God At My Side


I developed ulcerative proctitis first this was about 5-6 years ago. I didnt go to the doctors for about a year. I went in after my youngest daughter was born. About 1 year ago i was having problems and had a scope done again. they found that it had moved into my left side. I have been to three different gastrodoctors. the first one didn’t know very much about UC. The second one, after a scope was done, said i had ibs and was stressed out. the third one is great. very knowledgeable.
I stay home alot because of fear of the illness acting up in public. Somedays i dont care and will go out. It is tough to balance a home/children when somedays you are so sick. fortunately i am a stay at home mom. I dont have to worry about missing work.

My Medications:

asacol -didnt really seem to work, side effect- hair fell out
rowasa – first time using made diarrhea worse, second time using helped
canasa suppository- worked really good for Ulcerative proctitis
ativan – works good for slowing my gut motility down
celexa – works on slowing my gut motility down
lialda – works good on the inflammation.
prednisone – seems to be kicking my flare out
nulev- works good on slowing gut motility down
tylenol #3- works good when my body is having major motility issues. stops it from emptying out. and the pain


I first started having problems when i was in my early twenties. I was in college. just got done going thru a divorce. I went to the doctors they labeled me with IBS. my family doc had me do a bariem enema which was extremely painful because i had ulcerative proctitis. I didnt go to the doctors for along time after that. finally i went to a specialist. the first one had no knowledge of UC. the second one diagnosed me with IBS and sent me back to family doc. My family doc put ome on celexa which helped alot. Now on third gastro doc and many pills later. I dont have straight out diarhea like everyone else has. I still have the pain, my body decides sometimes to just empty out. body aches.
I had to quit college just as i was going into my program. I had to quit my job. but during all this God gave me a calling to be a homeschool mother. I believe that God has given me this illness for a reason. To keep me close to him. To homeschool my children. To be an at home wife. I wouldnt have done these steps if it wasnt for having this illness. It has taught me alot.
I do miss doing things that i did before. I would love to go on a long canoe trip. to be able to go for walks. To not worry about where the bathrooms are at. I am worried about my children coming down with this also. but i know that God has that covered also. I am fortunate to have a very supportive husband. My family is very supportive also. My husbands family not so much. I believe they think i am faking it. which hurts.
I just keep on going. knowing that all this is really done and over. i am just waiting to see the outcome. I cant imagine anyone going thru this illness without God in their life.

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  1. Hi.
    Have you tried the Specific Carbohydrate Diet SCD ? It healed my severe ulcerative colitis and I’ve been symptom free and med free ever since. There is a book called Breaking The Vicious Cycle which you can buy on Amazon that explains the diet.

    All the best to you!
    Hope you feel better.

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