the hospital. I quit for 3 months but seems like it coming back. If it does come back I’m going to start smoking Swishers again because ITS QUALITY of LIFE!!!!!!!!!

  8. Yeah the vicodin is really nasty.. never going to take that ever again…
    Just wondering how the the smoke irritates the colon….
    .D- Does it irritate only if you smoke alot, of just a little bit….
    What are your first signs of irritation… do you have more bowel movements or do you feel the pain in your colon….
    Just give me the symptoms and how bad it it, because I really dont want to irritate my colon….
    Does smoking cause colon irritation for anyone else who is reading??

  9. I am not a doctor nor have I done scientific research. I have done my own reading and EVERYONE has their own opinion. Here is a LInk to see for yourself

    But if your asking me directly on my own opinion, I believe smoking will irritate, more if you smoke a blunt or joint. A bong i still think is not as good because you are still burning trees. I would just recommend listening to your body, use a food journal, symptom journal and write down how you feel after. Either way I would stick to the healthiest method, Vaporizing. I Would not smoke in a water pipe if i was going through a flare, thats just me imagining smoke being next to my bloody sores. not a pretty picture.

  10. Yeah I agree… everyone is different, but I just like hearing everyone’s reactions and how it affected them…everyone I talked to had a positive experience…
    as for the smoking part… I will end up just taking a few bong hits at first and see how it goes….
    I’m not going to buy a vaporizer until I know how it is… those baby’s cost like 200 clams.. Did you buy yours online?
    Anyways… yeah I’m not in a flare at the moment so don’t know how the smoke is going to feel…
    Many of my friends smoke herb and cigarettes….. and they do it alot when we are in the car,house,etc… so im always breathing in 2nd hand smoke and it really hasn’t affected me…. so I’m hoping a few hits of weed to start off doesn’t bother me…. then I can gradually try more..
    I have been flare free since being diagnosed back in Jan… I feel the SCD diet is the main reason…
    But have been on med’s since then also…. but I know for fact back when I was sick… certain foods were making my flare worse and MILK was the worse….
    BTW: HOPE you get through your flare man!!! good luck and keep fighting..
    let me know how everything goes…

    1. Thanks! I really hope i get over this in a week or so, not being able to sleep on my sides really bothers me and i start to get back pains. About the Vaporizer, I just bought mine on Craigslist, Some people buy them and really don’t know how to use them, or simply don’t have the patience, so they get rid of them. I found mine for 20 bucks and offered 15. Its not the greatest Vape but it does the job, just have to wait a little longer for the heating element to warm up. Vapor brothers is one of the best brands, the one i have has no brand so it takes about 5 min to fully warm up.

    2. I have had moderate-severe ulcerative colitis since October 2009. I have tried Humira injections, 6-MP, Flagyl, Cipro, Apriso, Prednisone (of course- since 2009), and a few other medications here and there between hospital stays and doctor appointments. I lost my career due to my ulcerative colitis and have had 3 or 4 colonoscopies since 2009. I am a 24 year old male who is very active and loves the outdoors.

      I started “medicating” with marijuana about 9 months ago and have not had a flare while using MMJ. I have gained healthy weight again, I am not debilitated by daily pains, I am able to eat freely, and I am on the lowest amount of medications that I have ever been on. I have never been completely stable and in remission for too long on traditional medications and have suffered many side effects. Now, I have limited my medications to only 10mg Prednisone a day and 6 (0.375) Apriso capsules per day, which is a Mesalamine medication (like Asacol, but different). I medicate with marijuana throughout the day, not getting “stoned”, just enough to help my stomach settle especially before and after meals. I have no medical degrees, but it really seems to help sooth the digestive process and reduce cramping and pains that usually come with digesting.

      I usually medicate through different methods and I have yet to experience an agitated colon due to smoking. I use vaporizers, blunts (favorite), joints, bongs, bowls, bubbles, you name it. It all seems to work for me and keep me out of the hospital. I guess you could say I wasn’t a fan of marijuana use before I needed it to get through daily life without suffering long term consequences from harmful pharmaceuticals. Trust me, it’s worth a shot (or hit). What’s the worst that could happen? You find yourself laughing and thinking out of the box for a little while? :)

      1. My experience using mmj for uc is similar. 20 years no medications besides mmj. Fairly regular poops, solid. I eat in now ~100mg high thc extract (wax reclaim) a day. You can take it before bed if you dont want to feel the effects. Only diet restriction i follow is avoid spicy food (capsacin). I do get a lot of gas, so i am thinking about some diet changes.

  11. Personally I’ve found pot VERY hit or miss, and that my symptoms get better after taking a couple weeks off it, with it being worse after the initial couple days, then getting better again.

    Smoking naturally irritates the guts anyway. Vaporizer might be better i suppose.

    Drinking mostly makes it worse, i had UC worst when i was drinking a lot. Running for the toilet all day every day, or battling to hold it in and turning green. Not nice.

    I’m trying to just live a different lifestyle and change my diet and it seems to help a lot so far.

    The main problem as i see it with pot is MUNCHIES. If you eat a load of rubbish like crisps fries and chocolate when high its not good for your guts. If you’re gonna start smoking pot regardless, try making sure you eat relatively healthy stuff.

    I know what i’m talking about, i love smoking pot, but it doesnt love me anymore, so its got to go for now. Try to listen to your body, and be ready to overule it if it tries making you eat a kilo of biscuits.

    Instead of smoking greens I aim to just eat my veggies instead. Cutting back on dairy and red meat has reduced constipation, and after a few spatters of diarrhea its overall better.

    Not saying, no meat, no dairy, no pot, no drinks, just switch it up a bit with veggies. I’m two weeks into this diet and i already feel a… load better. :p

    If your friends want you to drink or smoke to have a good time with them though, its them who’s got the problem. If its you, then its possible to have an entirely good night out with friends whilst drinking water even if it is a bit weird. If you want to have a smoke and take your brain to their level thats fine. Just dont hammer it, cos smoking lots of weed can be really bad for some people and makes them stupid and blind to their life.

    Hope you all feel better soon, bbfn

  12. Hey Mike…. Thanks for the response…
    Glad to see your switching up your diet…
    THE SCD diet is what im on… been on it for over 8 months… and aint stoppn’ any damn time soon.
    Haven’t cheated on it since the first week… after my gastro doc criticized me on my diet choice and persuaded me to go try some subway…. caused some major cramping… that’s the only time i cheated. Ate a sandwich and the cramps sucked!!!
    I eat vegetables and fruits like its my job!!

    Ive also been 9 months sober and sure as hell aint even sipping on alcohol for a long ass time…
    I’m going to be 21 in two months and wont be drinking at the bars… something I looked forward too for quite a while back in the day… but now I realized drinking really inst that fun and actually super glad, because I realized how people become so idiotic and violent… cant believe I used to do that shit. Don’t get me wrong, Im still going to hit the bars and chill every once without drinking… and aint going to spend a penny… that’s why I would rather just hang with some friends and smoke a joint with some close friends and just relax before the bars…. Ive changed my complete lifestyle in one day….. I due tend to worry all the time but who doesn’t with UC. We have a chronic disease, so we always gotta keep a eye out!!, And sometimes you just need to forget out worries and chill, and enjoy life… and this could reduce are medicine intake and cramps…

    So I feel a a little bit of cannabis would be great,but just worry it my only worry it may cause a irritation or possible flare… considering I am a full time student and work 20+hours a week thats not something i want!!. The only thing I worry is the smoke, but really doubt its going to irritate my colon to much, unless im smoking my lungs out lol…. So to everyone who has smoked it… did it irritate your colon???
    Also, i actually want the munchies… with UC, I often lose my appretite or tell my self that I really dont need that extra piece of fruuit, but with feed I will just gobble that shit down lol. So if I get the munchies..Im going to be chowing down a salad, and maybe a few peanut butter almond cookies…. best cookies ever!!!!
    As for meat I omly eat chicken and hamburger(every few days)
    I fish at leaset once a week…. its expensive where i live… So overall I need to live a little and enjoy live.. living with a disease makes you appreciate everyday you dont have a flare and live it to your fullest(sometimes we cant like we used to tho)

    I did realize who my true friends are, after being diagnosed I lost contact with a few good friends… who we usually just got drunk… not good friends, and found my true friends who respect my diet… I can be perfectly fine without smoking or drinking, but sometimes you just want to let loose and pretend I dont have UC!
    Ive also found alot of new friends who dont even drink, but enjoy smoking marijuana instead…nothing wrong with that at all!!! and btw they are way more cool and dont start fights when high compared to that drunk mocho man.. Also how many lives has aloch killed— countless. What about cannabis-ZERO (Petey)
    So to Peter from NZ, I suggest you leave your lame comments somewhere else, because no one cares what you say…. Don’t be a hater…. Do you think your better or what…. If you have a reasonable argument leave it here like all of us..
    THANKS UCER’s!!!

  13. Mike UK Knows what he is taking about, I agree with him. I started a bland diet this morning.

    -Breakfast juicing: 2 Carrots, 2 celery sticks, 4 lettuce leaves, and half an apple.
    -Brunch i had a ripe banana, protein shake (1/4 cup lactose free milk 3/4 cup water)
    -Dinner was another juice; 1 apple, 2 celery sticks, 2 carrots, 2 leafs, and half bell pepper.
    -Supper I had a ripe banana, protein shake (1/4 cup lactose free milk 3/4 cup water)

    In between i did Take a few hits on the vape, and kept myself hydrated with distilled water mixed with liquid Chlorophyll.
    I feel like i’m on the road to recovery with this bland diet.
    No bowel movements whatsoever.
    I strain all my Juice twice to reduce fiber during a flare.
    Took a few other Nature sunshine pills in between as well.
    Very difficult to avoid solid food cravings, but it will be worth it, sacrifices need to be made sometimes. I need my life back so if this works awesome! if not then Weed is next on elimination. BUt so far i feel great.

  14. Hey All, first off, Johnny D, I want to give you some big credit for cracking the seal on this topic on this site. And also a big pat on the back to everyone who has been involved with the discussion so far, and hopefully in the future on this topic.

    I want to add my two cents on the topic, as I have a fair share of experience.

    For me, the tweedelledeet as I call it doesn’t seem to calm me down mentally, or emotionally, or physically about 90% of the time. it seems to do the reverse. With that said, there was a relatively lengthy point in my life where I really enjoyed the feelings that came from it, and I think some of my biggest accomplishments in life were during that time period.

    But, when it comes to UC and half ounce bags, I am undecided if it has an affect on actually healing my colon. My gut feeling is no, but that’s not to say I feel it is all for nothing to smoke the wacky tabacky.

    For example, ulcerative colitis can make people very depressed. Not every single person, but I think most would agree that a UC diagnosis/symptoms has a reasonably high chance of leading to depression for some length of time. And like other symptoms, this can come and go, and usually does.

    So, if a little herb can help uplift a person spirits even if its just for a short time(or a long time depending on your stash size) some darn close to tangible benefits may exist…In my opinion.

    Do I think everyone should go run out and start hitting this stuff morning noon and night? Heck No.
    Do I think that there are potential positive benefits to marijuana use and colitis? For some people yes, for others maybe not.
    Do I think that some people might start to abuse this type of thing? For sure, happens everyday with all kinds of people with all kinds of substances.

    In the end, one thing i’ve learned(and I’m reminded about regularly from everyone who participates here) from this website is that what works for one, doesn’t work for all. Not only because of scientific reasons, but all the other factors that can come into play in the game of life.

    The body usually has a great sense of knowing when something is working well, especially when for so long everything was wrong or “not working”. So, if for someone smoking marijuana helps, to the point where the positives outweighs the negatives, then to me that sounds like a win.

    Now finally, I nominate Johnny Dramma to start a UC Cannabis Club out in the Midwest, I know you got farmers out there, so the supply side shouldn’t be an issue!!!

    thx so much for your posting. Its way cool to see so much discussion on a topic that is very debatable from both sides.

  15. Hey Adam
    Thanks for commenting…
    I agree totally… everyone has a different affect from everything..
    Sone people can cheat alot on the some cant.. everybodys bodys differnt..
    Same witH weed. It can have different affects on anyone… ETC…
    I agree 100% that us fellow.Uc’ers need to.listen to our body and learn whats good and bad
    Thats how.we with UC lol.. WE ARE ALL FIGHTERS!
    I appreciate everything from everybody… and trust me i aint going to.turn into
    Im going to give it a shot… btw i see it as i…Colorado and Oregon will have marijuana legal for.recreational .use. in 2012…
    And id be down to form.a.cannabis…
    i know.plenty that would be willing to grow lol…
    maybe in 10 years when my state comes to.its senses and legalizes this plant…
    but for now.we.are.supplying all the corn you can eat lol… unfournatly anymore….
    Best wishes everyone and keep fighting… i will let affects me..
    and to pete in uk.. i.was just messing.witb you.. no hate man… buy share a comment..
    peace out!!

  16. Hi all!
    Has anybody tried to drink a tea from tweet??? I would think that might show whether tweet has some healing effects or not considering it would go through the entire digestive system.
    Any experience?

  17. I’m no angel, its seemed to me in the 60’s everyone was high on speed, acid or grass but then maybe it just appeared that way when in fact it was just the hippy circles I moved in. As it was I generally only smoked pot and only once went on a trip, one of the most amazing experiences of my life but one I knew I should not repeat. Now even taking all that into account, it might sound hypocritical but I am anti-drugs including pot, why because something as harmless as pot is likely to bring you into contact with people you would not normally associate with and could lead into dangerous situations and more harmful substances. I’ve seen it myself, seen friends end up insane and now living in mental institutions or sheltered accommodation and that was one of the reasons I now put a large distance between myself and my old lifestyle. Anyway I don’t think it can help long term with our complaint and may in fact do harm as the actual act of smoking itself is harmful in so many other different ways. Mind you I always found baking a cake far more civilised than passing round a saliva soaked spliff :-)

  18. Yeah UC left me depressed, due to doctors missing the diagnosis. I’ve been put on brain pills for various alleged maladies, none of which have worked except for when i’ve been eating well!

    This is why I’m cautious about pot, its not a wonder cure for everything, but it can help some people with some disorders.

    Only way to find out if it works for you is to try it really. Just remember its meant to an aid to your life and not the focus of it!

    Now I just need to remember to take my own advice :p

  19. Hi, Im Xavier 26 years of age. I was diagnosed with UC about 5 moths ago. I currently am recovering from a flare-up. Yes marijuana did help me with the pains, cramps, and nausea. It did make me feel better during my flare-ups and it also gave me an apatite when I didn’t have one.

    I do suggest marijuana to people suffering from a UC flare-up.

    The only side effect is feeling a marijuana high, which isnt bad.

  20. Johnny Drama

    You need to injest the essential oil of the marijuana plant. It’s the most medicinal way to consume marijuana. It has changed my entire outlook on my condition. Google Shona Banda. Google Rick Simpson and Run From the Cure. Google cannabis oil and ulcerative colitis. There is real science behind this stuff. You will not be sorry you looked into it.

  21. My state is legal and I got my card 2 years ago. I can’t imagine not having it. MMJ total helps in all form. It helps me sleep and eat along with just getting through a rough day.

  22. I know for a fact that using marijuana keeps my symptoms at bay. I was diagnosed about 3 years ago and since then have had massive symptom-filled flare-ups on and off. Mesasalamine doesnt really work for me, either orally or rectally, and I dont want to go to the other gnarly drugs that will destroy my over all health and likely fail to stop my UC anyway.

    During the last 3 years, Ive been racking my brain trying to figure out the pattern of when my UC is active and when it it not. Ive phased everything in and out of my diet at different periods and nothing stood still. During that same period, Ive gone on and off with smoking marijuana, and then recently, after a period of a few months smoking it and being beautifully symptom free, I stopped and then suddenly my UC was raging again. It still is now.

    I know the marijuana will help, but Im cautious because I have an addictive personality and Ive had trouble having marijuana in my life in a balanced way. My wife is even more cautious and doesnt want me to use it because she doesnt want me to be a pothead.

    I dont want to be a pothead either. I have a kids, a business and too much to do to be stoned all the time. I want to stop the UC from destroying my life though and Im starting to feel like marijuana is the only solution.

    My question…

    Id like to hear from everyone out there who uses marijuana to hear about….

    – how are you taking it (eating? smoking? vaping?)
    – how much are you taking?
    – how often?

    I want to find the most minimal and least intrusive usage of marijuana to keep my UC at bay. Anyone have any insight?

    1. Eating it at night before bed helps me with the pain, sleeping, and seems to calm my gut throughout the night so I don’t have to wake up every hour to go to the bathroom. When I eat it, I can sleep 6 to 8 hours straight, when I don’t… I’m lucky if I get 2 hours in.
      I feel that eating it also helps whatever healing powers of mj to work on the colon itself, and it’s the healthiest way to go.
      Smoking gives a strong head high, and is unhealthy because of the toxins being smoked, while eating gives you a body high, non carcenogenic, and can last 4 to 8 hours.
      I usually just cook it in some butter for a half an hour and put it on whatever SCD legal food you want. It seems to make me immediately come out of a flare within 3 or 4 days.
      I hope it works for you as well.


  23. I’ve had Crohn’s Disease for 5 years now, i was diagnosed at age 16 when i had to have a major surgery to remove my terminal ileum. Since then, i have been on various drugs to try to keep it under control. First i was on the oral medication pentasa and when the doctors decided that didn’t do much to anything they put me on Humira (immune-suppressant in the remicade family). The Humira helped, but it was too dangerous to stay on for a long period of time, not to mention the expense it was and task to stick yourself with a needle. Afterwards to put me on a less severe drug the doctors decided asacol which was another oral medication used to reduce inflammation which i felt like i had no effect.

    Lets face it. Not many medications out there actually work for Crohn’s, or at least in a way we would like. However once i reached my experimentation days when i came to pot, i found myself not only with less pain when i smoked, but also an increased appetite which eventually lead to me gaining weight (which i need terribly).

    Only downside is with Crohn’s disease i have found that drinking water is essential to keep things under control, along with a diet of fiber and a well established intake of vitamin D3. With use of cannibas, you have to drink AT LEAST 8 cups of water a day to regulate your liver and make sure it doesn’t cause an adverse effects on it. Also when you do have the urge to eat from the drug its important that you stay away from certain food groups such as dairy.

    I also found that along with the use of marijuana, digestive enzymes are INCREDIBLE to help as a catalyst to break down food and help them be easier absorbed.

    Cannibas is a miracle drugs for IBD and especially in my case Crohn’s Disease, but that doesn’t mean you can 100% rely on it.

  24. I had been smoking marijuana for 35 years to help control the colitis I’ve had since age 8. What I’ve discovered over the past year or two is that ingesting it is far more effective. Now, I just eat MJ cookies (organic, gluten-free) made with canna-butter, and the medicine effect (not necessarily the buzz) is 10X more effective. Just make sure the butter is made right, and quite strong. Otherwise you’ll have to eat 4 or 5 cookies a day, and that wouldn’t be good for you.

    Here is an interesting article comparing the differences between smoking and eating marijuana, and how it affects you medically.

    Now the cookies that my baker makes are so powerful, I only need to eat about 1/8 of a cookie for the perfect effect. It lasts at least 3 to 4 hours, and then I’m ready for another nugget. At the end of the day you will have only about three quarters of a cookie at the most, and your IBD issues will improve every day. Way better than smoking, and way healthier.

    I will acknowledge that different people have different tolerance levels and may actually feel medicine differently. You just need to experiment for yourself and see if it works for you.

    In our state MMJ is legal, so that makes everything easier.

    1. very cool article. I’ve been looking into MJ to help me control my UC symptoms. it’s not legal here unfortunately so that is my biggest problem in obtaining it.

      how much weed do you eat in a day?

  25. Great to see this article has been getting a good amount of hits(no pun intended) I have finally had some free time to go back to this site and just sit down and read a bunch of articles!
    I actually have not smoke herb in a few months, but for a while I was doing on the weekends. Pretty much just with friends to socialize or relax.
    At the moment I quit for school and looking for a new job. I found that it did not bother my UC. It is actually a great experience, I don’t feel like it really helped my UC to much, maybe because I was mostly smoking out of joints. It did help me eat more and relaxed me, so that’s always good with UC. I felt weed was a great alternative to drinking alcohol. I don’t drink booze,but tend to go to the bars with friends and just drink water, especially if I toked up prior. Overall, sometime in the next few months Im going to start to use the oil. I hear its called hash oil. Im going to try that out. Im not a huge fan of smoking period. I just don’t like inhaling the smoke, it definitely hurts the lungs haha. Im super excited to try the oil. I will let you folks know how it helps with my colitis.

  26. Hi
    Please watch LEAF on youtbe as it has the answers to every ones problems, i have been symptom free for over four years now even though i only smoke it, im look to move to a country where i can cultivate my own with out any fear.

  27. I have had uc for 10 years and the last 3 years been using scd cannabis cookies (cannabutter mixed in scd brownies) at the first sign of a flare and i go into remission in a few days.
    This is a great natural medicine with no side effects unlike most scd medicines.
    There is a lot of recipes on the net for cannabutter.

  28. I have had Ulcerative proctitis for about 10 years. I have tried about every med there is. Prednisone, canasa,…..list could go on forever. Nothing helped me. I started the specific carbohydrate diet. That put me into remission for four years. I would occasionally have issues but i would say it was remission. Was med free. had a baby, weaned her then wham , symptoms back full force. I also would like to point out I had went off the diet during pregnancy, stupid i know. I started back up the diet. Couldn’t stick with it really good so I couldn’t get into remission. Insurance company wouldn’t fill meds. Three months of suffering, i decided to try marijuana. It is now day three. I take just one hit a few times a day or just at bed. I have noticed a huge difference in just three days. No blood, no mucous, urgency is almost nothing now *where as a few days ago i wasn’t even leaving the house) I was on the diet for about two weeks, cheated just recently. I take hemp oil with that cannoboniod stuff in it. I drink lots of lemon water, scd diet (about 95 %) also started back up p 90x for the last week. I can’t wait to see how i am in a week or two. I say it has also made a huge difference in my overall attitude about life. It was almost like my body really needed something in this herb. Actually thinking about making it in a tea form instead of smoking it.

  29. I know no one has posted in this article in a year, but ill put in my 2 cents. Been struggling with uc for 3 years now, and who knows how many years before i was officially diagnosed. Always had digestive issues but never a “flare”. 3 years ago i got c-diff, then a year later a “flare” which diagnosis was then UC. Im 28 now, and am actually going through my worst flare ever and have noticed if i smoke, literally the night of i will get a a ton of blood along with my d. Not quite sure if its the smoking irratating my colon or not, but i think i will steer away from it while in a severe flare. During the smoking though, all pain and symptoms were gone and i felt normal, which i havent felt in 3 months. So mentally and stress wise it worked wonders. Just not sure if its causing irratation or not.

    I will add, ive always smoked MJ, since i was 19 ive been pretty much a daily smoker. Id come home from work, get everything done around the house and then relax and take a few hits from a pipe, surf the web listen to music, just to un-wind and destress. I owned two business’s and was under alot of stress, so smoking seemed to help balance things. The first few years i smoked the affects were positive, but after awhile, smoking everyday started to take a tole on me. I felt like smoking everynight was abusing it, and was starting to feel drained and depressed. I actually would notice that if i didnt take a break from smoking for awhile, i would start to get the opposie effect from smoking. (Anxiety, panic attacks, elevated heart rate) So i started to cut back, but since i was so used to it for reducing stress, it was hard to ween myself off it. Not that hard though, its just the first few days of not smoking that are hard because you crave it. Nothing like actual drugs that you can actually get addicted to though. Now if i do pick up smoking, i buy a small amount and regulate it to every few days when i start to feel a lot of stress coming on. If i start to feel like its having a negative effect i just take a break for a month or so.

    But now, going through this “flare” ive decided to make some serious life changes to reduce the stress factors in my life. i have dropped one of my business’s and make less money, but do what i enjoy. I try to smoke maybe 1nce a week for recreation when im not flaring, But as for smoking everyday for medicinal purposes, i think i may have overdone it too much over the years and now it just has a negative side effect on me. I have used a cheap vaporizer before, but that was years ago. It broke and i went back to smoking it. But maybe a vaporizer would help reducing irratation? I have to say it is the best pain killer for a uc flare i have tried to date.

    I have also tried edibles, but i find it hard because im a lightweight and if i make them too strong, BIG MISTAKE. I get severe anxiety, panic attacks, etc. not fun. I wish it was legal in my state and i could just purchase a regulated dose of the cannabanoid oil. That way i dont have to get high everytime i want to reduce inflamation. I dont even like “getting high”. I usually just take a little hit from a pipe to get a slight almost unoticeable buzz. But like i said, even doing that for years in such small amounts has had its negative effects. That is why id much rather try the pure oil that actually has the healing propertys.

    Anyway, enough of my rambling, i just Hope this helps anyone thinking of getting into mj for longterm uc treatment. Ive been doing it for years even b4 my diagnosis and just wanted to give you a heads up.

    Sorry if my typing and grammar is bad in this, typing this on my cell phone is a pain in the arse.

  30. My Gp says I have Ibs and mild colitis and experience discomfort and slight pain more than anything anxiety which I’ve always had which is getting worse due to this conditions and now experileincing constipation from Colofac and am doing everything naturally and I’ve only had had slight blood 4 episodes with mucus and now only have mucus and a friend of mine suggests I should vaporise marijuana to relieve these symptoms, would like to know others experience with this matter, thank you.

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