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My name is Steve C and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about two years ago when I was 56 years old. I’m from Bellevue, Washington. I have a daughter at Western Univ. in Bellingham and I play guitar to relax.my wife is very understanding and helps me stay on track with diet, etc.

Colitis Symptoms:

On a good day, I can walk instead of run to the john and I feel nearly normal. on a bad day I have a lot of cramping and I can’t get to the bathroom fast enough, sometimes but not always, blood in my stool. I can nearly always trace my distress to something I ate. I’m sure stress is a factor but I have a hard time identifying it because it feels normal.

Colitis Experience:

I have noticed that there a lot of uc sufferers who are in thier teens and twenties and I can only imagine how that crimps your lifestyle.  It’s bad enough to be almost sixty and have to deal with it. I promise not to complain. After I was diagnosed i had two colonoscopys and then my doctor wanted to scope me for what seemed like monthly till i finally put the kibash on it. So I went without a doctor for awhile but did a lot of reading on my own. I found the ‘south beach diet’ book to be extremely helpful and also one called’ eating right for a bad gut’. I have had to learn to view food as medicine and only occasionaly for pleasure although I am getting better at discovering ways to enjoy what I can eat. I eat a lot of sandwiches made from deli turkey or ham, provolone, havarti or string cheese wrapped in lettuce, no bread. It’s actually better than it sounds. I eat a lot of trader joes sardines packed in spring water. apples, oranges, pears, bananas, avocados,oatmeal all is good and if I’m in a flare, I drink ensure liquid for a day or two. salmon is good as are most fishes. fresh, canned and frozen vegies are ok but no corn.

I would lik to know if anyone

has tried hypnosis an if so did it help?

Does smoking pot alleviate symptoms?

I have a sweet tooth and I would like to know what kinds of sweet treats are out there that won’t send me over the edge. recently here in Seattle a mailman made the news for crapping in someones back yard. It later turned out that he had UC and I remember thinking yeah, that could be me.

Colitis Medications:

Lialda and mesalamine enemas are the only medications i use. Prednisone helped to stop a bad flare but it is a last resort drug for me because of side effects. The right foods are the best medicine for me.  I take b complex vitamins and fish and flax oil supplements and aspirin

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  1. A couple of suggestions:
    – Most people with UC are advised not to take asprin or advil…ever.
    – Take a look at the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. Many on this site have found it to be very helpful.
    -The herb, Boswellia, helps many.
    -Try avoiding dairy products from your diet and see if it helps your symptoms. I believe Insure does contain milk products.
    -Deli turkey and ham are cured with sugar which is not allow on the SCD diet. Try making your own roasted meats and see if your symptoms improve.
    -Not sure about pot, but there is clinical evidence that smoking a few cigarettes a day can put patients into remission.

  2. I would never recommend smoking cigs to ANYBODY, but you might try the nicotine patch or Nicorette. Unfortunately, when we have an inflammation in our bodies, like UC or arthritis, we can get an inflammation in the heart, too, and smoking is very bad for the heart, trust me, I’m an ex-smoker and had to quit because of chest pain. Also, I live in Oregon and have a medical marijuana card but I hardly smoke it but when I do, yes it helps because it makes you forget about your problem. It called medicine in this circumstance but it does not cure. How embarrassing for that mailman! I had to pull over for an emergency crap on a road trip once but I was driving through the coastal range and had a place to hide to go. Of course diet is huge but most GI’s don’t know a thing about eating right for UC. Eating a dish with eggplant in it helped set off my last flare so no more eggplant! Best of luck with your diet.

  3. Hey Steve,
    You know, I thought you were safe of UC if you made it into your 50’s. I was always told it struck as a teenager or in your early 20’s, unless brought on by c-diff or a highly stressful event. I’m sorry you had to join us. I got it when I was 20, am 35 now.
    I do smoke some of the green on occasion. The first time I used it for my colitis was a very interesting experiment. I was at a friends house and was in terrible pain from the cramping. I couldn’t even sit on the couch with her but had to lie in the fetal position to gain a little relief. She suggested we smoke and maybe it would take the edge off. Well, it did. After smoking I could sit normally and felt my bowels relaxing. Like Maggie said above, it doesn’t cure, but sometimes we all need a little break from it when things get bad. It also tends to slow it down so if your having the urgency problem it provides a little relief.
    As for your sweet tooth, I have been following the SCD diet and there are many things that can satisfy your sugar craving. Cookies, Muffins, Cake, there seems to be so many options. I myself have only made the muffins and cookies and I think they taste great. May be worth a try. Good Luck!

  4. Hi, Steve.
    I haven’t tried hypnosis, but I gave accuncture a try. No luck, though I tried it just as I was starting remicade (which masked the symptoms for a minute but ultimately was not satisfactory). I too have had most success controlling the disease thru healthy eating, which for me is extremely low carbs/sugars, low or no dairy and no alcohol. Flares definitely are tied to straying the diet. I also see an applied kinesiologist, who recommends a protocol of nutritional supplement that almost always includes b12. This disease is subject to so many confounding factors, but I do believe the AK has helped and has done more to help control the uc than my GI doc.. In response to your question, I find that medical cannabis controls spasms, cramps and helps reduce frequency.

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